To be honest, I don’t know too much about Valerie June. I heard of her video the MTV 5 Dollar cover and liked what I heard there and on the internet. In other words, Valerie June is the embodiment of why I go to SxSW and I made a point of catching her out in Austin. I wish this video would have turned out better but I was in an official SxSW venue with an unregistered camera so I couldn’t be too obvious.

Anyhow, here is a video I shot of her and a video from her performance on $5 Cover:

No Draws Blues:



There has been a considerable amount of time devoted to talking about 5 Dollar Cover here on ninebullets over the past few months. Mostly due to Lucero front man, Ben Nichols’ involvement in the project. Well, the show finally debuted Friday night and I’m still have no idea what it’s about. Or if I liked it.

This weeks episode introduces us to Amy LaVere, Muck Sticky (Memphis’s version of the Insane Clown Posse?) and Harlan T. Bobo. In between meeting these bands Amy’s character fumbled through some disjointed plot points to get us from her recording session to a Muck Sticky show and finally to a Harlan T. Bobo show.

Perhaps the show is riveting for Memphis locals who know some of the band back stories but for me, I found all of the action that wasn’t musical performances to be forced, clunky and, in a word, boring. Perhaps it will get better. I’ll wait it out till Lucero’s performance before I pass judgment but right now it’s giving me that “The Hills with southern accents and guitars” feel.

Amy Lavere – Killing Him
Muck Sticky – The Icky Muck

Harlan T. Bobo performing “Too Much Love”:

Lucero performing “Dangerous Thing”:


Last time I mentioned Lucero’s (but mostly Ben) participation in the MTV reality (but not really) show, 5 Dollar Cover: Memphis it got alot of comments both good and bad.

For those asking what the fuck I’m typing about right now I’ll explain a little. 5 Dollar Cover, Memphis was written and directed by Craig Brewer (who wrote and directed Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan). The project is made up of a feature-length web-series by Memphis filmmakers and twelve documentaries on the bands in the series produced and directed by Alan Spearman. For more information on the project go here.

Whether it’s good or bad for Lucero to be involved in this project, and more specifically MTV, is really a matter of personal opinion (that should be aired in this posts comment section) but I wanted to mention that some videos featuring Ben and the band have been posted.

One is a performance of San Francisco from the show. The other is a short-film featuring Ben waxing about the pull of the road versus the pull of a woman back home. Watch them and lemme know what you think.


Ben Nichols: ‘A Dangerous Thing’
Directed by Alan Spearman


One of those bands that really caught my attention at the 2008 Deep Blues Festival was The Pack A.D. I was already a fan prior to the festival but after their set I was gung-ho.

They’ve just made a video and shipped it off to MTV and everything. So, hopefully it’ll get a chance to be one of the 3 videos MTV plays one day. Since the odds of that are about as good as Arizona’s chances of winning the Super Bowl this week I figured I’d post it here:

The Pack A.D. – Making Gestures

I’ve also managed to get an mp3 copy of The Pack A.D.‘s set from the 2008 Deep Blues Festival. It was shortened because they were trying to squeeze in some bands who’s set got canceled from the rain the day before. They still managed to crush it for only having 30 minutes at 12:30 in the afternoon. Here it is if you wanna check it out:

  1. Snow
  2. Gold Rush
  3. banter
  4. All Damn Day Long
  5. banter
  6. Oh Be Joyful
  7. banter
  8. Don’t Have To Like You
  9. Stalker Blues

Hopefully, I am about to get a lot more of the DBF’08 sets. I plan on posting them. I hope y’all are diggin’ them as much as I am. Also, keep in mind that some 80+ bands are gonna gather in Minneapolis this July for the 2009 version of The Deep Blues Festival. Take it from me, it’s a great fucking time that your liver will hate you for. Tickets are on sale now. I’ll be there…you should to.