Last month I asked if you guys would be interested in a monthly Ninebullets Spotify playlist. You seemed pretty responsive to the idea so here is the first one. This playlist features every band that was featured on ninebullets in the month of January that was also on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, pass it along to some friends. Like I keep saying, every new pair of ears these bands reach is a potential fan/head at show.

This month’s playlist features: Lauderdale, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, The Far West, Will Hoge, Sasparilla, The Rainmakers, Micah Schnabel, Hellbound Glory, Molly Gene, Lucero, Childish Gambino, Chris Cornell, The Pack A.D., The Dirt Daubers and Low Cut Connie.

The January 2012 Spotify Playlist


I am under no illusions with this review. A good chunk of the 9b readership is not gonna like this album at all. Matter of fact, I’d venture to say that if the words, “I just don’t get the whole Bob Log thing,” or anything like that have ever crossed your lips, then stop reading and come back on Monday. Molly Gene is not for you.

Molly Gene isn’t some dour ass coffee shop girl strumming an acoustic whilst warbling her shitty poetry to a sleepy tempo. Nope, Molly Gene is attitude, piss, vinegar, some bottleneck slide guitar and a fuck load of growls. If you were to take Bob Log III and early nineties Courtney Love and smash them into a single entity, you end up with……well, you’d end up with a bloody mess. But if you did that in a sonic sense, you end up with Molly Gene. A one whoaman band out of Warrensburg, Missouri who fucking dares you to listen to her album. If you have the guts…

Well. Punk. Do you?

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Smells Like Low Tide
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Country Lover
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Kings and Queens

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band’s Official Site, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band on Facebook, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band on Spotify, Buy Folk, Blues and Booze