As everyone should know by now, Two Cow Garage‘s new album Sweet Saint Me is getting released next month. Having heard the album already I’ll advise you to go pick up a replacement face in the coming weeks cause your current one is most definitely gonna get rocked off. That said, last week the band released the album’s lead single, “Lydia” (purchase here) and there has been plenty of scuttlebutt about the source of the lyrics. Well, I caught up with Micah last week at the Suburban Home Records Anniversary Party and asked him that very question. Here is the video and I apologize for the low light conditions but the quality does improve as the video wears on.


Two Cow Garage – “American Static” from TCSG on Vimeo.

If you can watch the video above and not be blown away then I’m pretty sure we can’t be friends.

It’s a new track from Two Cow Garage being sung by frontman, Micah Schnabel and shot by thunderclapsupergenius. I’m not quite sure who thunderclapsupergenius actaully is but they’ve been pumping out some stellar videos as of late. They should send this one to Fuse as is.