“These days, it seems like
There’s a lot of girls who sing
And some of them are good
And some of them are notBut it’s always kinda cool
That moment when they first step to the mike”
~from the song “Chick Singers” by Dan Bern

It’s true, you know. I’d listened to The Pack A.D.’s new album, The Funeral Mixtape, a couple of times before I saw them at last month’s Deep Blues Festival. What I had not listened to them enough times to notice was that the lead singer was a woman. She sounds so strikingly similar to Jack White that I just assumed she was a fella. Then they announce these two women as Pack A.D. and I went all Keanu, like “Whooa”. Chicks with guitars are an immediate +10 on the sexy factor…I dunno, it’s probably Freudian or something, but I prefer to not analyze and just go with it…so back to the music.

Two girls who vocally and musically sound like The White Stripes…this is their albatross. There is no avoiding it, so I’m putting it out there for those unfamiliar. I described them like this to a friend, “If I told you it was the Elephant B-sides you’d believe me. They’re like the White Stripes minus all the Jack White self-indulgent pretentious bullshit and genre bending, with pure blues-rock added to fill the void. Less commercial, more powerful.”

The band comes outta B.C., Canada and consists of Maya Miller on drums and Becky Black on vocals and guitars. The Funeral mixtapes was recorded live off the floor which does nothing to hurt their rough and tumble swamp blues sound. The album will be released Tuesday on Mint Records. Pick it up, you’ll be glad you did.

The Pack A.D. – Making Gestures

The Pack A.D.’s Official Site, The Pack A.D. on myspace, Buy The Funeral Mixtape