For the first time in my short radio career I had to program a show last night despite not feeling very well. While the show (i think) turned out pretty good it was really tough to get inspired to search out much brand new music. I did manage to get some brand new songs from Denver’s Bonnie and the Beard, Portland’s Michael Dean Damron, Orlando’s The Woolly Bushmen, Louisiana’s Hurray For The Riff Raff and the internet’s Noah with his “semi-viral” cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It.”

If that sounds like the good stuff go put some ears on the archived stream of the show and thanks for tuning in.

Below is the playlist for May 17, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. The Woolly Bushmen – Just Don’t Know
03. James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser – Ramblin’ On My Mind
04. Truckstop Darlin’ – Miss You More
05. Anais Mitchell – Welcome The Hadestown
06. Bonnie & The Beard – Sweet Devil Whiskey
07. McDougall – Gates Of Victory
08. Noah – Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO Cover)
09. New London Fire – Other Side Of Town
10. Lucero – I’ll Just Fall
11. Matt Woods – A Company Town
12. Michael Dean Damron – Autotune The World
13. Hurray for The Riff Raff – Born To Win (Part I)
14. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Write Me A Letter
15. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
16. Murder City Devils – Rum To Whiskey

Bold = Request

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Episode 72: aired 05.17.2012


Traveling around the country and the state for shows I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a whole lot of artists who’s music I’ve loved over the years. Most of the people are as stand up and solid as their music and Mr. Damron is no different and that’s why, despite already meeting it’s goal…I am telling y’all about his Kickstarter project.

Mike’s planning on putting out a double cd entitled Nah Mr. Death, I’m Coming For You. The plan is for one cd to be a live album while the other is a studio album of new material. So, drop a 10 spot on this and help out one of the good guys in this little scene of ours.


First I want to say that this was one of the hardest top lists I have ever done. Some of these don’t deserve to be ranked any lower than the ones above them. While I didn’t write as prolifically this year as I did others what I wrote about I really and truly loved. And then the other folks ’round these parts wrote about good stuff too. But the end of the year breeds top lists so I have been struggling for the past couple of weeks to actually rank these albums. I honestly will be doing some of these fine folks a disservice by putting a number next to their album but that’s the nature of top lists. It is what it is. This is my top ten for 2011, for this moment, as I write this post. I can assure you that it would turn out different tomorrow. Not the album, those would all stay the same, but the order would change. This year I am going to go against the grain a little bit and start with my current number one at the top of the list and end it all with a nice little compilation of songs from each artist. As much as I hate ranking these, because I love every one of them, here goes…

Number One: Austin Lucas – A New Home In The Old World

Original Post
A NEW HOME IN THE OLD WORLDThis album has rocked my world since the Day I picked it up. I love all of Austin’s work and he is one of the few artists I can honestly say has gotten better with each release. A New Home In The Old World is an amazing effort in which Austin steps outside of the box of his first releases and plugs in. The tracks on this album with an electric guitar are amazing and live they will blow you away. I was lucky enough to see Austin twice this year, once with The Revend Peyton’s Big Damn Band and once with Glossary and he blew me away each time. I got to take two of my kids to the show with Glossary for their first live music experience and I am pretty sure it changed their world. Austin gave us a great album and is one of the most genuine folks I have had the pleasure of meeting. While I hated ranking some these this album earned the top spot on my list without any question.

Number Two: Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground

Original Post
I said in my review of Covering Ground that this could be one of the defining Americana abums of the decade and time hasn’t changed my mind one little bit. This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. It stays in constant rotation and is as much a sing along as any other album I have. I cannot stress enough that this Chuck’s best work to date and you need it in your collection. This is whikey music for sure and we all know how I feel about whiskey music. In case you don’t here’s the run down: Played loud and alone with the whiskey straight and the lights down low. As far as I am concerned this is the best whiskey drinkin’ music of the year. And I don’t take that kind of statement lightly.

Number Three: Shane Sweeney – The Finding Time/Micah Schnabel – I’m Dead Serious

Original Shane Sweeney Post
Original Micah Schnabel Post
The Finding TimeThere is no way in hell I could rank one of these above the other. Hell ranking the top two has just about killed me so far. I can’t tell you how many times I have rewritten this post. I couldn’t rank one of these above the other so I gave them both number three. The really strange part is that it’s not because it’s Shane and Micah. These are two completely different albums. Aside from both being dark there is not a lot in common. However they are both fucking amazing in their own rights. I got some flack for mentioning I thought the music could have been stronger on I’m Dead Serious but I didn’t mean that it wasn’t a totally amazing album. In fact I rather hope it’s place on my top ten list I'm Dead, Seriousshows that while I did offer some criticism I didn’t feel it wasn’t a strong album. Micah’s lyrics tear me apart every time I listen to it. And then we have The Finding Time which is one of the most honest albums I have ever heard in my entire life. The style of production and Shane’s unbridled honesty makes you feel like you are sitting in his goddamn living room listening to him tell you his life story. So yeah it may be easier to write about these two in the same slot because of the TCG link but I promise you these two albums are equally amazing regardless of that link. These kids are making art here and you damn well better pay attention to it or you will get left behind. Whether it’s solo or as TCG there is no mistaking the genius that these two bring to the table. If don’t own the both of these then there is something very seriously wrong with you and you should probably seek professional help.

Number Four: Prison Book Club – Prison Book Club

Original Post
This self titled effort is by far one of my most played albums. The opening strains of the very first track seem to put me in just that mood, you know the one, the mood where you want to go down to your local hole in the wall, knock back eight or nineteen PBRs and try to lay some whup ass on the biggest SOB in the joint. The only bump in the road was the rework of Heart Of Lead off of their first album and even that’s just a little bump. This is rock and roll in all of its glory. These kids, members of The Fox Hunt and The Demon Beat, put together something that truly shows the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This album, as well as their first, will melt your face right off at 100 paces. It is as good as rock and roll comes these days.

Number Five: Glossary – Long Live All Of Us

Original Post
Let’s just keep the face melting vibe going with number five and get some Glossary on the list. These kids from Murfreesboro know how to rock and after seeing them live I can guarantee that face melting is their stock and trade. I love me some rock and roll and Long Live All Of Us delivers that in no uncertain terms. But what I love about Glossary is that their rock and roll backs up some of the most amazing songwriting floating around our little genre these days. These guys aren’t afraid to tackle any given subject and give it their all while they do it. When I saw them with Austin Lucas the little kids at the show couldn’t hold still and every last one of them got up in front of the band and rocked out. It put the hipsters at the show to shame. Little kids showing hispters how music should be enjoyed warmed my heart. I just want to thank Glossary for being able to see that and this is the perfect space to do that. Keep rockin’ it kids!

Number Six: Michael Dean Damron – Plea From A Ghost

Original Post
With my penchant for honest music including Plea From Ghost was a no-brainer. As far as soul baring goes Michael Dean Damron really comes in second to none. The pain and suffering he can convey in his voice is enough to make a tea totaller crave that bourbon burn. This one gets cued up for those late-night-family-bed-looking-back-at-my-life-through-the-bottom-of-a-whiskey-glass nights. But even if you aren’t someone that gets all whiskey-pensive this is still an damn good album and it’s one you should already own. I seriously doubt Mr. Damron will ever cease to amaze me with his writing, his voice and his music. This is likely the most heartbreaking album to come out this year and I love every single note of it.

Number Seven: The Von Ehrics – Two Foot Stomp

Original Post
This was one of those that came out of nowhere, a band I had never heard of, an album that sat around unlistened and when I finally got it it grabbed me by the throat and made me regret putting it off as long as I did. Two Foot Stomp is a perfect blend of punk mentality, Texas twang and a little bit of soul. I still feel like I didn’t do it justice in my original write up and know I can’t fix that in the space I am allowing myself for this list. Suffice it to day that it is some of the best music to come out of the Texas/Red Dirt/Whatever-the-hipsters-in-ironic-cowboy-hats-are-calling-it-these-days scene. It gives me hope that a scene I loved for years isn’t going to drown in frat-boy-country.

Number Eight: Scott H. Biram – Bad Ingredients

Original Post
It’s hard to say something that hasn’t already been said here on 9B about the venerable Mr. Scott H. Biram. The original review garnered some opinions that Bad Ingredients wasn’t one of Birma’s stronger works and I can’t disagree more. There wasn’t any phoning it in on this one. In fact this is my second favorite SHB album. It’s got everything I have come to expect from this man. Honestly I can’t not sing along to I Want My Mojo Back (I really wish there was a karaoke version of that one). This record was one of the high points of my year. I am really glad I managed to wrestle this one away from AIV for the review. I still haven’t managed to see SHB live but it’s on my list of things to do in 2012 even if I have to drive to Austin to see the boy.

Number Nine: The Heelers – The Devil On Your Shoulder

Original Post
I can’t lie and say that having this many Texas kids on my list doesn’t make happy and The Heelers are no exception. So I am not entirely sure whether this one came out in late 2010 or early 2011 but I reviewed in February so it goes on my 2011 list. A Brent Best produced (see: Two Cow Garage as well) band these guys write and play music that is just fun to listen to. Possibly my favorite line of the year comes from this one: …And the barkeep’s prettier than any I’ve see what the hell is she doin’ in here/Givin’ courtesy laughs to piss poor jokes and serving lonely me one beer…. You can tell that Isaac Hoskins has done some time in the same sort of bars I am still serving time in and I love him for that.

Number Ten: Brandon Adams And The Sad Bastards – Self Titled

Original Post
BRANDON ADAMS AND THE SAD BASTARDSHaving started the year pretty down on the Red Dirt scene this was one the albums that left me having a little bit of faith coming out the other side. It’s dark, it’s raw and it demands to be taken with whiskey. This little group from Texas really carved out its place on my playlist. I love me some soul baring, gritty music and this satisifes that need quite sufficeintly. To be honest this one deserves a higher place on the list but the nature of lists means that albums have to be at the bottom. I couldn’t just rank them all as ties and have a top three so it is what it is. You really should have this one in your collection if you don’t already.

That is probably the hardest top list I have ever had to come up with. To be honest I really wanted to add more to it but due to familial Christmas obligations I am down to the wire on time. I hated making this list and not includng William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs, Brothers Through The Hill – Adeliade, and Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones (Although Frank is probably on enough top lists that he won’t be missed on mine). I don’t even know that I would rank these albums the same if I started writing this post today (It took me five days to complete this one) and I really feel like most of these could have tied for higher slots on the list. I really think that next year I am just going to give you all an alphabetical list of my favorite albums of the year and not bother ranking them because it honestly doesn’t feel right. So for what it’s worth this is my list. There are many like but this one is mine. If only it were accurate. Make sure to stay tuned because I am putting together a mix tape of songs from all of the 9B crew’s top lists.

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for making 9B one of my favorite places on the web and giving me the chance to tell you about the music that I love. Remember if you don’t enjoy your NYE drinking in moderation at least have a designated driver or call a cab.



Well here goes…3 bands or artists I discovered on the road after being give a CD after the show after we played together. There are so many; a few great ones, a mess of good ones and a bunch of forgettable ones. Then, there are the ones you become buddies with.

#1The Wall Against our Back“, Two Cow Garage:

We (Icanlickanysob) met Two Cow Garage in 04..was it 04? Maybe 03 in Chicago. We were lucky enough to have gotten a show on the last Slobberbone tour..I think Micah had just turned 21 and we ran into each other and just kind of knew each other. Us and them…we (SOB) opened the show and threw our guts on the floor..The place was packed, I was unprepared for what I was about to see and become a lifelong fan of..2 Cow. They smoked our ass that night which was no easy feat back then. We hung out, got to visit, and traded CDs. They gave us “The Wall Against Our Back” I still listen to it.

My favorite tracks:

Brand New July

# 2Hey Buddies“, Drag the River:

We met Drag the River in Boise in 04 also I think. I had no idea who All was or anything about Drag except my friend in Portland, Dewey from Red Hills loved em…Jon gave me a copy of “Hey Buddies” the last night of a 5 day tour. I’ve been a fan and friend every since.

My favorite tracks:

Modern Drunkard

#3Nobody’s Darlings“, Lucero:

Played two shows with Lucero in Tennesse. One in Memphis. One in Nashville. The Nashville night was nuts and very hazy. My liver turned to mush. Ben and I drank Jager and kind of threw up on each other..wait maybe that was the Memphis night, anyway, Bill, Lucero’s merch man kicked us down Nobody’s Darlings. Still my favorite Lucero record.

My favorite tracks:

The War
Last Night In Town


This album has been out for a few weeks now and I probably should have already written about it. Truth is, sometimes an album makes me nervous. I start to stress over how I am gonna explain how good an album is and how much I like it, and before I know it I am suffering from the curse of a blank page. Well today, I’ve decided that even a failed effort is superior to no effort, and with that in mind I’d like to talk to y’all about Michael Dean Damron’s new album, Plea From A Ghost.

It’s a rare thing when a songwriter can writes something that conveys its emotions so clearly that not only can it make you feel something, it can convey with perfect clarity the feelings that songwriter was feeling when he/she wrote it. A song is a rarity, an album is almost unheard of and a songbook, which Damron seems to be amassing, requires a self-awareness and willingness to expose oneself that I simply can not relate to. When you listen to Plea From A Ghost, it’s no wonder Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage) and Michael Dean Damron are such good friends. They’re essentially the same artist, separated by a few decades worth of life experience, breakups, breakdowns, whiskey and pain.

On Plea From A Ghost, Michael gives you equal parts rock and roll record and confession. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Mike as a soloist and it’s easily Essential Listening. I just wish I could do the album justice.

Michael Dean Damron – Clean
Michael Dean Damron – Dolls
Michael Dean Damron – Dark

Michael Dean Damron’s Official site, Michael Dean Damron on Facebook, Buy Plea From A Ghost


Hey everyone. I shove off for SxSW in a few hours and figured I’d post a new podcast before I shuttered the site for the week. Well. Kind of shuttered. I’m sure there will be scattered updates from Austin but they’ll be sporadic and of questionable lucidity. If you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook where I am sure there will be no shortage of updates, hijinks and pictures for use as evidence. But enough about me and my travels…let’s talk about the podcast.

The first half of the show serves as a SxSW preview of sorts but it’s worth is since the preview has brand new tracks from Ha Ha Tonka, Jason Isbell and the incomparable Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. As the show moves along I drift away from the SxSW motif with new songs from James Leg, Michael Dean Damron and The Red Hills.

All in all, I think I’ve done a pretty good job putting together an hour of quality listening for all the CxCW kids out there. As always, if you enjoy the show please share it with your Facebook and Twitter buddies. If you really enjoy the show, let me know…it’s always nice to get some feedback.


  1. Justin Otto – Sun [00.00.00]
  2. Jason Isbell – Alabama Pines [00.03.15]
  3. Ha Ha Tonka – Made Example Of [00.07.05]
  4. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro [00.11.15]
  5. Otis Gibbs – Kansas City [00.17.17]
  6. Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better [00.20.56]
  7. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail [00.24.30]
  8. James Leg – Drinking Too Much [00.30.20]
  9. Buffalo Gospel – Sunday’s Never Smile Anymore [00.34.02]
  10. Doc Daily & Magnolia Devil – Blue-Eyed Blonde [00.39.30]
  11. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Bad Days Ahead [00.44.38]
  12. Red Hills – USAtan [00.48.42]
  13. Michael Dean Damron – Devil Meets The Long Haired Weirdo [00.52.07]
  14. Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beatin’ Down [00.57.38]

Download this episode (right click and save)


Our good buddy, Chris Green, recently booked Mike Damron for a house show and asked if I’d be interested in posting some of the video from it. Of course I responded with a solid Clay Davis “Shhhhhiiiiiiiitttttttttt” and accepted. Enjoy: has devoted plenty of coverage to the music of Michael Dean Damron‘s music over the years. Longtime readers will know him both as the front man of incendiary hard rock band I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, and also for his more contemplative solo albums.

Mike D’s home base is Portland, and so as a Seattle-area resident, I’ve been lucky to have had many opportunities to see him perform. I’ve seen him and his band winning over new audiences when opening for bigger name acts, and I’ve seen him playing more intimate venues full of his established fans. On stage, or talking in person, there is one invariant – whether headlining or opening and whether the crowd is big or small – putting his all into the performance is what he cares about.

His next solo album, “Plea from a Ghost” is due out this month, and he has started off his cross country tour in support of it with a few pacific northwest dates. In Seattle, he played a Saturday night house show (along with fellow Suburban Home Records artist Lizzie Huffman) at a private home that had a great performance space. When we saw his tour schedule, a friend (and ICLASOBITH fan) of mine and I decided to invite him to play a Sunday afternoon set at my buddy’s house out in the ‘burbs the next day.

We were pleased when he accepted without hesitation, and we started inviting people. We ended up with a very diverse set of guests of all ages, including some of our friends who had seen him play before, but also including plenty of people with no idea what to expect. When the show started, MDD joked that he was nervous because he was used to shows with drunker audiences and fights. Amusingly (if you’re familiar with his stage banter), he promised not to curse because there was a baby present, bouncing to the music on his Mom’s knee (I was impressed that he kept his promise until it was baby-nap-time). It turned out that there was no need for nervousness – he won the audience over quickly, and the applause grew louder throughout the set. He played a mixture of new songs from his forthcoming album, older material, and some covers (including a great cover of Two Cow Garage‘s “Swingset Assassin“). When he played the crowd-pleasing “Westboro Baptist Church” towards the end, he told us that he had decided that this was the last time he was ever going to play it. However, by that time the batteries on my camcorder had run out, so I don’t have any legally binding proof of this should he change his mind.

Here’s the good part: At the end of this party, besides leaving with some fine musical memories, I also left with some video of Mike D performing a couple of songs. While watching these should give you a little taste of the cozy garage where we had so much enjoyment this past weekend (and without you having to experience our typical crappy March weather), watching video on the computer is a poor substitute for a live performance. I urge you to get out and see the real thing when he plays your area.

Michael Dean Damron – Graveyard Song

Michael Dean Damron – Keep me in your heart



It’s been a busy period for the folks in the ICLASOB camp. First they finally pulled The Sounds of Dying off the shelf and gave it the proper release it deserved, Michael Dean Damron has a brand new solo cd coming out, and then you got I’m A Nightmare being pulled from the dusty and hardest to reach corner of the shelf for a proper release of its own.

The Red Hills are Jon Burbank, Dave Lipkind and Flapjack from I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House, joined by standup bass player and singer/songwriter, Dewey Nelson. The band has been around for over a decade and is probably better known under their previous name, The Runaway Boys. The band has taken actively inactive to a new level, averaging approximately two shows every three years, and even longer to finish the album. The album has taken so long, in fact, that at some point a few years back fellow ICLASOB bandmate Mole Harris claimed that he’d drink the oil from one of the lamps at Dante’s if the cd ever saw the light of day. Fortunately for him the band changed their name, letting him off the hook on a technicality.

Knowing all of this, I really expected I’m A Nightmare to feel disconnected and disjointed, with a clash of ideas sometimes years apart. Instead, what I got was a record that could best be described as a mashup of ICLASOB and Tin Horn Prayer, an album meant to be played loud, with booze at hand and drunken sing alongs on tap. With winter about to give way for spring, your barbeque playlist needs some freshening up and The Red Hills have what you need. Check it out and lemme know if you agree that it’s Essential Listening.

The Red Hills – USAtan
The Red Hills – Seal It Up
The Red Hills – Eight Seconds

The Red Hills on Reverbnation, The Red Hills on Facebook, Buy I’m A Nightmare from Bandcamp


I’ve been a huge fan of Mike Damron’s work both as a solo artist and with I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House for as long as has existed. Longer, in fact. So it is my distinct pleasure to be bringing you a track from Mike’s upcoming solo album, Plea From A Ghost, today. I’ve heard the entire new album and let me tell you, we’re in for a real treat. It’s the best solo material Mike has produced since Perfect Day For A Funeral and certain to land on many a best of list come December. Hell, I can already deem it Essential Listening but we’ll hold off till the album is actually released. Speaking of which, the album will be released on Suburban Home Records in March and if you’re lucky enough to have Mike coming to your neck of the woods, he’ll have the album with him come March 2.

I chose the track “The Day Brian Piccolo Died” because, (a) I like it. and (b) With the Superbowl this weekend I figured a football song would be topical. I hope y’all like it.

Michael Dean Damron – The Day Brian Piccolo Died


Ninebullets Radio is a radio extension of the blog that airs every Thursday night in Tampa, Florida on WMNF 88.5 FM at 10pm Eastern. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Below is the playlist for February 03, 2011.

  1. Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl
  2. The Cur Dogs – Kro-Bride
  3. Drive-By Truckers – Outfit
  4. Chris Knight – Enough Rope
  5. Michael Dean Damron – The Day Brian Piccolo Died
  6. Josh Small – Hakuna Matata
  7. Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs
  8. Michael Claytor & Friends – Hairpins
  9. The Takers – Friends In Bottles
  10. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby
  11. Frank Turner – I Still Believe
  12. O’Death – Bugs
  13. The Builders and The Butchers – Raise Up You Weary Hands
  14. Otis Gibbs – Ballad of Johnny Crooked Tree