Man. I wish I had time to type out some stories but I’ve barely got time to shit, shower and shave before heading back to work. I really went into this month’s show with no plan and came out with, what I think, is a really rad show. There is a good mix between new and old, loud and louder and a cool cover of Faster Pussycat’s “House Of Pain.” So Imma shut up and you should press play:

Track Listing:

01. The Eagles – Outlaw Man (Desparado)
02. Set Break
03. Fistful of Beard – 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
04. Clutch – Earth Rocker (Earth Rocker)
05. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
06. Arliss Nancy – Failure (Simple Machines)
07. Set Break
08. Lincoln Durham – Prodigal Son (upcoming album)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths – I’ll Survive (Pastorals)
10. The Heavy Horses – The Pale Rider (Murder Ballads & Other Love Stories)
11. Set Break
12. The White Buffalo – House Of Pain (West of Memphis – Voices For Justice OST)
13. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail (Graveyard Shift)
14. The Builders and The Butchers – All Away (Dead Reckoning)
15. Set Break
16. The Black Diamond Heavies – Poor Brown Sugar (Every Damn Time)
17. American Relay – Bonedry (Corn & Oil)
18. Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s In The Kitchen (Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table)
19. The Owsley Brothers – Hot Mess (Cobalt)
20. Set Break
21. The Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey (In Name and Blood)

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For the first time in my short radio career I had to program a show last night despite not feeling very well. While the show (i think) turned out pretty good it was really tough to get inspired to search out much brand new music. I did manage to get some brand new songs from Denver’s Bonnie and the Beard, Portland’s Michael Dean Damron, Orlando’s The Woolly Bushmen, Louisiana’s Hurray For The Riff Raff and the internet’s Noah with his “semi-viral” cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It.”

If that sounds like the good stuff go put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for May 17, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. The Woolly Bushmen – Just Don’t Know
03. James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser – Ramblin’ On My Mind
04. Truckstop Darlin’ – Miss You More
05. Anais Mitchell – Welcome The Hadestown
06. Bonnie & The Beard – Sweet Devil Whiskey
07. McDougall – Gates Of Victory
08. Noah – Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO Cover)
09. New London Fire – Other Side Of Town
10. Lucero – I’ll Just Fall
11. Matt Woods – A Company Town
12. Michael Dean Damron – Autotune The World
13. Hurray for The Riff Raff – Born To Win (Part I)
14. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Write Me A Letter
15. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
16. Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey

Bold = Request

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Episode 72: aired 05.17.2012


Woot! Three months in a row! I think it’s fair to say I’ve gotten my groove back with the ninebullets podcast.

This month’s show features the Ninebullets Radio/Ninebullets Podcast theme song written and performed by my buddy through music, Todd Ferrell. I’d love to know what y’all think of it. I think it has a solid Nashville Pussy feel to it and love it accordingly. The show also features the brand new Lucero track called “Sometimes” as well as new music from The Porter Draw, Greenland Is Melting and Dear Sister. The end of the show pretty much turns into a rock fest. Not sure why but the night I made it I really wanted to rock out and finally gave into the need as the night wore on and the liquor took hold.

So, let’s get to it. As always, if you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell your friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music finds counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it.

Let’s get a little bit of unity back in our Community.

Track Listing:

01. Ninebullets Intro
02. Lucero – Sometimes (from Women and Work)
03. Lauderdale – Moving On (from Moving On)
04. Arliss Nancy – Abacus (from Truckstop Roses)
05. The Porter Draw – Davey (from California Widow)
06. Sinful Savage Tigers – Ballad Of John Grave (from Last Night of the Revels)
07. Greenland Is Melting – The Dead Are Watching (from Where We Go)
08. Dear Sister – Con Man (from Dear Sister)
09. Sassparilla – My First Lover (from The Darndest Thing)
10. Pokey Lafarge and The south City Three – Drinking Whiskey Tonight (from Middle of Everywhere)
11. John Moreland and The Dust Bowl Souls – Low (from Everything The Hard Way)
12. Moreland & Arbuckle – Purgatory (from Just A Dream)
13. Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild (from Blast Tyrant)
14. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby (from Sweet Saint Me)
15. Corrosion Of Conformity – Who’s Got The Fire (from America’s Volume Dealer)
16. Murder City Devils – Every Shitty Thing (from Broken Bottles, Empty Hearts)

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Living in Florida there are somethings you come to accept. It is the heat and the humidity, some wise ass is gonna ask if it’s “hot enough for you”, hurricanes will form and weathermen will almost rub one out on screen warning you of them impending doom while never a stiff breeze even comes and odds are, some of the bands you love will never tour your state. Over the years I’ve logged I dunno how many thousands of miles in travel just to see rock and rolls with bands I know will never make it to Florida which brings me to today’s Top 5 3….truth be told, this was gonna be a top 5 but there were only 3 bands I could think of that I’d travel just to see them (not in a festival environment). So if you have 5, by all means list them. Here’s my list:

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club:

This is one of those bands that a lot of people don’t get. Well, I do and truth be told, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve seen them 3 times in my life resulting in approximately 3800 miles worth of traveling and it was worth every one of them. They’ve told me they won’t tour Florida so if I wanna see them again, I’ll have to travel again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch these guys in Denver sometime.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is You Land (redux)

Possessed By Paul James:

Hopefully, PPJ is gonna make it to Florida this year but I wouldn’t think twice about loading up and going to see him again. PPJ shows leave me remembering why I love watching musicians make music live and the 2700 miles I logged managing to see him live were totally worth it.

Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better

The Murder City Devils:

I’ve never seen them live and they’d already broken up before I even knew who they were. Now, they do little tours that rarely reach the east coast and never make it to the southeast. I’m really just waiting for a show to get booked in Atlanta but I know I’m eventually gonna have to make a weekend trip to New York to see them. Important thing is, I am gonna see them.

The Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels

Honorable Mentions:

The Suburban Home Anniversary Party & The Muddy Roots Festival: I’ve not attended the Muddy Roots festival (yet) but like the SH Party it’s like they make entire festival lineups entirely for me. Great weekends with great bands and great friends….there are no corners of this country I wouldn’t fly to for that.

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame to see Derrick Brooks get inducted: I’ve always said I’ll go to Canton, OH. the year Derrick goes into the Hall of Fame. Being a Seminoles and a Buccaneers fan I had the pleasure of watching (and rooting for) Derrick Brooks for his entire NCAA/NFL career. He was a key cog in turning the Buccaneers into a respectable franchise and (eventually) a Super Bowl Champion. Hopefully, in 2015, I’ll be there to see him get enshrined.


Last year I went to over 30 shows. The year before that was largely the same but one thing never changes….no matter how many shows you go to, there are bands you wanna see live but just don’t. The reasons may vary. Some break up before you can catch them (Murder City). Some price their tickets too high (Beasties) and some might even refuse to tour your state as is the case with one Mr. Justin Townes Earle and Florida (though I managed to catch him at SxSW). So that’s the basis for this weeks Top 5: Band you have not seen live but would really like to. Please keep this list to bands you actually could see live (ie: no Nirvana since it’s completly impossible) and maybe next week we’ll do, 5 bands you wish you could have seen live.

With that said. Here are mine:

Murder City Devils: By the time I found this band they had broken up. They do short tours now but nothing that gets close enough to me to make the trip. I’ll catch them one day though, of that, I have no doubt.

Murder City Devils – Every Shitty Thing

I Can Lick Any sonofabitch In The House: Never got a chance to see these guys before they broke up and I am not sure if their new album will generate any Florida shows. Fortunately for me, I’ll be catching them in Denver in a little over a month.

I Can Lick Any sonofabitch In The House – Regrets To Greyhounds

Beastie Boys: I don’t know why I’ve never seen these guys. I do know that the last time they came to Tampa their ticket prices were just too high for me to justify. At this point I doubt I’ll ever see them, but man, I wish I had.

Beastie Boys – Pass The Mic

Jane’s Addiction: God damn I loved this band and listening to Nothing’s Shocking reminds me of skateboarding in fall and hanging out with my first high school girlfriend to this day. By the time I could actually afford to go to shows there was no more Jane’s Addicition. Pale versions of their former selves or not, if they came to town on a reunion tour….I’d be there.

Janes Addiction – Had A Dad

Lady GaGa: Nope, that’s not a joke. I tried to go to her last show here in Tampa but it was sold out and I couldn’t get a press pass. I’d love to see her for the spectacle of it all. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a blast.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Okay, what are yours?


So I was listening to Two Cow Garage quite a bit this week and got the line “Waking up to cassette tapes and ashtrays all filled up from the night before; smoke filled lungs and tapes full of songs with a stranger laying on the floor” stuck quite nicely in my head. So this week’s Top 5 is: What are your top 5 mix tape openers. I know mine change from day to day and today I was limited by the selection at work but I quite proud of these picks anyway. Here’s mine, now what are yours?

Track Archive

AUTOPSY IV’S ANSWERS: If I’ve ever made you a mix tape then odds are one of these 5 songs will open it up and a few more will show up on it:

The Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels
Clutch – Cypress Grove
Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
The Drive-By Truckers – Zip City
The Drive-By Truckers – Where The Devil Don’t Stay


This is a new thing I am trying out. Since I am now contributing to the music side of Creative Loafing’s website I am trying to post a rundown of what’s going on in Americana music and it’s related blogs over there every Friday and since I am posting it there…well, why not post it here. So, without further ado:

  • It’s been unseasonably cold this week which I’m sure has resulted in another cover or two on your bed. In the spirit of covers the Lucero Message Board put together a compilation of bands doing cover songs. It’s worth checking out for the Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s cover of Danzig’s “Am I Demon” alone. You can download it here.
  • In Drive-By Truckers news: In a recent article Patterson Hood mentioned that the band has began work on a new, as if yet untitled, album. And in even better news he said “I feel it’s time to make a big, loud, rowdy rock record“. Thank God! I’ve always liked the loud rocking Truckers over the newer kinder Truckers of recent albums. In other DBT news, NME had an article this week about the new Booker T album, Potatoe Head, in which DBT is his backing band. The album, out April 20 (420…get it…), also features Neil Young on guitar. Booker T, Neil Young and The Drive-By Truckers….how could this album not be awesome?

Murder City Devils

Everyone has a band who they fell in love with only to find out they’ve broken up. The Murder City Devils fall into that category for myself. I was introduced to them by Travis Morgan when he offered up the song Rum and Whiskey for a mix CD I was making for a long road trip. He posted a few mp3’s for me to check out and I ordered In Name and Blood. The first time I listened to the CD I wasn’t too keen on it. It was a pretty foreign sound for me at the time, but a few of the tracks stuck enough that I continued to play the CD. Over the next few weeks I found myself playing the CD more and more and carrying it inside to play while I was mulling around the house. Over time I’ve collected the entire discography and read several show reviews. In 2006 they announced they were going to reunite for a one off show. I waited with baited breath for the location to be announced….please be east coast….pleasepleaseplease…south east would be great but I’ll take anything on the east coast.. show is in Washington….STATE….FUUUUUUUUUKKKKKK

Taking their punk (late 70’s) influences and melding it with haunting keys and Spencer Moody’s raspy vocals, they made their own form of rock and roll. While they were at it they wrote some fantastic songs with really smart lyrics. Hopefully one day they will pull another “one off” reunion and play the east coast. Till then I will just have to crank up the surround sound, pour a whiskey drink, and drop The End into the DVD player.

The Murder City Devils were: Spencer Moody – vocals … now in Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, on myspace at, Smoke and Smoke, and Rabbit Ears. / Derek Fudesco – Bass … now in Pretty Girls Make Graves and on myspace at / Dann Gallucci – Guitar … now in A Gun Called Tension, on myspace at, and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death on myspace at / Nate Manny – Guitar … now doing Halftone Design / Leslie Hardy – Keyboards / Coady Willis – Drums … now in Big Business and on myspace at, and The Melvins and on myspace

Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels
Murder City Devils – Rum and Whiskey
Murder City Devils – Boom Swagger Boom

Murder City Devils on Myspace, Murder City Devils Official Site, Murder City Devils on Sub Pop, Buy Murder City Devils Cd’s