Having a monthly Kickstarter was something that AIV did and I think is a damn good idea. I’m sorry we got away from and since I’ve been thinking about the site a lot lately I was thinking about bringing it back. Now that there’s all sorts of sites that let you attempt crowdfunding I’m changing the name but it’s coming back. Last night a 9B favorite, and someone I consider a friend, put a Kickstarter project which gave me the perfect excuse to start helping out again.


Michael Dean Damron

If you don’t Michael Dean Damron by name then you haven’t been hanging around 9 Bullets for very long at all. Whether it’s fronting I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House or putting out solo albums, as far as I’m concerned, this man can do no wrong. Adding another record to his already impressive body of work is a gift to fans of good music everywhere. The links to our past coverage don’t contain any music since we don’t leave things up longer than a month so I think it’s time for a musical retrospective just so you, the reader, can see the true breadth of this man’s career.

I Can Lick Any SOB – Creepy Little Noises – (2002)
John L. Sullivan
Walk Across Texas
I Can Lick Any SOB – Put Here To Bleed – (2003)
01 – twerp
03 – american fuck machine
I Can Lick Any SOB – Menace – (2004)
02 – Thousand To One
03 – A Good Day To Be A Husband
Michael Dean Damron – A Perfect Day For A Funeral – (2005)
Blame It on the Whiskey
Miss Amphetamine
Michael Dean Damron – Bad Days Ahead – (2008)
I Love the Rain
Hotter Hell
Michael Dean Damron – Father’s Day – (2009)
I Hope Your New Boyfriend Gives You AIDS
I’m A Bastard
I Can Lick Any SOB – The Sounds Of Dying – (2010)
Swear To God
Michael Dean Damron – Plea From A Ghost – (2011)
Funeral Day
Keep Me In Your Heart
Michael Dean Damron – Nah Mr. Death… Ima Comin’ for You!! – (2012)
Fat Kid
Mama Song
I Can Lick Any SOB – Mayberry – (2013)
I Give Up (The Puppy Song)

Whew! That’s a ton of music to sample folks and I didn’t even bother with the live albums (I hope I got all the years right)! Now click either the link below or the “K” in the video at the start of this post and bless Mike D with some green appreciation so that we can all bask in the glory of this new album when it comes out.