Alexander Hudjohn was recommended to be by one of his fellow PDXers, Kris from the band RootJack. I’d never heard of him so I checked out his bandcamp and was intrigued, so I downloaded it.

In doing a little research for this piece I found out the Alexander used to front a punk band I’ve never heard of called Anchor Down, thus following in the very well worn path from punk rock to Americana singer/songwriter guy. I don’t say that to make fun, I just think it’s amazing how many former punk rockers are turning up on my iPod with an acoustic guitar and some songs. Also, they are all doing it in their own way and (for the most part) they making the transition damned well. Hudjohn is no different.

We Don’t Need A Map features Alexander, his guitar and some songs he recorded in his living room one afternoon. As personal as that might sound here on this blog, trust me, it sounds far more intimate when you’re listening to it. To me, Hudjohn sounds like a West coast, slightly mellowed answer to Cory Branan. Anyhow, if you’re wondering what it sounds like when a person opens up completely in song, worrying about the repercussions later, We Don’t Need A Map has the answers.

Alexander Hudjohn – The Rolling Stones Were Right
Alexander Hudjohn – Thorns
Alexander Hudjohn – Bare Bones

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