[Playlist] Ajax Diner Book Club – 9/8/14 – KRFC Ft. Collins CO

R.L. Burnside “Going Down South” from A Ass Pocket of Whiskey

Black Keys “Brooklyn Bound” from The Big Come Up

Frank Black and the Catholics “Nadine” from Nadine

Shane Sweeney “Legion” from The Finding Time

Jenny Owen Youngs “Last Person” from An Unwavering Band of Light

Billy Joe Shaver “The Git Go” from Long In the Tooth

Lucero “The Last Song” from Live From Atlanta

Devil Makes Three “Old Number Seven” from Devil Makes Three

Kierston White “Happy Noon Beers” from Don’t Write Love Songs

John Moreland “Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore” from In The Throes

Deer Tick “Unwed Fathers” from Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows


A couple of weeks ago Hill Country Revue came to town opening for North Mississippi Allstars and plum took over the show. So good was their set that I was honestly bored with the bulk of the N.M.A. set.

Hill Country Revue is fellow N. Mississippi Allstars Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew being joined by Kirk Smithhart, Ed “Hot” Cleveland and Dixie Dan Coburn. As if that isn’t enough, the majority of the album was written by the youngest of R.L. Burnside’s children, Garry Burnside. There are so many Grammys, bloodlines, pedigrees and touring miles in this lineup that you almost expect it to be a hill country blues clinic, but really it turns out to be a funky southern blues rock album as much as anything else.

Over the years I’ve felt like the N. Mississippi Allstars and myself have been set off on divergent musical paths. I still buy their new albums, but after 5 or 10 listens they end up forgotten. Make A Move seems to possess that raw dirt under the fingernails energy that the first couple of N.M.A. albums had, and I for one am finding it to be Essential Listening.

Hill Country Revue is currently on the road doing festival dates and filling support slots throughout the summer. This Fall they are planning on heading out for a complete headlining tour and trust me, it’ll be worth catching.

Hill Country Revue – Alice Mae

Hill Country Revue’s Official Site, Hill Country Revue on myspace, Buy Make A Move


Dirty Trainload is the blues project of Southern Italy’s Bob Cillo, along with friends Marco Del Noce, Martino Palmisano and Alexander De Large joining in occasionally on harmonica, washboard, backing vocals and organs. They play a hybrid version of old-delta blues. One of the things that really sets these guys apart from the sounds of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough or a John Lee Hooker is the percussion tracks.

Dirty Trainload eschews the use of live drums for loop stations and some old analog drum machines. The resulting sound ends up feeling like Love and Rockets if they would have made a blues album. An industrial, blues band if you will. While the combination might sound a little strange, trust me, it works as well as peanut butter and syrup (if you’ve never tried that I suggest you make a PB & syrup sandwich right now).

Here are some samples from their 2007 album, Rising Rust. Also, Dirty Trainload will be crossing the oceans to join us @ Deep Blues Festival ’09. Will you?

Dirty Trainload – Rising Rust
Dirty Trainload – Police Car
Dirty Trainload – Mad Man Blues

Dirty Trainload on myspace