One of my new years resolutions was to contribute to one kickstarter project a month and it (unlike drink less, look at less porn and stop eating hot dogs) is one I plan to keep. Without getting on too big of a soapbox I think it’s something all of us should be doing. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows we’ve all downloaded plenty of free music over the years and now it’s time to pay that back by supporting the bands in as direct a way as we’ve ever been able to. I’m not saying you should support the same project I do (though that would be awesome) but you should select one a month and support it. That said, I am now in need of a project for February so if you know of some good ones out there lemme know in the comments.

This month’s kickstarter project for 9B is The Whiskey Gentry. I’ve been a fan of singer, Lauren Staley, since she was in the now defunct Missy Gossip and The Secret Keepers and have been following The Whiskey Gentry for a few years now. Local faves, Have Gun Will Travel, have played a few dates with them up in Atlanta and have brought them down Tampa way a few times. I even had an interview I had recorded with the band on my long ago stolen Flip camera. Anyhow, they’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to record their first full-length record at John Keane’s Studios in Athens, GA. John Keane’s worked with bands like R.E.M., Widespread Panic and the Indigo Girls and has been nominated for a Grammy this year. Needless to say, it’s an ambitious start for a band I really like. If you wanna help them out you can contribute to their kickstarter effort here.

Here is a video from the band:



If Nick Cave, a carnival barker, Jayne Mansfield, and the French Quarter had a love child it would be the five headed beast known as Dirty Bourbon River Show.Based in New Orleans these boys live up to their name even on a studio album and by that I mean you feel a little bit dirty and a lot like you need a glass of bourbon when you listen to them. Volume OneFormed in 2009 under the name “Buck Johnson and the Hootenanny Kid” with just frontman Noah Adams and drummer Dane “Bootsy” Schindler they picked up Big Charlie Skinner and Wayne Mitchell along the way and the schizophrenic variety hour that is Dirty Bourbon River Show was pushed out, kicking and screaming into the world. The opening track, Anything Goes Tonight opens with Nawlins piano jangle and brings on the horns slow and dirty and really makes you believe that anything goes…tonight. After that the band yanks us kicking and screaming through all sorts of genres, sounds, and lyrical ruminations and shows an ability to make each style their very own in a way that makes you realize they own each note, each breath, each idea in the song. I even think I could dance to some it. It might not be pretty but I could do it. This stuff is Essential Listening for sure. I think the best track is Ruffian Since Birth but the whole album is worth putting the needle in the groove for without a doubt.

To top off releasing a flat out amazing first offering the band has a blog that isn’t just for promoting themselves. You can catch them lamenting the lack of rap music these days, posting strange pictures, and talking about other bands they dig. They carve they way into Houston on May, 10 and I plan to catch them because I have feeling that seeing these guys live will be more than just a good show. I almost expect dancing ponies and a ringmaster but I figure that’s a little over the top but from a band like this it wouldn’t shock me. So it’s time for you all to check out something that’s a little outside of what I normally cover because it’s just that damn good. I’ll be sure to let you know how the show turns out because it’s the show I am looking forward to the most in the next little while. Check ’em out live if you get a chance but for now check out these tracks and while you listen check out their Kickstarter project…it’s in the links below the tracks so you have no damn excuse not to. If you can spare a buck or two you can help fund their musical efforts.

Dirty Bourbon River Show – Ruffian Since Birth
Dirty Bourbon River Show – Yelping Song
Dirty Bourbon River Show – St. James Infirmary

Dirty Bourbon River Show’s Official Blog
Dirty Bourbon River Show’s Kickstarter project

Side Note: You may not know it from my postings here but I am fairly concerned about copyright issues in today’s society. From ACTA to copyright extensions every time Mickey Mouse is about to enter the public domain our rights to use the art we purchase, with our hard earned dollars, is being eroded. I mentioned the Kickstarter project because efforts like Kickstarter are a tool to attack the big labels who are fighting against our rights to share music with friends and even to make digital copies of music we have bought and paid for. I won’t go into a rant here, and trust me I easily could, but even if you don’t like DBRS all that much please look around Kickstarter and find project you can support. In doing so you help artists maintain control of their work and help promote your own rights by fighting against the record companies’ archaic, and dying, business model.

I’ll get off my soapbox now…