This post comes from longtime 9B reader, Chris Green and really expands upon the Covers EP that Two Cow released yesterday. In his words, “When I saw the announcement, I really wanted to help out my favorite band more than $5 worth…” faves Two Cow Garage have just completed their covers project and released the results as a 3-track bundle for sale on their bandcamp page ( For those of you who don’t follow the band on facebook, here’s the deal: in order to defray some of the costs of their upcoming European tour, the band sought the help of their fans online. They first contemplated a funding campaign in the style of a kickstarter project, but decided that it would be more interesting to do something a little different that would give something back to the fans for their generous donations. So they announced on their facebook page that they would run a poll via FB and email, with participants naming songs that they would like to hear TCG cover. The top two vote-getters would be recorded by the band and sold together for download for a minimum donation of $5.

As soon as the announcement was posted, the song titles started flying. Suggestions spanned the gamut from Don McClean’s “American Pie” to NWA’s “Gangsta Gangsta” and everywhere in between. (Autopsy IV Note: I voted for Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck“)

Many people suggested songs by The Replacements. This renowned Minneapolis band is often cited when people try to describe TCG’s music and the song “Can’t Hardly Wait” has been covered both by singer/guitarist Micah Schnabel on his solo album When The Stage Lights Go Dim and also by the whole band at live shows. So, it’s not surprising that when it came time to tally the votes and announce the winners, the #2 slot was won by the song “Bastards of the Young”, from the Replacements’ classic 1985 album Tim. As you would expect, Two Cow totally nails the song, amping up the noise level a little bit and belting out the anthemic chorus. Micah sings lead on this one, and his voice fits perfectly into the space occupied by Paul Westerberg in the original song.



The goal was simple: Find a way to offset the upfront costs of going on tour overseas.

The idea was crowdsourcing genius: Take a poll of what songs their fans would like to hear the band cover. Record the two that get the most votes and put them out as a limited EP.

The result: A three track EP that is only available for two weeks (ending 03.14.11) for a minimum donation of 5 dollars. Get your copy here.

Track listing:

01 No More No More (Aerosmith)
02 Bastards Of Young (The Replacements)
03 Amphetamine (Rocket From The Tombs)