Fresh outta rehab, Bloodshot recording artist, Justin Townes Earle has packed a suitcase full of stylish suits and set back on the road in support of his latest album, Harlem River Blues. This tour will bring Justin into Florida for what I am told is not his first time but it’s certainly the first time in a really really long time.

I was in attendance for a Justin Townes Earle show at SxSW last year and I can saw that it sounded pretty good. I couldn’t tell you what it looked like cause I was way too late in arrival to get close enough to actually see the Yard Dog stage. Normally, when an artist goes into rehab what emerges is usually changed. Some come out focused and better, some come out incomplete and lost. For Justin is seems rehab has done him some good. I’ll quote one of his more fair critics who caught his show the other night:

So how was the Justin Townes Earle performance?

It was fucking phenomenal. Absolutely unbelievable. It was the best live performance I have seen all year. Hell, it may be the best music performance I have seen, ever. It was genuine, it was pure, and outright magical. Justin Townes Earle is gifted beyond words, and it seems almost foolish to try and describe it. I’ve given careful, sober thoughts to my reactions to his performance Saturday night at The Parish in Austin, TX, and I can say with confidence that Justin Townes Earle is nothing less than a national treasure.

So there you go. It’s shaping up to be an epic close to a phenomenal year. I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you Tampa/St. Pete…..God knows when he’ll be back around these parts.

Justin Townes Earle – Lone Pine Hill
Justin Townes Earle – Mama’s Eyes
Justin Townes Earle – Move over Mama

Aestheticized Presents was kind enough to give ninebullets a pair of tickets to give away for the show here on the site. So, the first person to email me the name of Justin’s father as well as the person Justin was named for will win the tickets & if this text isn’t stricken out, no one has won. CONGRATULATIONS JOHN ALLMAN! SEE YOU AT THE SHOW.


Hailed in the press as the elder statesman of Texas music Ray Wylie Hubbard has been pickin’ guitars and writin’ songs for longer than I have been alive. Most of you probably know his work through Jerry Jeff Walker who made Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother famous back in 1973. With fourteen albums under his belt and almost forty years in country music industry Ray Wylie is the real deal. He has lived his music and was a sodden drunk until sometime in 1987 when he credits another Texas great: Stevie Ray Vaughan with convincing him to stop drinking.

I have to admit his first albums have not grown on me even over the years but what could one expect when one of the was named Ray Wylie & The Cowboy Twinkies? In fact almost two decades of his career is mostly lost on me. 1992 marked the release of Lost Train of Thought and that is where I believe Ray Wylie came into his own. Seventeen years and nine albums later Ray still has the stuff he couldn’t find in the 70’s and 80’s. Now I don’t know if he really is an elder statesman of the Texas music scene but I do know that he still tours, still picks his guitar, and still writes amazing music. He just finished an album that’s slated to be released in January as well as having co-written a screenplay that’s said to worthy of Sam Peckinpah. The movie is called The Last Rites of Ransom Pride and stars Dwight Yoakum along with Cote de Pablo of NCIS fame. Along with the soundtrack he wrote all of the music for the movie. For a man his age he’s a busy son of a bitch.

If you ever have the chance to see him live I would highly recommend that you don’t miss it. It won’t be a rowdy show that leaves you draggin’ ass home and it won’t be a sing-along but it will be a show that you won’t likely forget. In case you need a teaser here are some Ray Wylie tracks for your listening pleasure:

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Choctaw Bingo
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Dust of the Chase
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Dallas After Midnight

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Official Site, Ray Wylie Hubbard – MySpace, The Last Rites of Ransom Pride


This Friday the murdergrass outfit out of San Francisco, The Pine Box Boys, will make their triumphant return to the stage at Dave’s Aqua Lounge. The last time these guys came through town I partied a little too hard with my good buddies Beam and Ginger and was unable to write a decent review of the show…which is a good sign I had one hell of a good time, and I did.  The interplay of the band members as well as their faux-arguments even makes the between song innerband banter a complete riot.

You’re asking, what does the band sound like? You’re wondering, what exactly is murdergrass? Well let’s say you take Old Crow Medicine Show and Those Poor Bastards and you put them in a blender. Now, if you  were to puree them what you would get would be one hell of a mess, but if that mess could somehow make music…that amalgam of Old Crow and TPB would be The Pine Box Boys. If Old Crow are Dr. Jekyll, then The Pine Box Boys are their Mr. Hyde.

So, come join me at Dave’s Friday night and listen to Mr. Lester T. Raww confess to more murders than the Green River Killer. Try not to think too ill of them, though, as they said a few years back, ““We never wanted any of them ladies to get killed. But they kept on bleeding and Willie kept on stabbing, so, well, I reckon we HAD to write a song about it.

Flawless logic if you ask me.

The Pine Box Boys – I Had To Cut Her
The Pine Box Boys – Just A Crush
The Pine Box Boys – Hair Of Gold
The Pine Box Boys – The Pallbearers

The Pine Box Boys Official Site, The Pine Box Boys on myspace, Buy The Pine Box Boys’ music

9B editor and guest contributor Marci also wants to make sure you all know about Dr. Dog coming to the Crowbar this Thursday night.  When she saw them at Lollapalooza last year, this is what she had to say about their show, “These guys are 100% pros and fit all the energy and music they could into the hour allotted to them on the little MySpace stage.  Much of the crowd knew the lyrics to every song, and as the five guys gave their all, for a little while it felt as if we’d been transported from this sunny public park to a little local gin joint.  If you get a chance to see these guys, do it, you won’t be disappointed.”  She tells me that this time they’ll be playing a place that should far better enhance their raw, blues-filled harmonies and they should not be missed.

Dr Dog – Army of Ancients
Dr Dog – The Beach

Dr Dog’s Official Site , Dr Dog on myspace


I’m gonna be real upfront about this. Until Lucero did this, I’d never heard of Ardent Studios, and I’m a little embarrassed by that fact. Also, while I’ve done a shit ton of asking and looking around, I’m not entirely sure if I should be posting this. I’ve asked both parties and got no answer from either, so that and the fact that it was shot across the internets and that I pulled it off sendspace makes me think it is public domain. So, if there is a reason this should be pulled down, in lieu of firing off legal emails to everyone just drop me an email. I’ll pull it down and apologize profusely. Lemme start with a little history in case, like me, you are not familiar with this recording studio:

As a teenager, John Fry opened up Ardent Studios in his parents’ garage and began Ardent Records by releasing 45’s. The late sixties rolled around and John’s parents, as parents often do, decided to move, but John wasn’t prepared to abandon his dream of recording music as a career. He instead moved his equipment to Memphis’ National Street, where he began picking up Stax Record’s overflow and recording artists such as Isaac Hayes, Booker T. and the MGs, The Bar-Kays, Johnnie Taylor, Rufus Thomas, and Albert King. Looking across the years, their clientele is a virtual who’s who of music. A mere skimming of the list includes other legends such as ZZ Top, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Led Zepplin. Couple that with contemporary faves such as Cat Power, The White Stripes, Dave Matthews, R.E.M. and M.I.A., and it quickly becomes evident that Ardent has been a major player in American Music for 40+ years.

Lately it seems the studios have been bringing in bands to to play and then broadcasting them on the internet via Breakthru Radio. Lucero graced Breathru radio with their presence while celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and though they were playing much earlier (and more sober) than they are used to, they still managed to lay down a stupidly awesome set for our listening pleasure. If this had been released on cd I’d be dubbing it Essential Listening, but I don’t believe it is so I’ll just title it as essential downloading. Check it out…

  1. All the Same to Me
  2. Summer Song
  3. What Else Would You Have Me Be
  4. Nights Like These
  5. I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
  6. Wasted
  7. Hold Me Close
  8. Ain’t So Lonely
  9. Drink ‘Til We’re Gone
  10. She’s Just That Kind of Girl
  11. Nobody’s Darlins
  12. She Wakes When She Dreams
  13. When You Decided to Leave
  14. All Sewn Up
  15. It Gets the Worst at Night
  16. Fistful of Tears