So, Paste Magazine finally finished the internet’s equivalent of “spanging” and came back into the office in time to discover what the rest of us figured out last year…that the latest Two Cow Garage album is awesome.

Congratulation’s Paste. Next month perhaps you can tell us about that awesome new band, Drag The River.

All snark aside though…It’s nice to see a “major” press outlet giving Micah, Shane and Co. some props. Two Cow is easily one of the most underrated bands touring right now and any press is good press.

Two Cow is also currently on the road on a tour that not only shuns Tampa but doesn’t even come near us on a weekend. This breaks my heart.

Anyhow, tour dates are here and if your as late to the party as Paste you too can experience the awesome via the Suburban Home album stream below.

(Give track #10, Swingset Assassin, and tell me you don’t like it…I dare ya.)