Hey everyone. I shove off for SxSW in a few hours and figured I’d post a new podcast before I shuttered the site for the week. Well. Kind of shuttered. I’m sure there will be scattered updates from Austin but they’ll be sporadic and of questionable lucidity. If you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook where I am sure there will be no shortage of updates, hijinks and pictures for use as evidence. But enough about me and my travels…let’s talk about the podcast.

The first half of the show serves as a SxSW preview of sorts but it’s worth is since the preview has brand new tracks from Ha Ha Tonka, Jason Isbell and the incomparable Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. As the show moves along I drift away from the SxSW motif with new songs from James Leg, Michael Dean Damron and The Red Hills.

All in all, I think I’ve done a pretty good job putting together an hour of quality listening for all the CxCW kids out there. As always, if you enjoy the show please share it with your Facebook and Twitter buddies. If you really enjoy the show, let me know…it’s always nice to get some feedback.


  1. Justin Otto – Sun [00.00.00]
  2. Jason Isbell – Alabama Pines [00.03.15]
  3. Ha Ha Tonka – Made Example Of [00.07.05]
  4. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro [00.11.15]
  5. Otis Gibbs – Kansas City [00.17.17]
  6. Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better [00.20.56]
  7. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail [00.24.30]
  8. James Leg – Drinking Too Much [00.30.20]
  9. Buffalo Gospel – Sunday’s Never Smile Anymore [00.34.02]
  10. Doc Daily & Magnolia Devil – Blue-Eyed Blonde [00.39.30]
  11. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Bad Days Ahead [00.44.38]
  12. Red Hills – USAtan [00.48.42]
  13. Michael Dean Damron – Devil Meets The Long Haired Weirdo [00.52.07]
  14. Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beatin’ Down [00.57.38]

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Ninebullets Radio is a radio extension of the blog that airs every Thursday night in Tampa, Florida on WMNF 88.5 FM at 10pm Eastern. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Below is the playlist for March 03, 2011.

  1. Todd Snider – Is This Thing Working?
  2. Otis Gibbs – The People’s Day
  3. Chet O’Keefe – Take Me To The Liquor Store
  4. Whitey Morgan & The ’78’s – I Ain’t Drunk
  5. Lucero – Drink Till We’re Gone
  6. Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
  7. Austin Lucas – Darkness Out Of Me
  8. Grayson Capps – Ol’ Slac
  9. Have Gun Will Travel – Sons & Daughters of the Guilded Age
  10. Hellbound Glory – Why Take The Pain
  11. Left Lane Cruiser – Pig Farm
  12. James Leg – Drowning In Fire
  13. Builders and the Butchers – All Away
  14. Strawfoot – Cursed Neck
  15. Old Crow Medicine Show – Tell It To Me


When it came time to decide what this week’s Top 5 topic was gonna be I didn’t have to look any further than the front page of my favorite news sites.

The topic picked itself. Protest songs.
It’s pretty self-explanatory. Go!

Iris Dement – Wasteland of The Free: From Iris’s 1996 album, The Way I Should.

Otis Gibbs – The People’s Day: I see hope for our country in what’s happening in others lately. One day our whispers will be louder than their screams. The people’s day will come.

Old Crow Medicine Show – Union Maid: Originally written by Woody Guthrie in response to a request for a union song from a female point of view.

Circle Jerks – Fortunate Son: This is (obviously) actually a Creedence Clearwater Revival song but I think the Circle Jerks’ version does a better job of conveying the anger in the song. The song was inspired by David Eisenhower, the grandson of President Dwight David Eisenhower who married Julie Nixon, the daughter of President Richard Nixon in 1968. John Fogerty told Rolling Stone: “Julie Nixon was hanging around with David Eisenhower, and you just had the feeling that none of these people were going to be involved with the war…”

Public Enemy – Fight The Power: Fight The Power has largely served as the political statement of purpose for Public Enemy, and serves as their biggest single.

I wanted to include one more. I wanted to include it in my 5 but could not decide if it was a song or a spoken word piece put to music. Which ever you wanna call it, it’s one of the best protest pieces ever done:

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Ninebullets Radio is a radio extension of the blog that airs every Thursday night in Tampa, Florida on WMNF 88.5 FM at 10pm Eastern. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Below is the playlist for February 03, 2011.

  1. Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl
  2. The Cur Dogs – Kro-Bride
  3. Drive-By Truckers – Outfit
  4. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  5. Michael Dean Damron – The Day Brian Piccolo Died
  6. Josh Small – Hakuna Matata
  7. Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs
  8. Michael Claytor & Friends – Hairpins
  9. The Takers – Friends In Bottles
  10. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby
  11. Frank Turner – I Still Believe
  12. O’Death – Bugs
  13. The Builders and The Butchers – Raise Up You Weary Hands
  14. Otis Gibbs – Ballad of Johnny Crooked Tree


Here we are at the end of another year. All things considered, it was a pretty good one. On a personal level, I came into 2010 facing some pretty freaky & scary health issues and I’m leaving more or less in tact and healthy. Both my Seminoles and my Buccaneers had positive seasons while it looks like my Lightning are gonna be in the playoff conversation all season. Musically, it was a pretty solid year too and that’s what we’re really here to talk about now ain’t it.

In preparation for this show I literally (yes, I am properly using the word) collected 70+ songs I wanted to play and set to making a podcast. I say that so you know that this isn’t a “best songs of the year” show so much as a “some of my favorite songs of the year” that fit the flow of this particular show. That said, there are some seriously good songs assembled in here.

And, 2011 is already shaping up to be pretty fucking phenomenal. Hopefully, this won’t be the final podcast but there’s more about that in the show, so for now, let’s just listen to the music:


  1. Lissie – Bad Romance (Lady Ga Ga cover) [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.05.36]
  3. Jon Snodgrass – Old Sad Songs [00.06.46]
  4. Gill Landry – Careless Love [00.09.04]
  5. Shannon McNally – Bohemian Wedding Song [00.13.02]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.18.32]
  7. American Graveyard – Common Ones [00.19.24]
  8. Tim Barry – Thing of the Past [00.23.02]
  9. Truckstop Darlin’ – Bluegrass State [00.26.48]
  10. Mat. D. – Ford Marriage [00.31.56]
  11. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.35.12]
  12. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong [00.37.04]
  13. Two Cow Garage – Jackson, Don’t You Worry [00.38.48]
  14. Joseph Huber – Can’t You See A Floods Coming [00.42.34]
  15. Joe Pug – Not So Sure [00.46.32]
  16. Otis Gibbs – Kansas City [00.51.02]
  17. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.54.36]
  18. Frank Turner – I Still Believe [00.56.54]

As always, if you’re enjoying the sounds you’re hearing please mention this show to your friends and relatives.

See y’all (i think) in 2011!

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Well. I’ll be a motherfucker. I never expected to still be doing these 12 months after the first one but here we are. Furthermore, I feel as though they are an integral part of the site now days. For some reason, I don’t really care to much about the stats for the podcast but today I took a peek at them and according to the stats there are 2500 subscribers to this fucker! I don’t know if that’s a lot or a pathetic number in podcast world but I am pretty sure it’s more people than the average Rays game gets. I hope it’s 5000 by this time next year. With that said, let’s talk about this month’s podcast.

For the one year anniversary I’ve brought y’all, what I feel like, is the best podcast to date from a production standpoint….and musically it’s pretty friggin’ stellar to. I open it with a small collection of happy birthday tracks before settling into a show full of brand new material. We got brand new tracks from The Black Keys, American Aquarium, Red Clay River, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House, Gaslight Anthem and The Morning Pages. Also, in celebration of our birthday, we’re bringing you the best give away the podcast has had to date but to know about that you’re gonna have to actually listen to the damn thing. Another thing that was super cool about this month’s podcast is that there were actually requests from twitter and facebook that ended up getting played. If you have something you wanna hear played follow me on Facebook or Twitter and make a request when I solicit them next month.

As always, below you’ll find the track listing for the show. Please tell your friends and Facebook/Twitter followers about it, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

~ Autopsy IV (twitter/facebook)

Track Listing:

  1. Concrete Blonde – Happy Birthday [00.00.00]
  2. Cracker – Happy Birthday To Me [00.02.14]
  3. Jimi Hendrix – Happy Birthday [00.05.37]
  4. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.07.50]
  5. The Black Keys – Next Girl [00.08.56]
  6. American Aquarium – Rattlesnake [00.11.59]
  7. Red Clay River – Rattlesnake Mountain [00.15.24]
  8. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.18.52]
  9. Otis Gibbs – Joe Hill’s Ashes [00.20.39]
  10. JJ Grey & Mofro – On Palestine [00.24.00]
  11. Shannon McNally – Bohemian Wedding Song [00.28.22]
  12. Autopsy IV – Commentary * [00.34.02]
  13. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Ghost [00.36.11]
  14. Two Cow Garage – Postcards and Apologies [00.40.54]
  15. Gaslight Anthem – American Slang [00.45.54]
  16. Micah Schnabel – American Static [00.49.33]
  17. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.52.30]
  18. The Morning Pages – With The Lord [00.54.52]
  19. NQ Arbuckle – Happy Birthday [00.58.08]

* All music heard underneath me talking this month was from Black Prairie‘s new album, Feast of the Hunters’ Moon.

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Look, it’s really really rare that I fall stupid in love with an album. It probably comes down to the fact that I just might hear more new music in a week than most people do in 6 months, but the point is, I can get pretty jaded. That said, Otis Gibb’s new album, Joe Hill’s Ashes, walked into my head, didn’t say a single word and whooped my blogger jadedness and said “You will love me now!” And love it then, I did.

When I wrote about Otis’ last album, When Grandpa Walked A Picket Line, I said, “if Todd Snider and Otis Gibbs could make a baby it would be the Woody Guthrie, Hunter S. Thompson and the Jack Kerouac of its generation.” At the time I was pointing towards Otis’ political leanings and Todd’s wit. Joe Hill’s Ashes has treated me to a brand new appreciation for Otis’ pure songwriting ability. That coupled with his voice, a voice that invites you into its sunny 78 degree porch for Old Fashioneds and asks you to stay and spin yarns, makes this an album that immediately feels comfortable. As awesome as that is, had this been the first Otis Smith Gibbs album I’d ever heard, I’d have been more apt to juxtapose him with Seasick Steve.

Okay, I’m gonna gonna go old school with y’all. If you were reading this site back in 2k7 you were really well versed in my midnight drunken ramblings sans an editor or a sober eye prior to posting so you should be (albeit: rusty) used to this…This album is fucking fantastic. I wanna be more “professional” about it, but I can’t. It’s stupid how good it is. If I were still getting a regular paycheck that allowed me to go to bars, I’d be passing CD-R’s (yes, I do that) of this album out to people, saying, “This album is by a guy called Otis Gibbs and it’s fucking fantastic!.” If they asked what it sounded like I’d say, “Go home and listen to it, if you like it I’ll pass along similar artists.”

So, Otis Gibbs – Joe Hill’s Ashes. Fucking fantastic. Essential Listening. And available for streaming. Listen. Love. Buy. Burn a CD for your bar mates. This is how we make our music a movement.

< /drunken diatribe >

Otis Gibbs – Ballad of Johnny Crooked Tree
Otis Gibbs – Kansas City
Otis Gibbs – Joe Hill’s Ashes

Otis Gibbs’ Official Site, Otis Gibbs on Bandcamp, Buy Joe Hill’s Ashes


I’d been hearing about this album for a while before I was actually able to get my hands on it. Knowing that the album had been available overseas for a month plus before arriving here in the states, I was pretty excited about getting it by the time it was available on Jan. 20. While Grandpa Walked A Picket Line is Otis’s fifth album, it’s my first exposure to the man from Wanamaker, Indiana. I was totally loving his weathered vocals from the moment he started singing, but it was the song “Preacher Steve” that sealed the deal for me. It wasn’t 30 seconds into that song when I was adding it to my “need to write about this” list, and by the time “Long Black Thunder” came through the speakers Mr. Gibbs had already earned himself a new fan.

Following the path that the Drive-By Trucker’s have forged, Otis writes of the normal man’s America, or as he puts it on his website “of an America that you don’t see on the evening news, but it is the America most of us see at our doorsteps.” It’s an America Otis has come to know honestly. Shunning the 9-5 life most of us begrudgingly suffer through, Otis has spent years of his life living on as little as $3000 per year. However, his strife (if you could call it that) is our gain, as it’s resulted in stacks of songs born of honest experience with the real blood of this country. Fuck, maybe that’s all hyperbole, I dunno. I do know this though, Grandpa Walked A Picket Line is most definitely Essential Listening. And while we’re flirting with hyperbole, lemme say that if Todd Snider and Otis Gibbs could make a baby it would be the Woody Guthrie, Hunter S. Thompson and the Jack Kerouac of it’s generation…you know, if we’re gonna get hyperbolic about it.

Otis Gibbs – Long Black Thunder
Otis Gibbs – Preacher Steve
Otis Gibbs – Caroline

Otis Gibbs’s Official Site , Otis Gibbs on myspace , Buy Grandpa Walked A Picket Line