Wake The Dead

This review should have been up weeks ago and I am a horrible human being for not having it posted yet! I saw Mike Kelly play with Jeremy Steding a few weeks back and he handed a copy of his new album, Wake The Dead, and I promised him I’d listen to it. Well I did and I loved it. It’s not what I saw on stage that night because Mike has a full band with him on the album but it’s a damn fine album nonetheless. Mike currently live in Austin but has lived all the country and it’s evident in his music (and his storytelling if you happen to catch him acoustic). He isn’t pure country like Jeremy but he fits right in on the Red Dirt Music scene.

I really like the honesty of the lyrics on this album. I think a lot of artists try to soften things at times but Mike really wrote from the gut on this one. Having recently almost died and still recovering, a little bit, from open heart surgery I can only imagine he had some tough issues on his mind while writing the songs for this one and some of that is evident. But the great thing even with all that going on he still wrote some barroom songs and even a kind of goofy love song. I am pretty appreciated this album even more because I knew the back story behind some of the songs. This guy will go a long way in the Red Dirt scene if he keeps us this kind of honesty and plays this kind of music and I’ll keep listening to him. I really hope y’all like this one because the dude is pretty damn cool and his music is pretty damn good. And I think he must’ve been stalking me right about the time I fired my first wife when he wrote “Two Kegs In The Swimming Pool”…

Mike Kelly – All I Wanna Do Is You
Mike Kelly – The Only Thing I Remember
Mike Kelly – Two Kegs In The Swimming Pool

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