Pinegrove – Cardinal – 2016


Boston-based Run for Cover Records has steadily grown their label from a collection of punk treasures to the stuff of de-facto Pitchfork reviews–which is great! It means good music gets talked about well to a lot of people. Recent Run for Cover releases Shame by Petal and Looking In by Spencer Radcliffe would do well by fans of many bands we cover here. So too would the most recent release, Cardinal by Pinegrove.

I think the album is beautiful and if you listen to the first minute of the first song you’ll have a great impression of its flow–lots of summer afternoons, head reeling from the blunt force of the sun and a tallboy. Listen below, and if you still need a read, luckily there’s Pitchfork.

Buy the digital from Pinegrove’s bandcamp or Run for Cover.