Mighty Souls Brass Band – A Mighty Big Sound


The Mighty Souls Brass Band’s debut album Lift Up is exactly what you need to listen to when you’re having withdrawals from all the Mardi Gras fun. If you missed out on finding that little baby in your king cake this year, mix up a drink, put Lift Up on, sit back and crown yourself the king of your own krewe.

The Mighty Souls Brass Band was Sean Murphy’s big dream that came to be with the joint efforts of up to 14 rotating and evolving musicians from Memphis. The MSBB’s music ranges in styles from Marching, Swing, Soul and Funk with each track of the album taking on its own sound that it’s impossible to listen to without feeling the desire to move your feet. The music speaks for itself and requires little in the way of lyrics though a few of the tracks offer some vocals that only enhance the notes that are pushed through the loud horns and jazzy percussion beats.

It’s no secret that my favorite thing about New Orleans is the off the beaten path swing and jazz bars where I can dream about being one of the girls being swung up on a dashing man’s shoulders and spun around the floor… and this album is exactly what I would want to be the soundtrack of my fantasy swing dancing self. Check out this video and tell me you don’t feel like putting on your suit going out and grabbing a cutie in a swing dress and tossing her around the dance floor!