Tampa/St. Pete – To Do – This Weekend

There is no excuse for staying in the house this weekend people. There is just too damn much going on in our fine city this weekend and the weather is, all things considered, gonna be pretty mild. So, let’s get down to the haps…

Thursday Night

Some of the people involved with Reax have started booking shows on Thursday nights at Push Ultra Lounge in Downtown St. Pete. This Thursday night Summerbirds in the Cellar are gracing us with their presence. I’ve written about both of their cds here and here. Doors are at 8:00 and the cover is 6 dollars for singles and 10 dollars for couples. I’ve seen these guys live once before and it was tremendous.

Summerbirds in the Cellar – Wicked World (Move Softly)

Friday Night

It’s the return of one of the best shows I saw last year and the Florigasm will be returning sans the opressive summer heat. Nervous Turkey will be pulling the opening duties for JJ Grey and Mofro once again @ Skipper’s Smokehouse in a two night stand. I listed this one on Friday night because that is the night I plan to go but they will be performing both Friday and Saturday nights. This will be as much event as it is show and you should try everything in your power to see these guys one or both of the nights.

Nervous Turkey – Strang
JJ Grey and Mofro – Florida

Saturday Night

ninebullets.net faves Lucero are making their triumphant return to Saint Petersburg. Oh yeah, all the cool kids will be at The State Theater. There are shows where you just know that heavy heavy intoxication will accompany to and through the show. This is one such occasion. I have cleared my Sunday schedule. Everything is set to tear shit up on a Saturday night. Come and join us. These two songs should set the scene:

Lucero – Old Sad Songs
Lucero – I’ll Just Fall

Sunday Night


Tampa/St. Pete: Show Announcement: Lucero

ninebullets.net faves Lucero have announced a Saint Petersburg date!

Feb 21 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree*
Feb 22 Orlando, FL @ The Social*
Feb 23 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
Feb 24 Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds*
Feb 25 Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar

* – Tickets on sale now.

Lucero – Nights Like these

Those crazy kids on the Lucero message board:


Note from Autopsy IV: Hey guys and gals. I am taking the remainder of this week off from ninebullets to prepare for my fantasy football drafts. I have lined up some guest posters for the week and provided they actually come through then you will get to read some posts from a different voice for the week. If they don’t come through the site will be silent. See y’all next Tuesday.


We are (if I may say so myself) a pretty awesome collection of people over on the Lucero message board. No drama, no flame wars and real conversations…a message board anamoly to be sure. Well, each month we all submit tracks and one kind soul arranges it all and puts the comp up for all of us to download. This month’s d/l link is about to expire and I thought I would let y’all see what we do over there.


  • Slobberbone – Bright Eyes Darkened
  • Leeroy Stagger – I Break Hearts
  • Southern Culture on the Skids – Soul City
  • Decibully – Tables Turn
  • Against Me! – Tonight We’re Gonna Give It 35%
  • Chino – When You’re Not Around
  • Lawnchair – Broken Down
  • Clutch – Cypress Grove
  • Th’ Legendary Shackshakers – Swampblood
  • Neko Case – In California
  • fIREHOSE – Mannequin
  • Black Angels – Bloodhounds On My Trail
  • The Nightwatchman – Maximum Firepower
  • The Slackers – Keep It Simple
  • Railbenders – Whiskey Rain
  • Joe Strummer – Without People, You’re Nothing
  • Adams House Cat – Runaway Train
  • Against Me! – Wagon Wheel
  • Asskickers – Trees
  • Bayside – Megan
  • Jay Farrar – Candyman
  • Clutch – 10,000 Witnesses
  • Dollar Store – Believe
  • Alcohol Stunt Band – Gold Paint
  • Jape – Floating
  • Jerry Jeff Walker – I just Dropped In…
  • Mulehead – One Of These Days
  • Peeping Tom – Your Neighbood Spaceman
  • Rise Against – Tour Song
  • The Secret Machines – Nowhere Again
  • Sugar – A Good Idea
  • Chris Crofton – Thong Song
  • UNKLE – Restless
  • Armchair Martian – Whipping Boy
  • Wrinkle Neck Mules – Liza
  • Scott H. Biram – Graveyard Shift

This look like something you wanna listen to? It’s available for a few more days right here.

finally gonna see Lucero live? Please don't request Darby's Song.

Lucero gets a whole lot of love from me on ninebullets and that stands to reason considering they are one of my favorite bands. period. They have been gaining more and more momentum with every new cd and each show here in Tampa/St. Pete gets more and more crowded. Most people are not like me and many other music lovers out there. They do not know the names of the band members or post on band message boards or, in general, immerse themselves in these bands and the stories surrounding them. For better or worse, I do. Well, Brian recently made a post on the Lucero message board asking people not to request Darby’s Song anymore. I was not gonna reprint it but Brian gave me permission and I think after reading this you will understand why they won’t be playing it:

“please quit asking us to play darbys song…
we’re not….ever.

april 9th of this year was the 8th anniversary of darbys mother and my best friend katies death…
this is not some sweet sad song about some made up girl for us, she was very real to me and the fact that it even got recorded is amazing in itself.

katie jean killough was 26 in 1999 when she died of stage 4 cancer. when they found the tumor it was graped sized and in her colon,she’d had it since highscool and didn’t know it.
it had spread over the years to her liver,girlparts and her lymph glands.
3 yrs before that she had a very feisty but beautiful little baby girl that she named after darby crash, singer of the germs.
through out her entire pregnancy the doctors never noticed of found any signs of the spreading cancer…

me and katie never dated…never wanted too. we were like brother and sister, always fighting,making food, buying records …she got me the job at the doughnut shop and forced me to move into her room so we could make the rent cheaper.it went from $70 a month for her to $35 a month for the both of us.
we literally lived in a windowless back closet with 2 beds, 2 records collections, 2 record players & 1 fucking lizard that wasn’t mine!

i was very lucky to have katie in my life for as long as i did…
when she found out that she had cancer the doctors told her she had 10 yrs. to live…less than 2 weeks later and more tests that number was changed to a year and a half.
a month later she was told that it had spread farther than they thought and she had about 6months to live…

we all quit or jobs for a month and went on an ill fated trip to cal. that doesn’t really get discussed by the particpants and when she came home she started really freaking out.

she sent darby to live in franklin,tn. with darby’s fathers parents and tattoo’d her face and started using heroin. i got mad and we would fight about her behavior and what i felt she needed, i was being selfish about losing my friend looking back.
we quit talking and a month later she went to live in a krishna temple in india til she died…

i was at a show and went home early luckily when we got the call that katie didn’t have much time left, we all got to say something to her, to tell her we loved her so much.
she was completely out of it and couldn’t hear of understand us at all.
we hung up and something like 10 or 20 mins. later we get the call she had died.

her body was burned on a funeral pyre and her ashes spread in the ghangis river. that was april 9th,1999.

darbys song isn’t so much about darby as it is about katie for me…”

~ Brian

So, don’t be an ass and if you hear someone else screaming for it between songs kindly (not in an a-hole manner, they don’t know) tell them it isn’t a song that gets played at shows.

Lucero – Darby’s Song

Tell Me What It Takes…

A new Lucero track has appeared on the One Tree Hill soundtrack. Originally, I was not going to post the track at all but then the it turned out the only way to get the track was to buy the cd….hell, even iTunes wouldn’t let you buy select tracks. So, here is a low bit rate version for people to hear. There is still plenty reason to buy the disc I suppose, there is a an until now unreleased Mother Love Bone song on there that I had not heard and you can get this Lucero track with out the lossy 112 kBPS encoding you are getting here.

Lucero – Tell Me What It Takes

Autopsy Track Review: I tend to view songs that show up on comps as exclusive as b-sides that the band did not even wanna keep to themselves for exclusives of their own on singles or imports or something like that. When you view the song in that light it is not bad. A little too much reverb and the keys are too dominate but it is still a good song. Probably did not appear on RR&SB for the reasons stated but still better than most of the stuff on the last DBT album. Lyrics (courtesy of the Lucero message board) below the cut:

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