This past Friday my wife, a friend and I were blessed with a Florida appearance from the scumbag country sensations out of Reno, Nevada; Hellbound Glory. When I say my wife, a friend and I, I am not joking…there were, maybe, 4 other people in the bar and while it was very disheartening for me, it didn’t seem to phase the band one fucking bit.

They opened the show with about a 40 minute set from Leroy’s other project, The Excavators which included plenty of originals as well as a fantastic rework/cover of Kenny Rogers’, The Gambler before adding drums and morphing into Hellbound Glory.

I was skeptical of Hellbound Glory when I reviewed their album here on 9B but having seen them live I am now a believer, or perhaps I should say I am now a believer in Leroy Virgil. That dude is the real deal and we, as a musical community, should begin to embrace him. Also, while I enjoyed the shit out of seeing Hellbound Glory, I left being most excited about this Excavators project.

After the show, Leroy agreed to play a track from the upcoming Excavators album for me and I am super excited to bring it to y’all this morning. This is Leroy performing, “Living That Way (You Better Hope You Die Young)”…as a side note, we were all pretty wasted by this point:

This is a video that surfaced right after SxSW that features Leroy performing another Excavators song called “Third World County Line”: