The New York Fund – The Guns EP

“Heartache and Jack Daniel’s. Good sex, bad sex, guitars. Sweet love songs and dirty, chugging country tunes. The occasional bubble of self-pity blitzed by a nasty riff, and the odd spot of lechery justified by the fact that, well, we all get the horn – so why pretend? The New York Fund have all the soulful country rock’n’roll ingredients that have always been and will always be.”

I first posted about this band back in November of 2006. At the time they were an unsigned band with a few tracks up on myspace and a rumored EP to be coming out sometime in the unforeseen future. Well, the EP has come out and you can pick it up on iTunes. Power-pop songs with country hooks and an overall rollicking good time. I still recommend this band anyone who will listen. For an added treat head over to their myspace site and listen to their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Do yourself a favor and avoid their official site though, it is one of the worst band web sites I have seen in quite some time. Drop the flash and set up a straight forward page guys.

The New York Fund – The Guns of Camden Town
The New York Fund – Nobody Home
The New York Fund – Oh My Sweet

Myspace Bands (part 5) or Introducing: Creech Holler

I am gonna borrow liberally from Creech Holler’s myspace page for a moment:

creech holler plays the music of midnight whiskey stills and front porches. of those whose sole act of contrition before god was to make song of their sin and sorrow. of those who have been to dark places, and who left their soul there. of those who deemed it necessary to kill some poor son of a bitch who had it coming to them, and then deemed it necessary to sing a song about it. of those who loved the sacred and the profane in equal measure; who played the devil’s music on saturday night, and god’s music on sunday morning. of those who have trod black paths so long that they have forgotten the light, but not so long so as to forget to bring their gun and a shovel. of those who saw fit to salve their wounds with the banjo, the fiddle, the guitar…

…creech holler is the hills and hollers of east tennessee and the fields of the delta, and the regret and desires and vain hopes of redemption buried under their soil. it’s everywhere that america’s bad blood flows and gives birth to hymns to the wrong that lives in low men’s hearts. it’s the ghosts of america’s music reborn in furious electricity.”

These guys remind me of what’s right with The North Mississippi All-stars (Shake Hands With Shorty) minus what’s wrong with The North Mississippi All-stars (Polaris)….and I freaking love The North Mississippi All-stars, so you can imagine what I think of these guys. I don’t know the first thing about the blues, but I know what I like, and I fucking like these guys. Oddly enough, they don’t even put blues in their genre description…shows you what I know. However, under Type of Label it does say none and that is a fucking shame. So, check out these tracks, and if you like what you hear, go buy a god damned CD.

Creech Holler – Pretty Polly
Creech Holler – Red Rockin’ Chair
Creech Holler – Poor Ol’ Maddie

Creech Holler on myspace, Buy Creech Holler’s CD

Myspace Bands (part 4)

i have I Love New York on the dvr....WHY haven't I watched it?

John and Micah Schnabel are a father and son project consisting of…wait for it….John and Micah Schnabel…SHAZAM! If you are familiar with Two Cow Garage then Micah Schnabel will be better known to you as the singer of Two Cow. Michah and his old man recorded a cds worth of material together and have been selling it via a friend of the band. I suspect if you add the duo’s myspace site to your friends list you might be able to score a copy in the future. It is pretty raw and lo-fi but contains some gems. One of which, Swingset Assassin, is currently one of my favorite songs period. Two Cow are playing some of these songs live but I do not know if they are going to end up on any Two Cow albums or not. Don’t go here expecting Two Cow under a different name….These songs on the cd are much more tame and traditional than the standard Two Cow fare. Well worth checking out though.

John and Micah Schnabel’s myspace presence

Recommended myspace songs: Billy James and Swingset Assassin (highly recommended!!!)

This is an occasional and random subject on So, if you have a myspace band you think deserves more attention than it is getting…..tell us about them…if we like ‘em we’ll talk about ‘em….and that is the essence of this here site….

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btw: fuck the gators.

Myspace Bands (part 3)….or, Introducing: The Sumner Brothers

The Sumner Brothers are proof that the internets are good. Their myspace page was forwarded to me by a friend who thought I’d be interested in them for a Myspace Band segment. He was correct. As I listened to their songs I thought about what I might say about them until “Going Out West” started. About two minutes into it I was buying the CD. It arrived right before Christmas, and has been in rotation on our ancient 3 disc CD player ever since. The Sumner Brothers are an unsigned group from Canada. Ten years ago there would have been no fucking way in hell I would have heard an unsigned band from Canada, unless I was in a bar in Toronto (Maple Leafs suck!), but here we are in the aughts where anyone with a garage and a Yamaha 8-track can put their shit out there for a global audience.  Granted the signal to noise ratio isn’t all that good. To me this is the modern equivalent of flipping Cd’s in a record store, buying based on band names, labels, and album covers. I wish I could tell you about The Sumner Brothers, but as songs:illinois says , “they have no web presence besides their MySpace page and no bio to speak of.” What they do have is a CD entitled “In the Garage” (3 guesses as to where it was recorded and the first 2 don’t count) that you can purchase off their myspace site. The CD is a lo-fi, some live, some 8-track affair of rustic-roots/country music….you know the kind of shit that you wanna drink to at your local dive.  So if you have a few minutes check out the mp3’s I have here, and if you like ’em…buy the CD. I suspect that we’ll be watching these guys rise over the next few years.

The Sumner Brothers – Goin Out West
The Sumner Brothers – Both Back
The Sumner Brothers – Pain

The Sumner Brothers myspace, Buy The Sumner Brothers CD

Myspace bands (part 2)

As I posted earlier…I am feeling a little abused after last nights Lucero show and as the day wears on I am in a rapid decline. I have had this typed up for a few weeks now and today seems as good as any to post it.

Today I’ll bring you 2 bands, one from Florida and one from Texas. I hope you enjoy ’em.

Ryan Bales Band

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how this band’s CD ended up on my hard drive. I assume it came off some p2p app, but what I don’t know is why I downloaded it. I had never heard of them and there is nothing about the band’s name or the CD name that really stand-out, but there it is; Ryan Bales Band – Revival. The Ryan Bales Band is from San Marcos, Texas. They make music in the southern rock genre that feels familiar w/o being a Skynyrd ripoff. That might sound a little trite, but in the world of southern rock bar bands there is no shortage of kids trying to be Skynyrd. These guys have potential…. so go see them if they come to your town.

Recommended myspace track: Moonshine

The Beauvilles

If you live in the Tampa/St. Pete area and have not at least heard of the Beauvilles then you live in a complete local music vacuum. So, allow me to leak a little air in. The Beauvilles are a Tampa based quartet that plays rock and roll music. While they come off as highly arrogant and pretentious in print, they come off as raw and honest live. Tampa folks….check them out. The rest of you should venture over to myspace and check ’em out.

Recommended myspace track: Gasoline

I hope you find something you like between these two bands. This will be an occasional and random subject on So, if you have a myspace band you think deserves more attention than it is getting…..tell us about them…if we like ‘em we’ll talk about ‘em….and that is the essence of this here site….

Myspace bands (part 1)

Okay…I know I know….myspace sucks…either you hate it because it is full of 14 year olds or you fear that it is gonna rape your 14 year old and leave them riddled with syphilis…..but, as a fan of music, Myspace is amazingly useful. I am gonna start an occasional topic here called Myspace bands just to give some exposure to unsigned bands on myspace that I feel deserve a little recognition. So, without further ado:

The Diviners

from their bio: “It’s easy to fill a room with music; just ask Godsmack. It’s much harder to fill a room with emotion…” When The Diviners play, by the end of the second song everyone is paying attention….whether you came to the bar for the band or not. the songs demand you listen to them and once you do they will stick to you like cigarette smoke and whiskey breath. Easily the best band in the Tampa Bay area…so go check out the tunes on their myspace site and their web site and see if I’m lying. Also, if you live in the Tampa area do yourself a favor and go see these guys live….They are playing this Saturday night @ New World Brewery. There are 2 tracks, including my favorite “Hallowed Ground” available on their web site that are not available on the myspace site.

Recommended myspace track: Navasota

New York Fund

I first became aware of The New York Fund by a friend’s post on a local message board. I followed the link and for the next 2 weeks I found myself traveling there numerous times a day to listen to their myspace offerings. The New York Fund is based in the UK so the odds of me ever getting to see them live are…probably nil. Their songs beg you to sing along and fit perfectly on a small boombox at a low volume while you drink whiskey on the front porch. There are 7 songs available from these guys between their web site and their myspace page and they have an EP that is supposed to be coming out in the future. So, I advise you to check these guys out…add them to your friends list and wait for the bulletin that says the EP is available for purchase.

Recommended myspace track: The Guns of Camden

I hope you find something you like between these two bands. This will be an occasional and random subject on So, if you have a myspace band you think deserves more attention than it is getting…..tell us about them…if we like ’em we’ll talk about ’em….and that is the essence of this here site….

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