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Below is the playlist for August 17, 2013 [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Drag The River – Old Sad Songs
02. Booker & Norton – Have You Seen My Son?
03. Snakehealers – Roadside (Cure All)
04. Alone At 3AM – Another Round (Midwest Mess)
05. The White Buffalo – Joey White (Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways)
06. Have Gun Will Travel – Standing at the End of the World (Fiction, Fact or Folktale?)
07. Joe Pug – Speak Plainly Diana (Messenger)
08. Wade Bowen – Trucks
09. Sturgill Simpson – You Can Have The Crown (High Top Mountain)
10. The David Mayfield Parade – another year (Good Man Down)
11. Paul Baribeau – Eight Letters
12. Two Cow Garage – Skinny Legged Girl (Speaking In Cursive)
13. J. Roddy Walston & The Business – Marigold
14. Valerie June – Workin’ Woman Blues (Pushin’ Against A Stone)
15. Glossary – A Shoulder To Cry On (Long Live All Of Us)
16. Trapper Schoepp & The Shades – Cold Deck (Run, Engine, Run)
17. Drag The River – Marooned (Drag The River EP)
18. JJ Grey & Mofro – The Ballad of Larry Webb (This River)
19. Songs: Ohia – Nervous Bride
20. Amanda Shires – Look Like a Bird (Down Fell The Doves)
21. Jason Isbell – Live Oak (Southeastern)
22. Kent Goolsby – Natural Disaster (Trophies of Youth)
23. Doc Feldman & the LD50 – Cold Tile Floor (Sundowning At The Station)
24. Austin Lucas – Splinters (Stay Reckless)
25. John Moreland – God’s Medicine (In The Throes)
26. Tim Fite – Big Mistake
27. The Ergs! – Stinking of Whiskey Blues
28. The Whiskey Gentry – Dixie (Holly Grove)
29. Patrick Sweeny – Workin’ For You (Close To The Floor)
30. Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl (Under The Pink)

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Episode 137: aired 08.17.2013

Kent Goolsby – Trophies Of Youth

The Only Sons were a good band. They played around the south and made a couple of solid records, but what happens to them is what happens to plenty of other bands: They run their course. Then something else happens.

Kent Goolsby released a solo EP a couple of years ago and it was good, but based off that EP and The Only Sons catalogue I wasn’t sitting around waiting for Goolsby’s full-length debut to show up in the mail. But if I knew how fucking good it was I would have been paying off the mailman to bring it sooner.

I don’t want to jump right out and say Trophies Of Youth is better than any of The Only Sons records, but it might be. It has a different feel, a more laid back approach, and it’s without some of the elements of The Only Sons that were my least favorite.

Let me walk you through my discovery: I saw the title first and thought “Trophies Of Youth is a cool title.”  Then I looked at the song listings and was happy that it wasn’t the name of a song. I’m always happy when an album is not named after a specific song, but the phrase does show up in “Natural Disaster” (which is cool with me). “Jesus Is My Landlord” is the first title that caught my eye and I thought “I really hope that’s a cool song.” And it is. The first music I heard was the intro to “Carrot Blues” and knew I was going to dig this record.

I hate the word swagger and especially hate it when referring to music, so I’m not going to use it here. Trophies Of Youth has a lot of sway on it. Goolsby’s voice and phrasing and playing naturally sways; especially on the songs with piano. The style, sway and gravely voice call to mind Leon Russell or the most soulful Gregg Allman songs.

There is so much to enjoy on Trophies Of Youth that I’m calling it Essential Listening and suggesting you bust open your piggy bank and throw down for these songs. Your front porch will thank you.

PS: The EP I mention is under the name Kent Eugene Goolsby, I guess he dropped the middle name to keep from being a serial killer.

Kent Goolsby – Jesus Is My Land Lord
Kent Goolsby – Natural Disaster
Kent Goolsby – Carrot Blues

Official Site, Kent on Facebook, Buy Trophies Of Youth


Sorry for missing yesterday. Things around work got interesting and I just didn’t have time (or the courage to risk getting caught) to post to ninebullets. Anyhow, a really awesome piece of news. In addition to doing my weekly stint on Ninebullets Radio this week I will also be acting as a guest host from 12-2pm on Friday for the “It’s The Music” show. So, if you get a chance you should check it out.

Also! On Friday night I’m bringing Shane Sweeney (Two Cow Garage), Branden Barnett (Ghost Shirt), Kent Goolsby (The Only Sons) and Devon Stuart (The Snakehealers / The Takers) to downtown St. Pete for a FREE show. If you live in the area you need to get your ass out to this show (All information can be found here).

The other day this video landed in my inbox and I’ve been meaning to share it ever since. I love all things Joe Pug and this video is basically video snap shots of the past year since the release of his 2010 effort, Messenger. Not to mention a fucking awesome song. Check it out:

And finally, the newest Feel Bad For You mixtape has come out. Unfortunately, work was too strange this month and I forgot to send a song in but it somehow manages to be awesome despite my absence:


As the weeks tick down until the The Only Sons new album, American Stranger, comes out Kent decided to wet our appetite with a little solo album. A little solo album that can be downloaded for free no less.

The album is entitled Wild Eyed Son and was recorded by Kent and Joey Kneiser (Glossary) over the course of seven days. The album features Joey on all the instrumentation except for acoustic guitar. So, go grab it and while you’re at it why don’t you grab Joey’s solo album (also free along with a Glossary album and Kelly Kneiser’s solo album) over on Glossary’s web site.

Kent Eugene Goolsby – Wide Eyed Son
Kent Eugene Goolsby – Don’t Tempt Me

Joey Kneiser – Adelina

And be on the lookout for that new The Only Sons album coming out January 29th. Here is a video for a track of American Stranger called “Temptation” which happens to have been shot by……you guessed it….Joey Kneiser.

Kent Eugene Goolsby – Temptation from theonlysons on Vimeo.