Last month I asked if you guys would be interested in a monthly Ninebullets Spotify playlist. You seemed pretty responsive to the idea so here is the first one. This playlist features every band that was featured on ninebullets in the month of January that was also on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, pass it along to some friends. Like I keep saying, every new pair of ears these bands reach is a potential fan/head at show.

This month’s playlist features: Lauderdale, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, The Far West, Will Hoge, Sasparilla, The Rainmakers, Micah Schnabel, Hellbound Glory, Molly Gene, Lucero, Childish Gambino, Chris Cornell, The Pack A.D., The Dirt Daubers and Low Cut Connie.

The January 2012 Spotify Playlist


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was that I’d parse through my entire “incoming” directory that that has been growing for the past few months and I’d get through it by the end of January. Low Cut Connie was one of the bands hanging out in said directory who I managed to come across this morning. The reviews on NPR and Rolling Stone show that they’re in no need of any mention from ninebullets, but the album is just too much fun for me not to.

Low Cut Connie was founded by a fella from New Jersey and a fella from Birmingham…UK, not Bama, and the moment you hear their sound, it makes perfect sense. Listening to the album, Sean’s words from his John Moreland review keep coming to mind, “rock ‘n roll. really it’s a simple concept. guitar. bass. drums. honesty. yet it is constantly fucked up.” Well, Low Cut Connie add some Jerry Lee Lewis-style piano to the recipe, but they aren’t fucking it up.

Had the British invasion had started in the South….Get Out The Lotion might have been what it sounded like.

Low Cut Connie – Rio
Low Cut Connie – Johnny Cool Man
Low Cut Connie – Big Thighs, NJ

Low Cut Connie’s Official Site, Low Cut Connie on Facebook, Low Cut Connie on Spotify, Buy Get Out The Lotion