This week’s Top 5 is all about songs that have quotable lyrics. I mean lyrics that just jump out at you. It can be a single line or even the whole damn song. I think mine are all one or two lines and some are just because they make me giggle. This one was so tough I just picked out the first five I thought of and maybe that’s cheating but there’s just so damn much good music out there that it’s impossible for me to make a decision. Anyway I want to see your favorite quotes from song lyrics. And no the graphics don’t have to do with the Top 5 other than they made me giggle and I am now sharing them with all of you.

  1. Tim Barry – Idle Idylist | This whole damn song. Every last fucking word. But especially the part of the last chorus: “I let the greedy deal with greed, Ain’t got nothin’ but myself, And I ain’t selling that for no one else I won’t surround my emptiness with greed and shit that I don’t even need, And don’t ask don’t tell relationships based on infidelity, I know it ain’t right, I know it ain’t much of a life, But I let tomorrow be tomorrow, And let tonight be tonight”. GOD DAMN!
  2. Dirty Bourbon River Show – Ruffian Since Birth | With all the stress at work this has been my theme song as of late and honestly “I went to wear my boxers outside but the officers told that I can and that I gotta wear a pair of pants” pretty much describes last weekend for me except there were no cops and “So I guess I’ll hit that snooze again and I guess they won’t give me the raise” describes my feelings about work but unfortunately not my actions as I stay late almost every damn night!
  3. Michael Dean Damron – The Cape | I love this song and hope that my kids, unlike me, can retain some of the wonder and magic that exists for them now. I know this probably isn’t how the song is supposed to be taken but I take it just like that! “He’s one of those that knows that life is just a leap of faith, Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape”.
  4. Two Cow Garage – Soundtrack To My Summer | “My friend’s were buying in to american dreams, Going to sleep as punk rock kids and waking up as part of the machine.” This is another hold-on-to-your-youth song for me. I can’t quite look book and say I woke up as part of the machine but I am not a punk rock kid anymore. I hope I can teach my kids to not let go of being kids but rather learn how to pass as adults when they have to. I love the line because it hits home so fucking hard and then Micah follows it up with one of my favorite out-of-context-but-still-cool-by-itself lyrics “The tape machines don’t lie…”
  5. Cory Branan – The KISS Song | Yeah it’s as fucking cheesy as it gets but “You washed off your rock n roll and now the devil doesn’t want your soul, and neither to do we” makes me giggle every single time I hear this one. Also an honorable mention for “I had to smash my air guitar” which is also giggle worthy any day of the week.

Autopsy IV’s answers: I have a directory on my word computer called, “Awesome Songs”. Each of these songs was fished from that directory.

Joe Pug – Not So Sure: There are plenty of devastating and remarkable lyrics in this song such as; “I sacrificed my sister, I prayed my own soul to keep, I told my dying father that a man should never weep” but I put this one on the list because of this lyric, “I undressed someone’s daughter and then complained about her looks.” We all did it as kids and now, seeing it in print drives home how terrible it was.

Drive-By Truckers – Zip City: Again, as a whole, full of quote worthy lyrics but I’ve included it here because I think Zip City contains one of the best lyrics in the history of rock and roll: “Got 350 heads on a 305 engine. Get 10 miles to the gallon, I ain’t got no good intentions.

Micah Schnabel – American Static: This is a pretty good song about the reality of growing up but I love the line “cause we all grow to be our fathers. marrying the daughters of the men we once despised” cause in a way, it sums it all up.

American Graveyard – Common Ones: I love everything about this song, the melody, the message…everything. I could have included a bunch of songs here but I picked this one cause I’ve been researching the housing market meltdown and wanting to fertilizer bomb Wall Street so these lyrics are hitting home particularly hard these days, “I tired of seeing men die for other men’s rights / to have a corporation come in and sweep ‘em all aside / cause there’s money to be made, money to be found / and when the pockets are drilled empty, on to the next town.

Lucero – Old Sad Songs: This song. It’s my life in verse. “I’d stay with you tonight my love I’d stay the whole night long. But the boys are playing those old sad songs and I must sing along. I hear the snare drum’s slow sad march I hear those fiddles cry. And I must go to them my love or else I’d stay the night.


Hey everyone, Autopsy IV here. I walked over to where I normally find RomeoSidVicious only to find a mountain of work and some muffled screams of submission so I am taking over the Top 5 for this week.

Since last week was kind of difficult I thought I’d try and keep this weeks reeeeeeal easy. No real need for too much explination….Top 5 Songs From Your Favorite Bands.

One more album from the Two Cow Garage boys and I am thinking my list would have included Should’ve California and Skinny Legged Girl but not yet….

I look forward to reading y’all’s responses….Here are mine (in order):

5) Lucero – Sixes and Sevens
4) Lucero – Drink Till We’re Gone
3) Lucero – Slow Dancing
2) Lucero – Old Sad Songs
1) Lucero – I’ll Just Fall


Oh, Tampa/St. Pete. Please, please, please don’t let me down. The DJ and his records and that theme night at [insert club here] will all be there next weekend, and every monotonous weekend thereafter, but Truckstop Coffee and Joe Buck are only gonna be here this weekend. Get out and see a show…


One of the bands routinely championed on and on the podcast is Lake Worth’s Truckstop Coffee (pictured above, photo by elawgrrl). Saturday night they’ll be at New World Brewery celebrating the release of their excellent new CD, For Dear Life. The album has been out for a couple of weeks now, and if I hadn’t been such a lazy bastard lately, there would already be a glowing review of it posted here for me to link to, but if you like your rock ‘n’ roll in the vein of Two Cow Garage and Lucero, you’ll dig the band.  If you wanna maximize your drunken sing-along opportunities, then head on over to their site, buy a digital copy of the album and listen to it nonstop from now until Saturday night (it’s offered on a pay-what-you-want basis). Then we’ll all raise a glass and sing them old sad songs together whilst buying lots of merchandise and supporting our Florida-grown talents.

The band has been running around the Southeast for the past couple of weeks in support of For Dear Life, and apparently the road decided to bite back. Larry, the drummer, fell head first into a campfire, which resulted in a couple of nights in a Georgia burn unit (for his hand, not his head). Bob, the bassist, managed to break a rib, and then Caleb and Pete witnessed a truck flipping on the interstate at 70 mph. In other words, the band could really use some support right now. I’m hoping you guys will come through.

Truckstop Coffee – Ghost Or An Angel
Truckstop Coffee – Laredo Skies


Some of you live on the other side of the water than New World (like myself) and don’t wanna drive across the bridge, drink beer and then have to drive back. I get that and it’s a valid reason to stay home. Normally. But this Saturday we’re blessed with shows on both sides of the Bay, ’cause the devil that is Joe Buck (former Hank III bassist) is back in town and will be preaching his tales of murder and Satan at The Emerald. I think this will be a much improved venue for Joe from the Dave’s Aqua Lounge shows of past. I think that getting him off that stage and down on the floor and into the mix will work wonders for his show. Trust me, I think you’ll enjoy Buck’s performance and The Emerald is the perfect place to see it.

Joe Buck – Devil Is On His Way
Joe Buck – Evil Motherfucker From Tennessee

So there you go. Two awesome shows, one on each side of the water, no fucking excuses. Come out, watch a rock show and drink beer with regular people…no Axe Body Spray or bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts required.


Okay, last month we stumbled, both technically and performance wise, through the debut podcast. Now come month two we’re pretty much about to drop the cream of Americana podcasts (from one of the best Americana blogs) on you, and our tech is prepped for the amount of awesome that you’re likely to find yourself listening to multiple times a week. I know I’m coming off like the Kanye West of the Americana blogging community, but I don’t give a fuck. I like fish sticks and (having listened to this thing 10 times since I made it) I’m telling you, you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna listen to it numerous times. I feel that confident.

Some of the improvements this month are a new microphone (thanks to Trevor’s suggestion) so there’s no more overwhelming hiss and instead of shuffling (and struggling) through 3 different programs for the podcast, I found a one-stop shop program in Mixcraft that’s programmed in the same manner as I work. These changes have given the whole effort a much more professional feel, and added to that is the fact that I am starting to embrace the drunken talking to yourself in the middle of the night reality of podcasting. That said, I worry this may be the crest. I fear this may be the best 9b podcast ever and it’s all downhill from here. Yes, I am that confident in the material in the hour that’s posted under this text. That said, I am gonna bust my ass to match it in May.

So, here is the tracklisting for what very well may be the best podcast there ever will be:

  1. Drive-by Truckers – Nine Bullets
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary
  3. Strawfoot – Cursed Neck
  4. Pinebox Serenade – Woven Arms
  5. Uncle Sinner – When Jesus Comes
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary
  7. Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up
  8. American Aquarium – California
  9. Eileen Jewell – Sea of Tears
  10. Autopsy IV Commentary
  11. Drag The River – Old Sad Songs [extended] (Lucero Cover)
  12. Gillian Welch & Old Crow Medicine Show – The Weight (The Band Cover)
  13. Scott H. Biram – Sinking Down (FD Session)
  14. Jon & Chad (Drag The River) – Dancin’ In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary
  16. Grayson Capps – Going Back To The Country
  17. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  18. Autopsy IV Commentary
  19. Two Cow Garage – Should’ve California