Yesterday I got stuck driving 3 hours north for a 3:00 meeting that ended up only lasting 15 minutes. When the meeting was scheduled I wasn’t sure when I’d get home so I asked Beverly to cover the show for me and when I got out so early I decided to take advantage of the situation and go beer hunting. Beverly did a great job with the show and I ended up scoring a good collection of beers I can’t get down here in the St. Petersburg area. Win, win if you ask me.

This week’s episode features new Willie Nelson, Kelly Hogan, Andre Williams w/The Sadies and Paul Thorn as well as a strong does of Florida music via Rebekah Pulley, Lauris Vidal and Jubal’s Kin. If that sounds like the good stuff go put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for May 24, 2012

01. Andre Williams and The Sadies – Bored
02. Willie Nelson – Roll Me Up
03. Austin Lucas and Glossary – Alone in Memphis
04. Kelly Hogan – Golden
05. Lucero – Kiss The Bottle
06. Jubal’s Kin – Everthing Is Free
07. Rebekah Pulley – I Want You
08. Ryan Adams – Black Sheets of Rain
09. Matt Woods – Dead Man’s Blues
10. The Drams – Fireflies
11. First Aid Kit – In the Hearts of Men
12. Lucero – All These Love Songs
13. Paul Thorn – Walk in My Shadow
14. Lauris Vidal – Would You, Could You?

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Episode 73: aired 05.24.2012


I am told that The Sadies are known as “Canada’s best live band”. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never seen them and, to be honest, up until a couple of weeks ago I’d never listened to them. Their name has always reminded me of some navel-gazing indie rock band, and there are times when Darker Circles drifts dangerously close to being just that. Indie leanings aside, however, the bulk of the album is well worth checking out. What really wins me over with these guys is the bleakness of their lyrics.

The album would be a shoe-in for the Essential Listening list (and almost gets on for the song “Tell Her What I Said” alone), but there are a few tracks that wander a smidge too close to the “indie” and “Pink Floyd” realm for me to include it. Nonetheless, it’s a strong album and I’ll most certainly be checking out their back catalog. Now, where should I start?

The Sadies – Tell Her What I Said
The Sadies – Another Year Again
The Sadies – Choosing To Fly

The Sadies’ Official Site, The Sadies on myspace, Buy Darker Circles