So if we were going with one of those RIYL tags, it would include all the bands you see mentioned above, or I could just say – recommended if you ARE ~ Herohill

Funny thing about spending years putting all of your musical thoughts on the web for anyone to see is that after a while anyone paying attention gets to know your musical tastes as well as you do. So, when Herohill dropped the above line at the end of his writeup about Little Foot Long Foot’s debut cd Harsh Words, I knew I had to check it out.

Little Foot Long Foot is another in a long line of garage blues based rock acts coming out of Canada and kicking asses. This particular duo claims Toronto as home base. Consisting of singer/guitarist, Joan Smith and drummer, Isaac Klein, LFLF got their start as a classic rock tribute/cover band. Somewhere in their evolution Joan decided she just wasn’t able to “shred rad solos”, so they ditched the covers and went legit with their debut EP of originals, 2008’s Just About Broke. Just About Broke garnished the band plenty of praise and with that momentum they headed into the studio to record a follow-up, Harsh Words.

Seems these days on any given Saturday night, in any town there is another two-piece act on some obscure bar’s stage doing their best impression of The White Stripes, so it’s easy to just wave off any two-piece as a White Stripes wanna be. Fortunately, there also are many a two-piece putting it down better than The White Stripes ever could have, such as The Black Diamond Heavies, Left Lane Cruiser and LFLF’s fellow Canadians, The Speaking Tongues.  However, LFLF share more in common with an all female duo from Canada than any of the aforementioned acts, and that would be The Pack A.D. Matter of fact, I think you can paint a perfect picture of LFLF’s sound in six words, “The Pack A.D. meets The Gossip“.

I can top that, too. Here it is in two words: Essential Listening.

Thank you Herohill for bringing this band to my attention!

Little Foot Long Foot – June Bug
Little Foot Long Foot – Stripper Song
Little Foot Long Foot – King Hipster

Little Foot Long Foot’s Official Site, Little Foot Long Foot on myspace, Buy Harsh Words