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Below is the playlist for January 19, 2012

01. Hank Williams III – Pills I Took
02. Willy Tea Taylor – Wandering Boy
03. Charlie Parr – To A Scrapyard Bus Stop
04. Possessed By Paul James – Ferris Wheel
05. The Deep Dark Woods – The Gallows
06. Bob Frank & John Murry – Bubba Rose, 1961
07. Conway Twitty – I’d Love To Lay You Down
08. Low Cut Connie – Big Thighs, NJ
09. Deadman – Oh Delilah!
10. Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil – Blue Eyed Blonde
11. The Fox Hunt – I’ll Drink Cheap
12. The Coloradas – 8 Ball Blues
13. The Pine Hill Haints – Spirit of 1812
14. The Yawpers – Worthless
15. Reba McEntire – The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

Bold = Request

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Episode 55: aired 01.19.2012


Living in Florida there are somethings you come to accept. It is the heat and the humidity, some wise ass is gonna ask if it’s “hot enough for you”, hurricanes will form and weathermen will almost rub one out on screen warning you of them impending doom while never a stiff breeze even comes and odds are, some of the bands you love will never tour your state. Over the years I’ve logged I dunno how many thousands of miles in travel just to see rock and rolls with bands I know will never make it to Florida which brings me to today’s Top 5 3….truth be told, this was gonna be a top 5 but there were only 3 bands I could think of that I’d travel just to see them (not in a festival environment). So if you have 5, by all means list them. Here’s my list:

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club:

This is one of those bands that a lot of people don’t get. Well, I do and truth be told, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve seen them 3 times in my life resulting in approximately 3800 miles worth of traveling and it was worth every one of them. They’ve told me they won’t tour Florida so if I wanna see them again, I’ll have to travel again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch these guys in Denver sometime.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is You Land (redux)

Possessed By Paul James:

Hopefully, PPJ is gonna make it to Florida this year but I wouldn’t think twice about loading up and going to see him again. PPJ shows leave me remembering why I love watching musicians make music live and the 2700 miles I logged managing to see him live were totally worth it.

Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better

The Murder City Devils:

I’ve never seen them live and they’d already broken up before I even knew who they were. Now, they do little tours that rarely reach the east coast and never make it to the southeast. I’m really just waiting for a show to get booked in Atlanta but I know I’m eventually gonna have to make a weekend trip to New York to see them. Important thing is, I am gonna see them.

The Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels

Honorable Mentions:

The Suburban Home Anniversary Party & The Muddy Roots Festival: I’ve not attended the Muddy Roots festival (yet) but like the SH Party it’s like they make entire festival lineups entirely for me. Great weekends with great bands and great friends….there are no corners of this country I wouldn’t fly to for that.

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame to see Derrick Brooks get inducted: I’ve always said I’ll go to Canton, OH. the year Derrick goes into the Hall of Fame. Being a Seminoles and a Buccaneers fan I had the pleasure of watching (and rooting for) Derrick Brooks for his entire NCAA/NFL career. He was a key cog in turning the Buccaneers into a respectable franchise and (eventually) a Super Bowl Champion. Hopefully, in 2015, I’ll be there to see him get enshrined.


Hey hey hey. It’s that time of the week again which means it’s time for the weekly ninebullets radio spam post. This week we’re gonna have new music from The Only Sons, Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil, Michael Claytor & His Friends, The Decemberists & Possessed By Paul James as well as much more.

What’s that? You wanna know how to listen? Glad you asked:

Tonight’s of ninebullets radio will air on 88.5 WMNF at 10pm Eastern and streams live at It will also be archived here for a week so you will be able to listen repeatedly at work and home throughout the week.


The last time I wrote about Possessed By Paul James I was relatively sure no one outside of my little Deep Blues circle had any idea who he was. Flash forward a couple of years and a stint on the last Revival Tour, and people on my circle have at least heard of him and a few lucky ones have seen him live.

Possessed By Paul James is one Mr. Konrad Wert, currently living in Texas but hailing from my home state of Florida. His past two albums, Possessed By Paul James and Cold and Blind, coupled with his live shows have garnered him a cult following as rabid as any, and one I am proud to call myself a part of. That said, the albums have also fallen into the “love ‘em or hate ‘em” category. It’s an issue I can relate to because for the longest time I loved Cold and Blind but found Possessed By Paul James utterly unlistenable. That was, until I managed to catch him live 2 times at the Deep Blues Festival 3 years ago.

Konrad is best understood if you’ve seen him live, that’s an undeniable fact, but it’s become less of a requirement with each album, and now with Feed The Family I think he’s managed to make an album accessible enough that the live show isn’t a requirement for those with a slightly more confined musical palate. Feed the Family captures everything that makes Possessed By Paul James great without spending too much time in that challenging area that requires knowing him live to be able to truly “get it”

So, what does that get you? For long time fans, the stomps, vocal quakes and yelps are still present. For the potential newly indoctrinated (slash Konard live virgins), said stomps, vocal quakes and yelps are mixed more into the background, with Konrad’s picking and passion out front for display. The results are a surprisingly restrained sound that manages to capture the immediate and passionate nature of Konrad’s music. I think with all that said, it’s clear that this is seriously some Essential Listening. If you’ve heard PBPJ before and didn’t like it, listen again ‘cause this is easily the best album he’s recorded to date, as well as a done deal for a slot on the 9B Top 10 of the 2k10.

Possessed By Paul James – Feed The Family
Possessed By Paul James – We Welcome You Home
Possessed By Paul James – Color Of My Bloody Nose

Possessed By Paul James’ official site, Possessed By Paul James on myspace, Buy Feed The Family


I am so damned embarrassed about this! I’ve had these tapes going on months now and I completely forgot about them (probably because I can not play a cassette tape at all in my life). Anyhow, I told y’all about this back in May but to refresh your memory I’ll go over it again:

“They’re currently selling a Double Cassette (I know, I know, the print media really is behind the times) compilation to cover the costs of the next issue’s printing costs (at least they aren’t just begging for money like some magazines). The compilation has 23 tracks, featuring artists such as Jon Snodgrass, Joey Cape, Red Clay River, Chad Rex, Shane Sweeney of Two Cow Garage, and The Takers. If, like me, you have no way to play a cassette tape, each purchase comes with an mp3 download code. So head over to Fast Geek Press and order a compilation, then pat yourself on the back, knowing that you’re helping out another outlet for the bands we love to keep doing their thing.”

While you can still buy the compilation here, I have two comps to give away to the faithful. So, if you have the ability to listen to cassette’s and the ability to email me then be one of the first two to email me and you’ll get this collection for free (as well as a couple of ninebullets stickers).

Track Listing:

Side A – 21:36 minutes

1 – The Takers – When My Shades Were Drawn
2 – Shane Sweeney of Two Cow Garage – Hallelujah
3 – Paige Anderson of the Anderson Family Bluegrass Band – Flying Rocks
4 – Charly “the city mouse” Fasano – Portland
5 – Possessed by Paul James – Take Off Your Mask
6 – Kevin Seconds – Oh American Girl
7 – Jon Gaunt – Every Drink Every Song

Side B – 20:34 minutes

8 – Micah & John Schnabel – Billy James
9 – The Enablers – Whatever You Like
10 – Red Clay River – Ain’t No Blues
11 – Michael Dean Damron – Dolls
12 – The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit – Bones
13 – Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves – Everybody Knows

Side C – 21:05 minutes

14 – The Anchor – Hot Dogs & Vodka
15 – Joey Cape – Good-Bye
16 – Careless Hearts – Joselina
17 – Andy Thomas – Spring Softly
18 – The Redemption Family – The Power A Secret Holds
19 – Larry & His Flask – Land of the F(r)ee
20 – Brian Polk – Let’s Get Stoned and Over Analyze NomeansNo Records

Side D – 22:50 minutes

21 – Jon Snodgrass – Song For Gibson
22 – In the Red – Overworked
23 – Chad Rex – Awhile
24 – Digger Barnes – Waiting for the Snakes
25 – Tom VandenAvond – El Paso
26 – Magic Cyclops – Teen Pregnancy
27 – woMANgione – Saggy

Full compilation stream:

<a href="">When My Shades Were Drawn by Fast Geek Press</a>