Laura Allmon Joins The Nine Bullets Gang


Hey y’all, I’m Laura (pictured above with the famous Mr. Gray); I come from a small town in East Texas where the cows outnumber the people. I’m a wife, mother of one, and a desk slave at a financial firm in the Houston area ‘burbs and I cuss a lot. A lot!

My guilty pleasures include eating junk food, reading naughty books, socializing with friends, and taking road trips to small towns in search of vintage treasures. I am in a never-ending search for the perfect cup of tea. I’m a member of a woman’s only camping club that travels around the south in vintage trailers, an officer of my local Rotaract club and I’m passionate about my volunteer work with the Wild West Brew Fest.

I came into the folds of this great group of people mostly in person at a Matt Woods show one night in the outskirts of Houston a few years back. I met Romeo, we chatted over some beers, mentioned my love for Lucero and how Michelle had turned me onto Matt Woods.  Romeo and I kept running into each other at other shows, where he later introduced me to Scott, another 9B writer, and as they say the rest is just history. It feels that way. It’s been a hard and fast couple of years since I became personal friends with these people. There have been many shows together, lots of bummed rides home, and even more “Can I borrow your lighters?” than I can count. Every encounter starts and ends with a conversation about music. Every single one and I would not want it any other way.

I have zero formal training in music; I cannot play an instrument despite the fact that I have a few guitars and resources to learn said instruments. My one and only guitar lesson actually went something like this “Do you play any instruments?” and I replied very seriously “No, I play with people who play instruments.” Basically to come across as a stereotypical fan girl, I just love music, all types, and I love the passionate people who love music too. It’s as simple and complex as that. I like the emotions a song can evoke inside and I could care less so about any of the technical aspects of the song, though I can tell you if it sounds like garbage or a band looks sloppy and un-rehearsed on stage.

I’ve always liked music. My best memories of my childhood are of me falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning watching my grandfather and his band play to a house full of friends and family on the weekends. I was always fascinated with the way his big hands moved so delicately across the strings and he never once required instructions on what to play but managed to play any song someone threw out to him. I wish I could go back and tell little child me to record those awesome country and blues sounds. In my angsty pre-teen years I would lock myself in my room and listen to my cd-boom box for hours and hours. Relished in the Saturday morning when my mom would take me to Hastings and let me walk around forever carefully selecting the next cd to add to my collection of popular hits, jazzed she would pay for my chosen items only to later realize she’d manage to swipe some of my existing cds to keep in her car for her listening pleasure. Man I liked some things grown me would be ashamed of now. As I grew older and moved in with the man who later became my husband he introduced me to a whole new way of life… independent artist. He brought into my life long road trips packed with music from so many of the bands I still listen to and he further added fuel to my music loving fire. He would talk about the bands, and songs, and I would chime in with my thoughts. It was the first time I realized that I had a real opinion about what I was listening to. It was the first time I felt emotion and passion in regards to the lyrics, and it was the first time I was old enough to relate to the things the songs were about. That was the turning point in my life for music. I was over the force-fed pop tunes. Currently I spend a great amount of my time and financial resources attending live shows of all genres but strongly prefer the bands and music that Nine Bullets represents and supports. I do my best to support the local music scene in Houston where I live, and I try very hard to not ever live up to the stereotypical fan girl no matter how much I may love a song, band, or artist. I choose my friends based on their music preferences and I try to always remain open to giving anything new to me a listen.

So with that being said I am excited to become a part of this great site and a part of a team of people who love whiskey, tacos and unsolicited pictures of body parts as much as I do.

Some of the (sad) songs that are the current soundtrack to my life:



Continuing with the posts from our pool of potential new contributors we’re bringing you another “intro” post from romeosidvicious. This one features a favorite here in land, the criminally anonymous, William Elliott Whitmore. I hope y’all enjoy it.

Just in time for #musicmonday on twitter I managed to finish up the latest in my intros series. This week we have William Elliott Whitmore for your listening pleasure. I have only been listening to this guy for about a year now, after seeing a post about him on 9b but in that year I have purchased every album he has released. He’s just that good. With a voice that Tom Waits could only dream about Whitmore moans out every track with an amazing passion. I have read the bio on his website, the reviews all over the web, and I have to say that getting to know WEW is best done by simply listening to his music. So press play and off you go…

Click here for the track archive

Editor’s Note: Here is a video for “Hell Or High Water” from William’s newest album, Animals In The Dark ( review):


Whew! Talk about getting this one in just under the wire. This month was nutzo with 80 Proof Music, a brief break and all sorts of other stuff. No matter though cause we’re coming in on time with some great music to fill your July 4th weekend up with.

I decided to shorten up the nine bullets intro music this month. I’m not very happy with how it ended up and I hope to make a better edit of it in the coming weeks or I’ll just go back to posting the whole song. What do you think? Do you like hearing all of Nine Bullets each month or would you prefer a shortened version of it?

This month’s podcast includes a new track by one of our favorite rock bands, The Whipsaws as well as a track from fellow Alaskan, Matthew Dean Herman which comes from his Evan Phillip’s (The Whipsaws / E.S.P.) produced debut, Blackbird. The album is fantastic and I’ve got a nice little write-up about it I plan on posting next week. As you’ll see in the track listing below there is also a fun little segment of cover songs and we round things off with a rocking/punk-blues segment followed by a set of songs with a more traditional blues sound.

I decided to close the show with some nerdcore hiphop tracks. The Master Onion song is from an old video game called PaRappa The Rapper that I just adored. I followed that up with two artists from Scrub Club Records that have just been blowing me away for the past week. You can download both of their albums over on Scrub Club for free and I’d advise you to do it….they’re doing the whole nerdcore thing on a totally new level.

July is gonna be another crazy month. I am hitting up Nerdapalooza and The Deep Blues Festival in July. I’m sure I am gonna be exposed to (and get) a shit ton of new music and my guess is that the July podcast will be focused on that stuff….I dunno about you, but I can’t wait.

Okay, that’s enough typing, let’s get to the track list and the music:

  1. Ninebullets Podcast Intro [00.00.00]
  2. The Whipsaws – Dr. Please [00.12.03]
  3. Autopsy IV Commentary [04.40.25]
  4. Matthew Dean Herman – Blackbird [05.49.00]
  5. Jace Everett – Bad Things [09.57.45]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [12.38.75]
  7. The Takers & Austin Lucas – Mama Tried (Merle Haggard cover) [13.27.50]
  8. Todd Snider – Corpus Christie Bay (Robert Earle  Keene Cover) [15.38.00]
  9. Jon Snodgrass & Cory Branan – Wild One (Thin Lizzy Cover) [19.27.75]
  10. Autopsy IV Commentary [21.22.75]
  11. Little Foot Long Foot – Junebug [22.22.25]
  12. Seasick Steve – Cheap [25.53.00]
  13. The Pack A.D. – Blackout [29.55.00]
  14. Scott H. Biram – Judgement Day [32.27.75]
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary [35.00.00]
  16. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Cootie Starks & Neal Pattman – Prison Blues [35.41.50]
  17. Swampcandy – South County [40.16.00]
  18. Mississippi Marvel & Lightnin’ Malcolm – Black Mattie’s Face [42.13.25]
  19. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, George Butler & The Howlin Wolf Band – Spoonful [44.19.25]
  20. Autopsy IV Commentary [49.36.75]
  21. Master Onion – Chop, Chop [51.19.25]
  22. Kabuto The Python – Open Season (feat. Margaret Thatcher) [53.40.50]
  23. Dr. Awkward – Geekquilibrium [57.30.00]

As always, any suggestions on how to make this thing better are always appreciated. As are any efforts to promote and advertise it….so please, Tweet about it, post links on message boards, post myspace bulletins and force your little sister to listen to it.

Download this episode (right click and save)


Okay, last month we stumbled, both technically and performance wise, through the debut podcast. Now come month two we’re pretty much about to drop the cream of Americana podcasts (from one of the best Americana blogs) on you, and our tech is prepped for the amount of awesome that you’re likely to find yourself listening to multiple times a week. I know I’m coming off like the Kanye West of the Americana blogging community, but I don’t give a fuck. I like fish sticks and (having listened to this thing 10 times since I made it) I’m telling you, you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna listen to it numerous times. I feel that confident.

Some of the improvements this month are a new microphone (thanks to Trevor’s suggestion) so there’s no more overwhelming hiss and instead of shuffling (and struggling) through 3 different programs for the podcast, I found a one-stop shop program in Mixcraft that’s programmed in the same manner as I work. These changes have given the whole effort a much more professional feel, and added to that is the fact that I am starting to embrace the drunken talking to yourself in the middle of the night reality of podcasting. That said, I worry this may be the crest. I fear this may be the best 9b podcast ever and it’s all downhill from here. Yes, I am that confident in the material in the hour that’s posted under this text. That said, I am gonna bust my ass to match it in May.

So, here is the tracklisting for what very well may be the best podcast there ever will be:

  1. Drive-by Truckers – Nine Bullets
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary
  3. Strawfoot – Cursed Neck
  4. Pinebox Serenade – Woven Arms
  5. Uncle Sinner – When Jesus Comes
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary
  7. Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up
  8. American Aquarium – California
  9. Eileen Jewell – Sea of Tears
  10. Autopsy IV Commentary
  11. Drag The River – Old Sad Songs [extended] (Lucero Cover)
  12. Gillian Welch & Old Crow Medicine Show – The Weight (The Band Cover)
  13. Scott H. Biram – Sinking Down (FD Session)
  14. Jon & Chad (Drag The River) – Dancin’ In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  15. Autopsy IV Commentary
  16. Grayson Capps – Going Back To The Country
  17. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  18. Autopsy IV Commentary
  19. Two Cow Garage – Should’ve California