Goodbye Joe, Me Gotta Go


Nearly four years ago I spotted a Help Wanted post on Nine Bullets and responded immediately. The post wasn’t up for long, maybe half a day, and not only did I get lucky to spot that post it also changed my life. My first post was a review of the Cave Singer’s album No Witch and this is my final post for Nine Bullets. After more than a month of internal deliberation I’ve decided it’s time for me to step away. RomeoSidVicious asked me if I wanted to write a final post and this is it.

I’ve reviewed 66 albums, done several interviews, written a variety of essays and rock reports. Finding music that makes your life better is important. Sharing music with other people is important. Writing for Nine Bullets allowed me to have conversations with people that I wasn’t having. It’s amazing what a little website has been able to accomplish and I’m happy that I’ve been able to be a part of it. It’s been a pleasure and an honor.

I’ve tried to write about music I care about using both my heart and my mind. I tried to help people think about the music they loved in a different way. I also tried to introduce people to music they would come to love. I hope you enjoyed what I had to offer. Thank you for reading and caring.

RSV here…

I want to thank Charles for everything he has contributed to 9B for the past four years. He’s been an invaluable resource behind the scenes since I started running the place, even acting as an editor for about the past six months. His knowledge of music is to be envied and I know he pushed me to be a better writer. His absence will be felt here, both in the content and behind the scenes. I will personally miss our interactions and conversations, even if they were only site business. With the relaunch looming it’s hard to see someone so integral to the site taking his leave but his reasons are his own and I respect that. I want to publicly state that he’s always welcome to come back in whatever capacity he desires. For now life has taken him another direction. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a staff member here but at times it’s necessary. I’m choosing to imagine him riding off in to the sunset on his big boy tricycle because it makes me smile. I hope you all remember him fondly, continue to support his radio show, and buy him a round at the Holiday Hangout this year.

Thank you Charles, for everything!