So, I’ve decided to do this facebook 30 Day Song Challenge (you can see previous days here)thing and I figured I’d do it here on ninebullets. Feel free to contribute your thoughts in the comments section. So, without further ado:


When I read this one I started marinating on songs that reminded me of places but as kept thinking I realized that, for me, songs and albums remind me of stations in life as often as they do specific places. Sometimes, dusting off an album from 15 years ago is like sitting down and drinking a beer with the person you used to be. When I looked at today’s challenge from that angle, the list grew exponentially but one immediately made me smile so that’s the one I chose to share with y’all today.

There was a couple of years span when I was in high school (and just out of) where we went to Rocky Horror every single weekend. I’d get off from my job as a busboy, ride by and ppick up my friend Maura (who’d snuck out), swing by and pick up my buddy Chris (who’d snuck out) and we’d meet a couple other friends (who may or may not have snuck out) and we’d head out to Tampa for the midnight showing. Chris and I would try and come up with new lines in hopes they’d catch on with the crowd. That era, for me, was probably childhood’s last gasp but it was a great time. I went to the local showing of Rocky a year or so ago. Sadly, I’ve forgotten most of the lines and a lot of the magic was gone but I was happy to see a full house and a new collection of kids doing the Time Warp.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

So, how about you. What’s a song that reminds you of somewhere and what’s the story?


One of my favorite things about running this blog is all the neat stuff other people teach me. Be it through the comments or via email folks quite regularly drop interesting bits of trivia on me. Such is the case with the track Sloe Gin.Earlier this week I posted about Joe Bonamassa’s new cd, Sloe Gin and included the title track. Well, yesterday a reader left the following comment:

This particular gin is a cover of a tune by no less than Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show and camp bit parts in hollywood b movie fame). He did a couple of albums in LA in the 70’s with people like Carlos Alomar and Bob Ezrin which are in some parts good, and in others so bad they are good. Sloe gin is the stand out track from his LP ‘Read My Lips’. The original is not that different to Joe’s cover (which i was amazed and ecstatic to find – must be Tim’s first cover). The original is worth tracking down if only for hearing that Tim, unlike Jim is ..’so fucking lonely’.

This was juicy trivia to be sure. I never knew Mr. Curry did any singing beyond “Sweet Transvestite”. I had to hear it. Now, you can too and we all owe Gbarry a big Thank You.

Tim Curry – Sloe Gin
Joe Bonamassa – Sloe Gin

I couldn’t resist: Sweet Transvestite