We’re very happy to debut ninebullets.net v3.0. There have been a lot of improvements to the site and I hope y’all like it as much as we do. One of the biggest changes you guys will notice is that the site now has threaded comments.

So, shower Trevor with lots of praise and tell him how awesome it is.

Also: If you find any issues please let us know.

EDIT: There is also a new mobile version of the site so visit it with your mobile device.

Trevor says: If you want your own avatar to show up when commenting, set one up at Gravatar and it’ll show up when you add your email address in the comment form. (This worked before, but few people used it.)



I’ve been tossing this idea around since the whole myspace redesign a little while back and I’ve decided to go ahead and set it in stone.

Decree: ninebullets.net will no longer link to bands’ MySpace pages at the end of the posts.
Why? Two words and a number: 30 second samples.

On a personal basis, MySpace outlived its usefulness for me damned near a year ago and I deleted my profile, but I was willing to concede that is was a necessary promotion tool for bands and a necessary evil for people checking out bands. Well, that all changed when they went to 30 second samples instead of full songs. Now I feel that it’s essentially useless to both bands and curious fans. So from now on, if a band has a Bandcamp profile I’ll link to that, if not I’ll just link to their Facebook profile.

Any thoughts/support/arguments for/against this decree?

Completely unrelated and yet…totally awesome mp3’s:

The Waifs – London Still
The Waifs – Vermillion


I’ve mentioned this before but I work in the engineering field. A field that has been completely crushed by the recession/credit crunch and subsequent cease of all things construction related. It’s an industry where all the canaries died many months ago and everyone has been mulling about their cave waiting to die. Without going into too much detail the firm I work for has fought pretty hard to keep all their employees employed and receiving their full pay but they’re starting to relent under the constant barrage.

So. Yesterday we were informed that the the entire company will be taking pay cuts across the board. How much and how long are great unknowns at this time and if it’s anything more than a finger in a crumbling dam is also unknown. Obviously this will be having a considerable affect on the Autopsy Compound’s budget. What does this mean for ninebullets? Immediately, nothing but the reality is that when it gets right down to it, ninebullets is enough of a monthly expense that it’s a line item on a currently being revised budget.

Now, I’ve really tried to keep 9b advertising free over the years out of fear of being sued. I mean, in the end, it’s an mp3 blog thus its “legal” grounds are shaky at best and I’ve always hoped that since there is no income being generated from the site then perhaps people would just leave me alone. That said, times are changing and things on this little corner of the interwebs may have too as well.

Now, both the wife and I agree ninebullets is awesome and provides a decent service to the people that read it. So, here are some scenarios that have been bantered about (I’ll order them from least desirable to most) in order to help offset 9b’s operating costs should it come to that:

1) Do nothing. Hope everything works itself out and if it doesn’t just stop paying the bills and wait for the host(s) to shut everything off.

2) Become an ad whore. Accept ads from the various ticket resellers and what not. Ultimately this would probably evolve into text based ads in the sidebar and a graphical ad in the header and footer.

3) Do a Community Radio style fundraiser where I ask y’all to help keep 9b afloat via donations. I could try and get some donations from some of the labels and bands I have decent relations with as prize packs and what not. Perhaps sell some 9b stickers and shit.


4) Somehow convince Google or some other person/corp. with more money than God to bankroll all operating costs as well as cover my lost wages should they reach a point that I have to get a second job.

And that’s it. What are your thoughts? Do any of those feel especially palatable to you guys? Can you think of a scenario I may have missed? I am open to any and all ideas.

Dead Kennedys – Soup Is Good Food


We finally decided that the pesky little social media phenom that is Facebook wasn’t going anywhere and in order to keep up with the Joneses it was gonna need the support of ninebullets.

Never one to hold anybody back from their full potential, we joined the fledgling network.

So. Follow us and all that.

As a sign of solidarity I also joined the network. So, feel free to follow me as well.


I’m kind of breaking the standard blogger format with this post and the two directly below it. They’re meant to be a group and read from the top down….with that said, let’s get on with the news.

I’d been hinting around the fact that I was looking to add some regular contributors to the site here and there and on my twitter feed for a few weeks and today we’re officially adding two. This is something I’d wanted to do from the very first 9b post ever. I’ve even tried to do it a few times over the years with less than spectacular results. However, I feel like Kasey and RomeoSidVicious are gonna work out. I also think they’ll help round out ninebullets voice and musical focus.

So. Without further ado, I present Kasey and Romeo.


So, I’m new around here. I’ll make this brief as I’m sure over the course of my contributions, it will become pretty clear what I do and don’t dig. (Such as alliteration, evidently.) I believe there’s no better record than Mule Variations, no better film than Unforgiven (except maybe Bottle Rocket), and no better piece of literature than The Master and Margarita. Under no circumstances will I listen to the Grateful Dead or any band reminiscent of the Grateful Dead. That about covers it.

Yes, I write tunes and make records, too. You’ll find all of that here and here. No, it’s not going to effect anything I write about. If I make a great record or a shitty record, I expect people to respond appropriately. Luckily, I learned long ago that putting out records doesn’t deprive me of the right to my opinion.

I’ve been reading Ninebullets for a long time and was honored when Autopsy IV asked me to contribute on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to doing so.

Feel free to let me know if you think I’m right on or full of shit. Either is better than being boring.

Plenty of pontification coming your way soon.

Kasey Anderson – Sooner or Later
Kasey Anderson – Torn Apart


So I was sitting around work yesterday sort of getting work done when Autopsy IV asked if I would consider being a contributor for 9b. Yeah, like that was going to take any consideration at all! So I played it cool and took about five minutes before answering and here I am. I figure most of you have seen my guest posts and the recent intro mixes that AIV has so kindly posted but probably have very little idea who the hell I am. I am an old Lucero message board hand who has been reading 9b since AIV tossed this joint up on the web. Over the life of this place I have discovered many amazing artists and bands and hope that I can carry on the fine tradition that is 9b. But that still doesn’t tell you who I am does it…

Well I am a Texas boy born and bred, a cow-punk from the word go, and a nerd on top of all of that. I cut my teeth on my parents music which ranged from Hank Williams Sr. (It was blasphemy to play Jr in our house) to Bob Dylan and thanks to my Grandma Ann all of that was coupled with a solid stream of Bob Will and his Texas Playboys along with Glenn Miller and side of Elvis for good measure. My mom was a closet Beatles fan but I never really got the influence because the whole Elvis or Beatles paradigm was very real for some reason and my family was an Elvis family. Sometime around 1985 I discovered punk through friends at school. Minor Threat was being passed around along with Black Flag and Social Distortion. That was the beginning of the end as far as my folks were concerned. Having been a little sheltered musically, and to be honest socially, I sort of broke the mold with Manic Panic fire engine red in my fresh mohawk and oxblood Doc Martens. I carried off the punk thing for a good long time but took guilty pleasure listening to the music I had come up on. So as I grew up and stopped caring what people thought I started discovering music like Uncle Tupelo, Slobberbone, and their brethren. At that point we can pretty much fast forward to today and the end result makes sense. I still listen to good punk, traditional/classic country, alt country, and a passion for red dirt music. I ain’t gonna tell you how old I am but I still make it out to shows on a regular basis and enjoy a beer or twelve with friends.

So to sum it all up I am a menthol smoking, whisky and jaeger swilling, punk in a cowboy hat who’s here to join AIV in telling you about good music, share some tunes, and generally make a mess of the joint. As long as someone else cleans up the beer cans and Marlboro butts I’m happy. I guess I should post a track or two since we’re all here for the music…

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Screw You We’re From Texas
Jason Boland & The Stragglers – My Baby Loves Me When I’m Stoned
Social Distortion – King Of Fools

Thanks for having me, I ain’t plannin’ to let ya down!


Hey everyone. The site and I have been featured in our local weekly, Creative Loafing. The online version of the story was published today and I believe it will be in the print version of the paper either this week or next. So, pick up for or five copies and when you see me out at the bar this weekend I can refuse to sign them for you because I am famous now and only associate with “yes people”. I’m sure the crush of the paparazzi will result in me getting in a drunken brawl this weekend. Word on the street is that Perez Hilton is already drawing coke and cum trails on pictures of me. Such is the life of us, the haves. You, the have nots, just don’t know how hard we have it.

Anyhow, you can read the story here.

On another note, a condensed version of my Hiram and Huddie review will also be running in Creative Loafing this week. The running of it will result in me getting paid actual money for this drunken rambling thing I do. So, to quote Bob Log III, “I’m a professional, God damn it. I live in a car.”

Two Cow Garage – Humble Narrator

Keeping up With Nine Bullets

Hey, folks. Friendly neighborhood tech guy Trevor here. AIV said there’d be no post today, but we’ve been meaning to drop a little one in to cover this subject for awhile now and I figure I might as well try to fill the hole while he’s out for the day.

If the 9b readership holds to the same numbers as the general population, most of you probably don’t know what a “feed” is, as in “an RSS feed” or “an Atom feed”. Well, one of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer, put up a great post this week covering the basics on such things and you might want to give it a read.

I keep up with ninebullets.net by following the two main feeds:

The comments feed is especially useful because no matter which post someone comments on, the comment shows up in the feed. This means I don’t have to go look at a post all the time to see if it’s gathering comments. I also don’t have to visit the WordPress admin panel to see where the comments have appeared. The information comes to me, and I check them out whenever I feel like it.

If you’re new to reading feeds, or you’re otherwise looking for a good reader, I highly recommend Google Reader. It’s not perfect (I’m dying to write my own) but it’s as good as it gets right now.

If there’s sufficient interest, we may add email subscription as well.

Who out there is already using the feeds to keep up with 9b? What are you using to read the feed?


Editors note: The folks that run the Hype Machine have listened to all of the apocalyptic cries of “no fair” over on the elbo.ws discussion board and have implemented changes that seems to have stemmed the wave of dissent thus making this post largely irrelevant. But since I feel that the spirit of this post is in the right place I am putting it up anyhow.

On another note, there will be no post on tomorrow. Work is putting me on the road from before the sun rises until well after it has gone down so I’ll see y’all on Friday.

The Hype Machine is an mp3 blog aggregator. The biggest in fact. For those that don’t know; it basically works like this: I make a post on ninebullets. Ninebullets pings Hype to tell it I made a new post. Then Hype visits the site and then lists the post on it’s pages. As new posts get cataloged your post moves down and eventually off the front page much like posting here on ninebullets works. Ultimately it is a goal for any serious blogger to get their site listed on The Hype Machine (we’re here) in an effort to get some of that traffic to come their way.

Getting listed on hype certainly increases your traffic. Now, how much of that traffic ever actually turns into readers versus the “dine and dash” grab the mp3 and forget the site’s name style of traffic is debatable but I am of the belief that hype sends me very little traffic that actually ever returns (did anyone reading this discover ninebullets via the Hype Machine?).

Anyhow, now hype has decided to start listing only the top 100 blogs on their front page and this has caused great upheaval in the blogger world. There have been great discussions and numerous blog posts regarding the situation already. Ninebullets is still being indexed, just not shown on the front page. So, if someone searches for a song (the way most of my traffic from hype arrives) my site shows in the results. Couple that with my theory on what sort of traffic I get from hype has resulted in me being pretty indifferent to the change. Other’s care quite a bit , some have even asked their readers to help them job the system. The latter got me to thinking about ways to increase readership to my own site. So I’ve decided to ask you guys for a favor:

Today or tomorrow, try and think of someone you might know that you think would enjoy what we’re doing here on ninebullets and send them an email introducing the site. Perhaps post a myspace bulletin or make a tweet (follow me ) about ninebullets. I think I’d have a better chance earning a frequent reader that way than from some guy looking for a free mp3 and honestly, I’d trade a month’s worth of hype machine traffic for one new regular reader.

Next, take a moment to visit the blogs on my sidebar. Like me, most of those folks are trying like hell to be heard in sea of voices and are nowhere near the hallowed hype Top 100. I guarantee you’ll find a couple that you’ll return to on a regular basis.

And finally, if there is a site you frequent that you feel deserves more attention than it’s getting. Leave a link to it in the comments. Doing ninebullets really cuts into my ability to just surf through theblogosphere looking for new gems and I’d love to have y’all shine the light on some sites I need to reading.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading ninebullets.net,
Autopsy IV