Okay, last month we stumbled, both technically and performance wise, through the debut podcast. Now come month two we’re pretty much about to drop the cream of Americana podcasts (from one of the best Americana blogs) on you, and our tech is prepped for the amount of awesome that you’re likely to find yourself listening to multiple times a week. I know I’m coming off like the Kanye West of the Americana blogging community, but I don’t give a fuck. I like fish sticks and (having listened to this thing 10 times since I made it) I’m telling you, you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna listen to it numerous times. I feel that confident.

Some of the improvements this month are a new microphone (thanks to Trevor’s suggestion) so there’s no more overwhelming hiss and instead of shuffling (and struggling) through 3 different programs for the podcast, I found a one-stop shop program in Mixcraft that’s programmed in the same manner as I work. These changes have given the whole effort a much more professional feel, and added to that is the fact that I am starting to embrace the drunken talking to yourself in the middle of the night reality of podcasting. That said, I worry this may be the crest. I fear this may be the best 9b podcast ever and it’s all downhill from here. Yes, I am that confident in the material in the hour that’s posted under this text. That said, I am gonna bust my ass to match it in May.

So, here is the tracklisting for what very well may be the best podcast there ever will be:

  1. Drive-by Truckers – Nine Bullets
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary
  3. Strawfoot – Cursed Neck
  4. Pinebox Serenade – Woven Arms
  5. Uncle Sinner – When Jesus Comes
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary
  7. Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up
  8. American Aquarium – California
  9. Eileen Jewell – Sea of Tears
  10. Autopsy IV Commentary
  11. Drag The River – Old Sad Songs [extended] (Lucero Cover)
  12. Gillian Welch & Old Crow Medicine Show – The Weight (The Band Cover)
  13. Scott H. Biram – Sinking Down (FD Session)
  14. Jon & Chad (Drag The River) – Dancin’ In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary
  16. Grayson Capps – Going Back To The Country
  17. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  18. Autopsy IV Commentary
  19. Two Cow Garage – Should’ve California



Man, it has been a bummer of a day. I head out to my car this morning to go to work, go to unlock the door and my key won’t go into the lock. Try again. Same result. Try again. Same result. Try again. Same result….What? It was early in the morning….So, I bend over and look at the mangled mess that was once my lock. Seems someone tried (and failed) to break into my car last night. Good news, they did not get in…Bad news, on top of finding out that I have to replace the coil in my a/c unit for the house this week, now I gotta buy a new lock cylinder for the car. Couple these with the crumbling economy it is been a virtual jihad on my wallet this week. It’s enough to make a man drink I tell ya (donations my be mailed to the address on the About page).

Amidst all this bad news I do have something pretty cool for y’all today though.
Nay…not pretty cool. Really and truly f’ing cool.

Remember the band, Olin & The Moon, I wrote about last month? At the time I said I wasn’t sure when or how you could get their new cd but I was putting it on my Essential Listening list any how. Well, for a limited time you can now get it for free on their myspace site and we were given permission to post it here as well. Don’t slip on this one folks. It’s a good one.

(cd art)

EDIT: DOWNLOAD COMPLETE ALBUM HERE! Links below no longer work.

  1. Call Me Up
  2. Sleep
  3. Another One Down
  4. Pickin Up The World
  5. Castle Rock
  6. Records
  7. Black Magic Blues
  8. Turn Me Into Money
  9. Hello Goodbye
  10. Front Porch
  11. Down The Map
  12. Ship On A Sea
  13. The Worst Is On It’s Way


One of my favorite things about running ninebullets is when readers contact me about bands I’ve never heard of. Such is the case with Olin & The Moon. Fellow Lucero message board reader JacksonDavis originally tossed one of their songs on a Lucero message board comp. I really liked the track and reached out to the band but it was when Jackson finally got me all zipped up with 40 Miles Of Bad Road that I finally sat down and gave the band my, much deserved, undivided attention.

Olin and The Moon consists of of brothers Travis and David LaBrel, Marshall Vore and Erica Wheeler. They formed in Sun Valley, Idaho sometime around 2006 but relocated to Los Angeles in 2007 where they recorded and self-released their self-titled debut cd. I have no idea when 40 Miles Of Bad Road will be coming out but when it does you should make a point to get it.  I bet you could reach out to the band via their myspace site and they’d be more than happy to let you know. Till then you’ll have to trust me that this little gem of a Neil Young meets indie pop band’s cd is Essential Listening.

Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up
Olin & The Moon – The Worst Is On It’s Way
Olin & The Moon – Hello Goodbye

Olin & The Moon on myspace, Buy Olin & The Moon’s debut cd