Introducing: Reynosa

Pensacola is like many a small southern town: Traditional, Republican and hard-line Christian. The town’s favorite son is Republican Congressman turned right-wing bobblehead Joe Scarborough. Reynosa’s high school, East Hill Christian, is “committed to a doctrine, which supports the infallibility of scripture, that the Bible is the ultimate authority against which all evidence is examined.” Judging from the songs on their new album Directions, that doctrine never really had time to set.

Named after the road on which their practice space is located, Reynosa is: Jordan Richards on guitar and vocals, Nathan Dillaha with guitar, Aubrey Nichols playing piano and contributing backing vocals, Josh Duff on bass and Josh Barnhill on drums. Formed in 2005 they write a mature form of Southern rock that belies their relative age, both as a band and as individuals, the oldest being 23. When I say “Southern rock” I think more Wilco than Skynyrd, more Ryan Adams than Drive-By Truckers.

This debut CD sports 11 songs infused with small-town monotony, bible belt mentality and late nights in bars … all served up over telecaster riffs and bass driven hooks that will leave you singing them long after the CD ends. The tracks open with the hard driving beat of “It’s All Uphill From Here”, and by the time Richards sings “… and I don’t want to but I will…” I knew there was an excellent chance I had found another gem of a Florida band. Directions was recorded live in a Gulf Breeze, Florida studio in an effort to capture the same intimate, energetic sound that is present in their live shows. The recording environment gives the album a rather refreshing and loose feel. It is rare you find a CD with no skip-by tracks, even more rare that it would come from an unsigned act out of the Florida panhandle, but here is is none the less. From the hooky-as-trout line “Find Some Faith” to the album’s stand-out and hardest rocking track “Goodbye Woman”, it is obvious that Reynosa put two years of songwriting to good use. They should be extremely proud of the results.

Reynosa are currently touring in support of Directions. I would encourage you to sample their efforts by listening to the sample songs below. If you agree with me, support them financially by heading over to CD Baby and purchase this disc.

Reynosa – Goodbye Woman
Reynosa – Find Some Faith
Reynosa – Trouble

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