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Below is the playlist for June 23, 2011.

01. Josh Small – Come Down
02. Matt Butcher – 301
03. Old Man Markley – Letterman
04. Will Quinlan & The Diviners – Remember The Beatitudes
05. Gillian Welch – Scarlett Town
06. Gillian Welch – The Way It Goes
07. Grayson Capps – Rock ‘n Roll
08. Glossary – Blood On The Knobs
09. Bonnie And The Beard – Mona
10. Damion Suomi – Ghost
11. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Hey Stranger
12. The Gaslight Anthem – The Navesink Blues
13. Left Arm Tan – Gypsy Road

Bold = Request

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I had made the New Years Resolution to contribute to at least one kickstarter project a month this year. Well, in the past few weeks my current employment has become about a stable as a California mountain side in a rainstorm and my long term employment outlook has been downgraded to “negative”. As a result, I am stockpiling money and won’t be able to donate to any projects until my personal finances are a little more stable and predictable but I figured I could still let y’all know about some of the better projects I run across.

The first one is from a fella I just wrote about named Matt Butcher. If you’re a fan of Joe Pug then you need to check this kid out. I am really looking forward to hearing his new album and see what a few years growth has done for him.

Coming out of Boone, North Carolina, Possum Jenkins is Nathan Turner, Jared Church, David Willis, Brent Buckner and David Brewer. Sometimes sounding like a young Drive-By Truckers, while also sounding like a more rock and roll version of Mofro at others, the band has a down-home richness to it that likely comes from the fact than the bulk of Possum Jenkins’ 5 members are multi-instrumentalists rotating what they’re playing, both live and on cd.

I hope y’all find it in your bank accounts to sponsor one or both of these projects.


I am really late to the party on this one. Really, really, really late. I mean, we’re talking, the album came out in 2009 late. Funny thing is, I think I listened to it back then and didn’t like it, but now, a couple of years later, it seems I have grown into it. I may not have written about it at all had it not been for the fact that I am going through some serious blogger writer’s block and this album has been nagging me to write about it for six months now. That and the fact that I saw that Matt is about to release a new album (Ghostwriting), so I thought an intro prior to that would be a good thing.

Matt was born the son of christian missionaries and lived the nomadic life that comes with that lifestyle, somehow landing in Orlando, Florida. The fact that he lives so close and I’ve never written about or managed to catch him live is even more embarrassing. Anyhow, Me and My Friends was largely written in Matt’s early twenties when he, as kids in their early twenties are prone to do, was drinking more than he should and, as Floridians are prone to do, abusing prescription pills. Growing up is a dark and desolate time and the songs on Me and My Friends show that, but from a more mature point of view. Musically the album has an indie rock facade but the mortar and rebar is all folk and country. And, while the songs always hit lyrically, the musical mix does occasionally miss but not nearly enough to get me to stop listening to the cd.

RIYL: Joe Pug

Matt Butcher – Grace On A Greyhound Bus
Matt Butcher – The Company I Keep
Matt Butcher – Me And My Friends

Matt Butcher’s Official Site, Matt Butcher on tumbler, Matt Butcher on Twitter, Buy Me And My Friends