Holy shit. Like Poltergeist 2: we’re baaaaaack.

For now.

I cover it in the show, but I apologize for the massive break between shows. For the time being, I can’t say there won’t be another multi-month gap between shows and it’s gonna be that way for the remainder of 2012. It sucks, but sometimes real life takes hold. That said, I did make a show and that’s why you’re here, so let’s talk about that…

I have a show for y’all this time around that hits all the bases. Sometimes it rocks, sometimes it’s mellow. Sometimes it’s brand new, sometimes it’s…..well, it’s always pretty new. Some of the highlights on what is a show stacked with awesome are: McDougall, The Great Unknowns, Alone At 3AM, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, and Sturgill Simpson & The High Top Mountain Boys.

All that’s left is to press play on this motherfucker. So what are you waiting on? As always, if you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell your friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music finds counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it.

Track Listing: [Artist – Song – Album]

01. McDougall – Ready, Begin – A Few Towns More
02. Tim Barry – Thing Of The Past – 28th & Stonewall
03. Autopsy IV Commentary
04. Elway – Dear Colorado – Hence My Optimism EP
05. Alone At 3AM – Another Round – Midwest Mess
06. I Can Lick Any SOB In The House – Bad Days Ahead – The Sounds Of Dying
07. Autopsy IV Commentary
08. The Great Unknowns – Dead River, Lake County – Homefront
09. First Aid Kit – The Lions Roar – The Lions Roar
10. The Mastersons – You Don’t Know – Birds Fly South
11. Autopsy IV Commentary
12. The Mynabirds – Generals – Generals
13. River Giant – Pink Flamingos – River Giant
14. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Righteous, Ragged Songs – There Is A Bomb In Gilead
15. Autopsy IV Commentary
16. Sturgill Simpson & The High Top Mountain Boys (Sunday Valley) – I Don’t Mind – To The Wind And On To Heaven
17. Jason Eady – AM Country Heaven – AM Country Heaven
18. Marley’s Ghost – Hank and Audrey – Jubilee
19. Autopsy IV Commentary
20. OFF! – Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt – OFF!

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Seattle based River Giant is the trio of Kyle Jacobson (vocals/guitars), Liam O’Connor (drums) and Trent Schreiner (bass). They’re a pretty young band, having formed some time in 2009, and they released their debut album back in April. They were brought to my attention by the boys in Truckstop Darlin’ and I seriously can’t thank them enough for it.

River Giant takes that 70’s revival rock sound that so many have been flirting with lately under the bleachers and goes straight to makeout mode with it. The album fully makes its intentions known from the opening track, “Out Here, Outside”, which draws the obvious Neil Young comparisons, but, to me, the song feels like it could be a pre-Hotel California Eagles track. If there were any lingering doubts about what River Giant is doing, they’re pretty much snuffed out within the first 30 seconds of the second track “Pink Flamingos” but it’s with “I Permute This Marriage” where the album fully gains its footing and shows how good these kids can be.

While the album does wander a little bit at times, I am left feeling like this is a band with a really really bright future and I can’t wait to see what album #2 brings us. Check it out, especially if you’re a fan of that 70’s-ish, Neil Young-ish sound. Or, you know, if you like good music.

River Giant – Out Here, Outside
River Giant – I Permute This Marriage
River Giant – Missing You

River Giant’s Official Site, River Giant on Facebook, Buy River Giant