Yazan -Howlin' (EP) – 2015


Last year I sprinted home (took a few trains and walked a few miles) from a show and straight to the internets to tell y’all about a guitarist I’d just seen named Yazan. His live show was an electric psych-blues thunderstorm, whereas his last album turned out to be an equally restorative, world-resetting series of acoustic showers. This new effort, The Howling EP, hones in on the flash flood fallout of his live shows. Torrential Listening.

Yazan is joined on these numbers by drummer Kris Kuss of the best band ever, Pile. Yazan has been touring with Pile as a guitarist for a good many months, and it’s a thrill to have this record of that collaboration.

This is some sticky, loud shit. It’s got beats. It’s got licks. Every song has a derivation of “babe” or “baby.” It’s so loud! It’s a perfect spike of rusty iron blues to nail the coffin shut on this winter.

Tell Me Baby

I Get High

I don’t think Benjamin Booker or Jack White have anything on Yazan. Please give it a shot–stream Howling at his bandcamp and name your price for a download. Or get the 10″ for only FIVE DOLLARS.

The Howling EP is Essential Listening.