Ajax Diner Book Club – 2/16/15 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Oscar Peterson Trio “This Could Be The Start Of Something” from Affinity

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Henry Lee” from Murder Ballads

Districts “peaches” from Flourish & a Spoil

Booker T. Jones with Lou Reed “The Bronx” from The Road From Memphis

Sleater-Kinney “Surface Envy” from No Cities To Love

The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother” from Horehound

Diamond Rugs “Voodoo Doll” from Cosmetics

Kinks “Dead End Street” from Candy From Mr. Dandy

Bob Dylan “Gotta Serve Somebody” from Slow Train Coming

Billy Joe Shaver “The Git Go” from Long In the Tooth

Otis Gibbs “Sometimes Angels” from Grandpa Walked a Picketline

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Today’s Lesson” from Dig Lazarus Dig

Patti Smith “Break It Up” from Horses


It’s the early part of the year and the new releases haven’t been rolling in yet. There are several on my list and hopefully several on yours. So while we wait for the new goodies this podcast feature a lot of looks back. Some songs a year or two and others even more. I hope you enjoy.

Track Listing:

01.me talking about playing cards and bottle caps
02.Cat Power – Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (I’m Not There)
03.Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City (The Wall Against Our Back)
04.The Glands – I Can See My House From Here (The Glands)
05.Uncle Tupelo – Give Back The Key To My Heart (Anodyne)
06.me talking about Thriller
07.The Bottle Rockets – Welfare Music (The Brooklyn Side)
08.Larry & His Flask – Closed Doors (Daytrotter Session)
09.Southern Bitch – Sand Mountain (EP)
10.Myrnabirds – What We Gained In The Fire We Lost In The Flood (WWLITFWGITF)
11.The Pollies – Song For Carter (Where The Lies Begin)
12.me talking about wrastlin’
13.Joey Kneiser – St. Christopher (Moonlight For The Graveyard Heart)
14.Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – When The Other Foot Drops – Uncle (100 days,100 nights)
15.Lucero – Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble? (1372 Overland Park)
16.Lucinda Williams – Concrete And Barbed Wire (Car Wheels On A Gravel Road)
17.me talking about bands that don’t exist any more.
18.The Star Room Boys – Was There Something In Her Eye? (Why Do Lonely Men And Women Try To Break Each Other’s Heart)
19.Paul Westerberg – Silent Film Star (Mono)
20.Kelly Kneiser – Alone At Night (Kelly Kneiser)
21.me saying goodbye
22.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Stagger Lee (Murder Ballads)

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When it comes to my personal music collection you could pretty much extrapolate what’s on my iPod by what I post here and you would be right 90% of the time. Alkaline Trio is one of those bands that defies my usual tastes. I discovered them about the same time I was introduced to Lucero and remember riding in Jake’s car to work, listening to Poison The Well – A Wish For Wings That Work followed by Lucero – Little Silver Heart and then Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love. As an aside: If you haven’t heard This Could Be Love you need to find that track as it’s right up there with Scott H. Biram’s – Blood, Sweat and Murder as far as songs-about-murder-that-aren’t-Nick-Cave go. So I figured I had to post about This Addiction when I got my hands on it. I have a feeling it won’t appeal to every that hangs out ’round these parts and to be honest with you I almost have to qualify this as a guilty pleasure but where better to build a gallows and hang my musical skeletons than right here?

While This Addiction isn’t up there with Good Mourning, at least in my opinion, it’s a good album and for me it’s Essential Listening but I won’t claim it is for anyone else. Delving into the depths of addiction, desperation, loss and death the songs hit on topics that I would personally prefer to not deal with most of the time but they make it alright. It’s music I want to drink to but shouldn’t. It’s not sipping-whiskey-late-at-night-being-introspective music like most of the albums I refer to as drinking music nor is it drink-til-I-take-my-pants-off-at-the-bar-because-it’ll-be-funny music it is drinking-Old Crow-straight-from-the-bottle-until-I-can’t-feel-my-face-because-I-don’t-want-to-feel-anything music. While I find myself singing Dead on the Floor under my breath during meetings or humming Dine, Dine My Darling while heading out to smoke this album, as a whole, doesn’t hold much hope and sometimes that’s just what I need musically. Like I said it’s a good album but the subject matter and style might not be for everyone so I hope that some of you like this one and don’t make too much fun of me for posting it. I am just kidding, of course, I don’t give a damn if you make fun of me and if I did I’d just drink until I didn’t!

Alkaline Trio – Dead on the Floor
Alkaline Trio – The American Scream
Alkaline Trio – Fine

Alkaline Trio on Myspace
Alkaline Trio on Facebook
Alkaline Trio’s Official YouTube Channel


If Nick Cave, a carnival barker, Jayne Mansfield, and the French Quarter had a love child it would be the five headed beast known as Dirty Bourbon River Show.Based in New Orleans these boys live up to their name even on a studio album and by that I mean you feel a little bit dirty and a lot like you need a glass of bourbon when you listen to them. Volume OneFormed in 2009 under the name “Buck Johnson and the Hootenanny Kid” with just frontman Noah Adams and drummer Dane “Bootsy” Schindler they picked up Big Charlie Skinner and Wayne Mitchell along the way and the schizophrenic variety hour that is Dirty Bourbon River Show was pushed out, kicking and screaming into the world. The opening track, Anything Goes Tonight opens with Nawlins piano jangle and brings on the horns slow and dirty and really makes you believe that anything goes…tonight. After that the band yanks us kicking and screaming through all sorts of genres, sounds, and lyrical ruminations and shows an ability to make each style their very own in a way that makes you realize they own each note, each breath, each idea in the song. I even think I could dance to some it. It might not be pretty but I could do it. This stuff is Essential Listening for sure. I think the best track is Ruffian Since Birth but the whole album is worth putting the needle in the groove for without a doubt.

To top off releasing a flat out amazing first offering the band has a blog that isn’t just for promoting themselves. You can catch them lamenting the lack of rap music these days, posting strange pictures, and talking about other bands they dig. They carve they way into Houston on May, 10 and I plan to catch them because I have feeling that seeing these guys live will be more than just a good show. I almost expect dancing ponies and a ringmaster but I figure that’s a little over the top but from a band like this it wouldn’t shock me. So it’s time for you all to check out something that’s a little outside of what I normally cover because it’s just that damn good. I’ll be sure to let you know how the show turns out because it’s the show I am looking forward to the most in the next little while. Check ’em out live if you get a chance but for now check out these tracks and while you listen check out their Kickstarter project…it’s in the links below the tracks so you have no damn excuse not to. If you can spare a buck or two you can help fund their musical efforts.

Dirty Bourbon River Show – Ruffian Since Birth
Dirty Bourbon River Show – Yelping Song
Dirty Bourbon River Show – St. James Infirmary

Dirty Bourbon River Show’s Official Blog
Dirty Bourbon River Show’s Kickstarter project

Side Note: You may not know it from my postings here but I am fairly concerned about copyright issues in today’s society. From ACTA to copyright extensions every time Mickey Mouse is about to enter the public domain our rights to use the art we purchase, with our hard earned dollars, is being eroded. I mentioned the Kickstarter project because efforts like Kickstarter are a tool to attack the big labels who are fighting against our rights to share music with friends and even to make digital copies of music we have bought and paid for. I won’t go into a rant here, and trust me I easily could, but even if you don’t like DBRS all that much please look around Kickstarter and find project you can support. In doing so you help artists maintain control of their work and help promote your own rights by fighting against the record companies’ archaic, and dying, business model.

I’ll get off my soapbox now…