Hey everyone. I shove off for SxSW in a few hours and figured I’d post a new podcast before I shuttered the site for the week. Well. Kind of shuttered. I’m sure there will be scattered updates from Austin but they’ll be sporadic and of questionable lucidity. If you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook where I am sure there will be no shortage of updates, hijinks and pictures for use as evidence. But enough about me and my travels…let’s talk about the podcast.

The first half of the show serves as a SxSW preview of sorts but it’s worth is since the preview has brand new tracks from Ha Ha Tonka, Jason Isbell and the incomparable Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. As the show moves along I drift away from the SxSW motif with new songs from James Leg, Michael Dean Damron and The Red Hills.

All in all, I think I’ve done a pretty good job putting together an hour of quality listening for all the CxCW kids out there. As always, if you enjoy the show please share it with your Facebook and Twitter buddies. If you really enjoy the show, let me know…it’s always nice to get some feedback.


  1. Justin Otto – Sun [00.00.00]
  2. Jason Isbell – Alabama Pines [00.03.15]
  3. Ha Ha Tonka – Made Example Of [00.07.05]
  4. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro [00.11.15]
  5. Otis Gibbs – Kansas City [00.17.17]
  6. Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better [00.20.56]
  7. Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail [00.24.30]
  8. James Leg – Drinking Too Much [00.30.20]
  9. Buffalo Gospel – Sunday’s Never Smile Anymore [00.34.02]
  10. Doc Daily & Magnolia Devil – Blue-Eyed Blonde [00.39.30]
  11. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Bad Days Ahead [00.44.38]
  12. Red Hills – USAtan [00.48.42]
  13. Michael Dean Damron – Devil Meets The Long Haired Weirdo [00.52.07]
  14. Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beatin’ Down [00.57.38]

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Told y’all I’d get back on the grind. I’d like to say that I’m sorry for missing last month and the truth is….I am….mostly. At the same time, the month off was nice. Unless you’re doing a monthly podcast, I don’t think you can appreciate just how fast each month passes. How people do weekly podcasts is quite simply beyond me. That said, enough about my whining. Let’s talk about this month’s podcast….

Most months I make a pretty concentrated effort to play new music, so I decided to just let the songs dictate what would get played this month. The end result was probably the most fun I’ve had assembling a podcast in a while. With that said, it seems that as the podcast wears on the undertone of the songs gets darker and darker. I’m not sure why that happened. My only guess is that the thunderstorms right outside my window while I was listening to and selecting the music played an influential role in what you’re gonna hear this month.

I decided to pay a slight homage to the show Justified. Now, I know I haven’t talked about Justified here on ninebullets, but if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know I was watching it. The show started off slowly and Raylan was a little bit too much of a cocksure Superman, but as the season wore on I thought the writers did a pretty good job of showing that this cocksure Superman complex was as much Raylan’s Achilles Heel as it was his mojo, and I’m already looking forward to next season. From there we just rambled through a collection of songs both old and new with no real direction until “Bloodshot Eyes” by Possum Jenkins. From there it’s a steady trip down into a darker and darker mood. I wanna say that I didn’t choose Tim Barry’s song “222” lightly. There are certain song’s like “Darby’s Song” by Lucero that should be treated with a proper amount of respect, and “222” falls into that class of song. Normally, “the proper amount of respect” would include NOT putting it on a podcast and I tried to avoid putting it on here, but no matter what track I tried to put in its place nothing fit the tone as well, so in the end I decided that “the proper amount of respect” sometimes means it’s played when it needs to be played….even if it’s on my stupid little podcast. I hope one or two of you agree.

Anyhow, I’ll drink whiskey and record another one of these next month. If you enjoyed this month’s please tell your Facebook and Twitter followers about it, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

~ Autopsy IV (twitter/facebook)

Track Listing:

  1. Patty Loveless – You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive [00.00.00]
  2. Eileen Jewell – You’re Lookin’ At Country [00.06.04]
  3. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.08.04]
  4. The Only Sons – Temptation [00.09.24]
  5. Micah Schnabel – Throwing Rocks At The Sun [00.11.32]
  6. The Takers – Social Smoker [00.13.26]
  7. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Postcards and Apologies [00.17.04]
  8. Lucero – Darken My Door [00.22.04]
  9. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.25.32]
  10. Possum Jenkins – Bloodshot Eyes [00.27.04]
  11. The Wells – I Had A Dream, Jesse [00.31.08]
  12. Grayson Capps – Mermaid [00.34.06]
  13. Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beatin’ Down [00.38.52]
  14. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.42.24]
  15. Have Gun Will Travel – Soles Of Our Shoes [00.44.12]
  16. Chuck Ragan – Get ‘Em All Home [00.47.16]
  17. Tim Barry – “222” [00.52.36]
  18. Autopsy IV Commentary * [00.56.36]
  19. Joe Pugg – Not So Sure [00.57.16]

* All music heard in the background of my talking was from Jack Rose’s latest (last) album, Luck In The Valley.


Man, it’s been a while since we had a To Do and, I ain’t gonna lie, the break has been nice. Having done one to two shows a week for a month plus, I was ready for some time off.  Now having had said time off, I need to go to a fucking show. Lucky for me and the rest of you Tampa/St. Pete-ians, we got a weekend loaded with the awesome. So let’s go through it:

Thursday @ New World: The Woodsboss

There is no shortage of people who’ve danced a shit-ton of nights away @ New World to the live blessings of The Weary Boys. Those were the kinds of nights that stories are made of. A band without a label relentlessly touring enough to build huge followings, in enough towns they could play packed houses in every state of the union. Then reality came crawling and The Weary Boys disbanded.

Wha? Why? What’s gonna? WTFingF?
Shock, rage, sadness.
Enter The Woodsboss. Which, fyi, is basically The Weary Boys minus Darren and add Brian’s wife.

So, all you Weary Boy fans needs to get your asses up off the couch and get out to New World Thursday night and we’ll dance again to the fine fine sounds of Mario, The Woodsboss and a few Weary Boys faves.

Mario Matteoli – Hard Luck Hittin’
Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps On Beating Down

The Weary Boys – Another Song, Another Drink
The Weary Boys – Cruel Corrina
The Weary Boys – Freight Train Blues

Friday @ The Garage: Tailgunner Joe, Nervous Turkey and Those Legendary Shackshakers

Tampa/St. Pete is in an interesting time because we have an utterly ridiculous level of awesomeness in our local scene, and two of the upper crest of that scene are coming together to open for the the stupidly awesome Legendary Shackshakers.

Really, Tampa. I know you’re lazy. Fuck, I get it. We live in Florida. People who don’t live here don’t get it, but I know that the notion of a “local” band in this state is like screaming “Oral herpes at the kissing booth! Three dollars”, so let me tell you something right now: Tailgunner Joe and Nervous Turkey are each worthy of a night out on their own. Put them together and it almost becomes necessary for you fuckers (that was a ‘you fuckers’ that includes me) need to come out. Now, WTF? You include them both with Those Legendary Shackshakers and I can not think of any reason what you can’t spend 12 dollars to see guaranteed awesome from beginning to end.

Tailgunner Joe & The Earls of Slander – The Street
Tailgunner Joe & The Earls of Slander – This is Your Brain

Nervous Turkey – Strang
Nervous Turkey – Too Late For Romance

For those that don’t know, let’s talk Legendary Shackshakers live for a moment.

It’s Those Leg-en-dary muthafucking Shack Shakers. Does anything more really need to be said? Those who know, know. Those who don’t…well, what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your ass to The Garage and see what Jello Biafra called rock and roll’s best frontman, Col. J.D. Wilkes. Snot rockets will be launched, pubes will be thrown, beers will be drank and howdies will get doodied. You may hate the music but you’ll love the show, I guarantee it. It’s Iggy Pop fronting Southern Culture on the Skids. The southern gothic, rock and roll version of the Sex Pistols, but more entertaining and with more talent.

Those Legendary Shackshakers – Blood On The Bluegrass
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Piss and Vinegar
Those Legendary Shackshakers – Old Spur Line

So, I hope to bounce into a few of ya’ll this weekend. Say hey to me ’cause, despite all your efforts to make it not so, I still love you Tampa and you can insure that by buying me a drink and complementing my new hat.


Former Weary Boy and current Jim Croce-esque mustache wearer Mario Matteoli is back with his second solo album, Golden State. Golden State was “officially” released back in June of 2008, but it was just recently made available to those of us outside of Austin who do not have an iTunes account.

Golden State is a complete departure from the country/bluegrass sounds Mario made with The Weary Boys or the cynicism of his first solo effort, Hard Luck Hittin’. Sound-wise this cd has a lot more of a ‘California country meets pop’ feel to it. It’s a complete love project for his fiance, Cayce Marsh, so it stands to reason that lyrically this cd is more optimistic. Mario’s affection for Casey is displayed all over this album and resulted in a slap on the shoulder and a “Why don’t you do something like that for me?” from my wife.

Thanks a lot, Mario.

Mario Matteoli – Got You Baby
Mario Matteoli – To Call My Own
Mario Matteoli – Could The Good Lord

Mario Matteoli on myspace, Buy Golden State