Things Look Different When The Sun Goes Down is singer/songwriter Kate Mann’s third album. I’d never heard of her and, to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting to like her for some unknown reason. Well by the end of the second track, “Robert Johnson Knew”, I was adding her name to my list of people I need to write about.

To fully appreciate Kate’s music you need to know a little of her background. She’s from New Mexico but now makes her home in Portland, Oregon. In 2005 Kate had an awakening, quit her job as a high school teacher, traded her car for a van and hit the road touring the Western United States. That gypsy nature permeates her music which mainly focuses on her soulful, musky voice and acoustic guitar, while cellos, fiddles, harmonicas, and accordions fill in some of the space in the rear. The characters in Kate’s songs are tortured, be it by the secrets they keep (“Robert Johnson Knew”), the paranoia that haunts them (“Bird In My House”) or by the things they’ve done (“Drag The River”). There is little room for happiness within the 11 tracks of this album.

While there are some tracks on this album that are not gonna make it onto my iPod, the tracks that I am keeping are more than enough to label this album as Essential Listening.

Kate Mann – Robert Johnson Knew
Kate Mann – Bird In My House
Kate Mann – Funny Thing

Kate Mann’s Official Site, Kate Mann on myspace, Buy Things Look Different When The Sun Goes Down