Rick & Roy – Superfluidity (2015)


Yes, Rick and Roy from Lucero. No it’s not Alt-Country, in fact it couldn’t be further from Alt-Country. I managed to catch up with both Rick and Roy while they were in Houston on tour this past month with Lucero, and I got a better perspective of how this duo went from their Lucero gig to this new project.

These overly talented gentlemen spend a great deal of time touring with Lucero but managed to break away from their busy schedules and spend some time messing around at Archer Records. The result is an electronic meshing of sounds that’s equal parts catchy, dramatic, and trance-inducing. According to both Rick and Roy they had some down time. Fear not, this does not mean that Lucero is taking a break in fact they will be stepping into the recording studio during April to lay down a new album. You should read “down time” as sitting on a bus for long hours, weekends at home in Memphis, and being constantly obsessed with working on something new related to music. Rick had been doing a bit of soundtrack work for Ward Archer, including the Mud soundtrack and music to accompany Charly the City Mouse Fasano’s Retrospect/ed single and Rick asked Roy over to assist. From these sessions and the related experimentation, the two were asked to put together an EP of their electronic music. The EP turned into a full album, produced by Daniel Lynn, that Roy said they kept adding to and fiddling with, until eventually it was done, and by done he includes that there are still tons of tracks that didn’t even make it to the record, but hinted they will be released in time.

As I listen to Superfluidity I can’t help but think that some of the songs have sounds that are reminiscent to music that pre-date my own age, and I brought this up. According to both Rick and Roy there were no intentions or influences of 70’s or 80’s music in a planned way, but rather they would play around with the sounds they were creating and found that they fit best. Rick personally feels it echoes more of a 70’s era because to him that’s where the instrumental synth records he most loved stemmed from. That is the beauty of this album, there’s no one reflected idea, there’s no one theme, and there’s no definition. With each listen I imagine this album as an accompaniment to other art forms, as if it should be used as the salt to add flavor to the blandness of life. It sounds like beautiful, sometimes haunting, and also at other times chaotic layers of sounds that can transcend the decades and easily be molded into any scenario. Rick said “It’s not as deliberately planned as you think, it wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t ignored it was just a natural process of the creative experience.” I could not think of a better way to describe just how seamless it sounds.

When I asked about the creative process of Superfluidity, it’s no secret that Roy Berry can create an entire electronica album on his laptop from home with his previous experiments in music such as his work with Overjoid. I’ll let you do the google searching and fall down the path of no internet return to Mr. Berry’s non-Lucero music history. Rick refers to himself as more of a song guy, taking the music and inserting a melody. The question then became if this record was created over a length of time, until it felt completed rather than under a deadline, and if it was created with no real agenda or written music, how would this be replicated in a live setting? Rick and Roy both agreed that it simply must, but it would ideally include a stage set up of them improving music just as they did in the studio during creation. The concept of this being an ever evolving project and never quite the same or a repeating occurrence simply excites me like a kid on Christmas morning. Creating an experience for fans that will be different yet of equal caliber is a very forward thinking concept, and I can only imagine frightening for an artist to do. I’m excited to see the future that Superflidity will kick-start for Rick and Roy, and eagerly await the next experimental surprise from them.

Superfluidity is set to be released on April 4th, but you may pre-order the album now at Archer Records’ website. There will be a limited vinyl LP pressing autographed by Rick and Roy, I recommend rushing on over to pre-order that HERE.

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