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Been MIA for a while. I know. It’s not been due to depression though. Just up to my ears in shit that has to get done at work and at the home. Shit seems to be slowing down now though. So, like me, carve out 2 hours for the archive of the show.

Below is the playlist for September 28, 2013 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Weary Boys – Cruel Corrina (Good Times)
02. Jason Isbell – Live Oak (Southeastern)
03. Mat D and the Profane Saints – Carry me to Canaan (Holyoke)
04. The White Buffalo – The Whistler (Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways)
05. The Wood Brothers – I Got Loaded (The Muse)
06. JD McPherson – Why Lady Why (High Cotton)
07. Valerie June – Wanna Be On Your Mind (Pushin’ Against A Stone)
08. Left Lane Cruiser – Electrify (Rock Them Back To Hell)
09. Leroy Powell – Good Morning Little School Girl (Paranoid)
10. JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers – Wild Moon (Wild Moon)
11. Matt Woods – Deadman’s Blues <--- BRAND NEW
12. Lucero – The Closer You Get (High Cotton)
13. Bonnie Whitmore – The Gavel (There I Go Again)
14. Joe Pug – Not So Sure (Messenger)
15. Jake Bugg – Someone Told Me (Jake Bugg)
16. The Steeldrivers – Shallow Grave (Hammer Down)
17. Arliss Nancy – Wild American Runners (Wild AMerican Runners)
18. Those Crosstown Rivals – Kentucky Woman (TCR/Arliss Split)
19. Hellbound Glory – The Feud
20. John Mellencamp – Longest Days (On The Rural Route)
21. John Moreland – 3:59 AM (In The Throes)
22. Deer Tick – Goodbye, Dear Friend (The Black Dirt Sessions)
23. Will Quinlan and The Diviners – The Thieving Life (Navasota)
24. Have Gun Will Travel – Finer Things (Fiction, Fact or Folktale?)
25. Truckstop Coffee – Ghost or an Angel (For Dear Life)
26. American Aquarium – Burn. Flicker. Die (Burn. Flicker. Die)
27. Two Cow Garage – Hey Cinderella (The Death of the Self-Preservation Society)
28. Todd May – Alphabet City (Rickerbacker Girls)
29. Matt Woods – Deadman’s Blues

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Episode 143: aired 09.28.2013


I should have written about this album months ago but it’s difficult to get much news about Leroy unless you’re actually seeking it out. Anyhow, Atlantis is Leroy’s fourth solo album and the first with his new backup band, The Messengers. While Leroy’s first two solo albums after departing from Shooter Jenning’s backing band, The .357’s, were firmly entrenched in the classic country sounds Leroy started to expand his sound with last year’s release of Paranoid.

Atlantis continues down the southern rock/blues trajectory that Paranoid took off in but manages to pull some of the classic country back into the fold from time to time. The end result is a very well rounded album that can rock as easily as it weeps. Well worth checking out.

How has this guy not been picked up by a label yet?

Leroy Powell – I Ain’t Human
Leroy Powell – Gravedigger Blues
Leroy Powell – It’s Our Turn Now

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Atlantis


Today we got another guest post from Mr. Adam Fenwick (many more of these and we’ll have to make him an official contributor) about a band he really loves that’s never received any run here on 9B despite me being a fan of the band. Anyhow, enjoy!

For the last three months, I’ve had Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2010 circled on a calendar I keep tacked to my bulletin board at work. Not because it was a birthday, not because it was an anniversary, but because that was the day real rock and roll was scheduled to arrive in my mail box.

Mulennium, the most recent release from southern rock/jam band stalwarts Gov’t Mule, is something I and many other diehard fans have been waiting for a very long time. For the uninitiated, I’ll give a quick summary.

The band started off as a power trio, featuring Warren Haynes (lead singer/guitar), Allen Woody (bass) and Matt Abts (drums). The group released a few albums and had just released what many expected to be their breakout record, Life Before Insanity, in February of 2000 when Woody died of a drug overdose in August of the same year.

While the band continued forward with a new bass player (who has since come and gone), things were never quite the same. To put it into perspective, its like Shooter Jennings without Leroy Powell, although not quite as fucking awful. The band was still good (great when Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools would play with them), but they were never the same without Woody’s passionate and heavy bass line.

Fast forward to Aug. 3, 2010, and we find Mulennium, a recording of the bands New Years Eve show Atlanta, Ga., on Dec. 31, 1999, released to the general public. The major selling point is this: the record features the original lineup of Haynes, Woody and Abts in their prime (it should be noted this is the first release to feature the original lineup since Woody died).

Playing this record is like a flashback to the glory days of hard bass lines and gutsy guitar rifts that this band was known for 10 years ago. Not only does the record feature Gov’t Mule favorites like Lay Your Burden Down, Blind Man In The Dark and Towering Fool, but it also features a number of covers (a Gov’t Mule New Years Eve tradition) such as Helter Skelter, 30 Days in the Hole and Simple Man, as well as blues legend Little Milton during the second set.

I know I have absolutely no voting rights here at ninebullets.net, but if I did this record would go on the Essential Listening list without a second thought. If you like loud as fuck rock and roll with a heavy bass, buy this record. You won’t be disappointed.

Gov’t Mule (w/Audley Freed) – Helter Skelter
Gov’t Mule (w/Audley Freed) – 30 Days In The Hole

Gov’t Mule’s Official Site, Gov’t Mule on myspace, Buy Mulennium


The December podcast will ring out 2009 here on ninebullets. This month there were no themes and no sponsors, just me, a bottle of sweet tea vodka and a huge list of some of my favorite songs of this year. Some made this podcast but most didn’t…not because they were inferior songs, mind you, they just didn’t fit the show. Believe it or not, I do try to maintain even flows throughout these things and avoid too many whiplash tempo changes. Had I made the podcast the day before or the day after I did, it probably would have turned out very, very differently. But I didn’t, and these are the songs that I chose and I’m done apologizing/explaining.

So, here are some of my favorite tracks of 2009 in podcast form. Everyone be safe over the long weekend, nurse your hangovers with the hair of the dog and college bowl games and we’ll see you come 2010.

As always, below you’ll find the track listing for the show. Please tell your friends and Facebook/Twitter followers about it, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

~ Autopsy IV (twitter/facebook/myspace)


  1. Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.04.04]
  3. Scott H. Biram – Sinkin’ Down [00.04.43]
  4. Leroy Powell – Good Morning Little School Girl [00.08.50]
  5. Truckstop Coffee – Laredo Skies [00.13.57]
  6. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.19.02]
  7. Micah Schnabel – Cut Me, Mick [00.20.19]
  8. Chuck Ragan – Rotterdamn [00.23.39]
  9. Matthew Dean Herman – Blackbird [00.26.05]
  10. Drive-By Truckers – Play It All Night Long [00.30.17]
  11. Lucero – Sixes and Sevens [00.35.13]
  12. Tim Barry – Thing Of The Past [00.38.02]
  13. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.42.17]
  14. Cam Penner – Thirteen [00.44.19]
  15. Malcolm Holcombe – A Bigger Plan [00.47.53]
  16. Autopsy IV Commentary [00.50.58]
  17. The Takers – Curse of a Drunk [00.53.08]
  18. Have Gun Will Travel – Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothes [00.57.02]
  19. Autopsy IV Commentary [01.01.41]
  20. Kasey Anderson – I Was A Photograph [01.02.10]

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What not to buy: Black Magik: the Best of Shooter Jennings and the .357’s
Why?: Because it’s as bad an idea as marrying Octopussy would be…
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why?: Okay, I am gonna go “old new school” SNL circa Fallon/Poehler here and we’ll play a game they called “Really?”

Really, Shooter, Really?….3 studio albums and you’re ready for a greatest hits album, Shooter? Really?
Have you really even had a hit yet Shooter……Really?
And take my advice, Shooter. When that stupid “Manifesto” song, “Busted in Baylor” and a subpar cover are in the running to be on your “greatest hits” tracklisting…you’re not ready for a greatest hits collection.


Look, I get it. Cash grab. I’m not an avid follower of Shooter but dude is obviously assimilating well into the mainstream country way of doing things and I can only guess that the Taylor Swift duet is already in the works. Some of Shooter’s best tracks **coughcoughHairoftheDogcoughcough* aren’t even included on this, his “greatest hits”, so I decided I would include them here, we’ll call it the Shooter’s Pretty Good Songs EP…and until Shooter writes a good song without Leroy Powell in his band I’ll consider him a fraud getting by on his Daddy’s name alone. Sort of like Dale Jr.

Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
Shooter Jennings – Electric Rodeo
Shooter Jennings – Little White Lines

Shooter Jenning’s Official Site, Shooter Jennings on myspace


I might make this week all about modern bands with the classic country sound. Last month I briefly mentioned the Leroy Powell had a new album out, Angles and Curves. After having spent a few weeks with the album, I can not recommend it to you enough. If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s with your Daddy listening to country music radio, then you are already familiar with the sound and feel of this album.

Angles and Curves was recorded over 2006-2007 in between touring with Shooter Jennings as a member of Shooter’s backing band, the .357’s, and while working on the recently released posthumous Waylon Jenning’s record, Waylon Forever. It is produced by the legendary music producer Eddie Kramer, along with Evan Frankfort and Dave Cobb and it continues to build on the base that was his self-titled debut. Once again it features his backing band The Worst Best Friends, featuring younger brother Chris Powell on drums, Jason Cope on guitar and Slade McCombs on bass, but the real standout is Leroy. His voice is unimpeachable, while his electric and slide guitar playing are equal parts new and exciting and pure nostalgia with a nod to country radio’s better days.

Don’t sleep on this album just ’cause it’s a digital release, it will certainly find it’s way into heavy rotation if you give it a chance. Lord knows it’s in my Essential Listening list.

Leroy Powell – Dollars & Sense
Leroy Powell – Angles
Leroy Powell – Truckin’

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Angles and Curves


Hey guys. It’s another Friday and to be honest, I am pretty much just counting the minutes until I can blow out of work and go fishing. The weather here in Florida has been fan-fucking-tastic this week and instead of making a post for ninebullets last night the wife and I went canoeing and than headed out to an outdoor bar to enjoy the weather with some beers…so today youget some randomness that I’ve been thinking about posting:

  • I was recently interviewed for a reoccuring piece on the blog Terrible Love Songs where they interview other bloggers. If you’re interested you can read it here. Plus you can see a picture of my hot wife and my ugly mug.
  • It Burns When I Pee released another episode of their monthly podcast last week.  This month’s theme is “So Many Jugs… So Little Time” and features music by Hank Williams, Don Helms and The Meat Purveyors as well as the usual assortment of skits and banter. You can listen to it here.
  • One of my favorite blogs, songs:illinois, posted a track by a band we both share a massive amount of love for, The Sumner Brothers. You can give it a listen here.  Speaking of The Sumner Brothers, earlier this week they sent out a myspace bulletin apologizing for their new cd not being available on CD Baby in time for the cd-release (Sept. 19). Apparently there was a hangup at the border but they assure us that they’ve sent another pack of cds and we should all be able to pick up the cd soon.
  • Speaking of songs:illinois he made a post last week begging for traffic and it got me to thinking…I could use some more traffic as well…and since I ain’t too proud to beg (or bite on other peoples idea) I am totally gonna bogart his post…Tell someone you love about ninebullets.net or something. Post about us on your myspace profile…Anything. Like S:I the 9bullets traffic has been trending downward as of late and I’ve been getting a little discouraged.
  • Another day, another digital release. Ben’s solo album yesterday is followed by a man who doesn’t like us too much I don’t think…but it doesn’t matter cause I love his music. The former guitarist of Shooter Jenning’s band (and the man who wrote Shooter’s best songs), Mr. Leroy Powell has digitally released his new album, Angles and Curves. You can pick it up over on his web site for a mere 10 dollars. I am currently on my second pass through it and I am loving it. If you like the classic country sounds of the 80’s legends you’ll love it as well. I’ll be posting a more extend piece on the album in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll offer you a track:
    Leroy Powell – Dollars & Sense

See y’all next week.

Introducing: Leroy Powell

As I mentioned last week, Leroy left Shooter’s backing band (the .357’s) and Shooter’s new album is shoddy. Are the two related? I dunno, but all of this inspired me to finally pull Leroy’s cd from my “to listen to” pile and put it in the cd player. Three songs into it I knew that Leroy’s influence is exactly what Shooter’s album is missing. Who knows if Leroy had split before, after or during the recording of Shooter’s new disc, but Leroy’s solo disc embodies what I’m missing when I listen to The Wolf.So, who is this Leroy Powell? He is a Redlands, California native, raised on music from the age of 10. Upon moving to LA in the late 90’s, he spent his time playing in funk and rock bands. While I do not profess to know Leroy, I am gonna guess that his Daddy listened to country music as a kid, and after a few years in LA he hooked up with a fiddle player, Travis Parker, and they embarked down the left hand path of country music. A few years passed and then he hooked up with Shooter, did a few albums in Shooter’s backing band (writing some of the better songs on them), then recorded his self-titled cd earlier this year and left the .357’s and embarked on a solo career.

Enter Leroy Powell and the Worst Best Friends, featuring younger brother Chris Powell on drums, Jason Cope on guitar and Slade McCombs on bass. They are now in the process of recording Leroy’s sophomore effort, currently titled Angles and Curves, which will be produced by legendary music producer, Eddie Kramer.

Back to Leroy’s self-titled effort. If you grew up with a Daddy listening to country music, you are gonna love this disc. You could que it up between Waylon, Merle and a whole slew of other classic 70’s/80’s artists and it would not sound a bit out of place. Hence the earlier guess that Leroy’s daddy must’ve exposed him to country music as a kid. This album is part trip down nostalgia lane and part completely awesome new album that I should have listened to months ago. It’s definitely in the running for ninebullets.net’s album of the year award. That and a nickel won’t get you a god damned thing but it’s better than nothing…..I guess, except that it obviously means it at least has a place on the Essential Listening list. Listen to the mp3’s, love ’em…buy the cd…love it too.

Leroy Powell – Gypsy Lady
Leroy Powell – I Go To Extremes
Leroy Powell – We Are Blessed

Leroy Powell’s Official Site, Leroy Powell on myspace, Buy Leroy Powell’s debut cd

Edit: I meant to include this video when I posted this earlier. Better late than never I suppose. It’s Leroy’s debut video for the song “Keep the Diamond”: