My first exposure to Melody Gardot came via her 2008 album, Worrisome Heart. The first time I heard her I emailed the following to my wife:

Melody Gardot.
I don’t know much.
But I know I like her.
She makes me wanna smoke cigarettes and drink vodka outta funky glasses.

Much has been made about her unique path into the music scene, and in the interest of back story I’ll recap it here. At nineteen, Melody was riding her bicycle when she was struck by a car, ending up with a head injury that caused cognitive impairment. As fate would have it, during her rehab her doctor suggested that she try making music to help repair that damage. Katherine Wright of the Music Therapy Association explains, “Music enables a person to reminisce and reconnect with her sense of identity. Songwriting is an excellent tool to use when working on concentration and other cognitive issues.” Following her doctor’s suggestions, Melody started writing and recording the songs that would eventually make up her debut cd, Some Lessons- the Bedroom Sessions, as well as Worrisome Heart.

April saw Melody release her second full length, My One And Only Thrill, and I could go into a whole “Here’s a 23 year old old-soul with a jazzy haunting voice that knows real pain” type of spiel, but I’ won’t. Instead I am gonna review the album with a haiku:

jazzyphat nasty
rat pack and dry martinis
Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot – Who Will Comfort Me
Melody Gardot – Your Heart Is As Black As Night
Melody Gardot – Baby I’m A Fool

Melody Gardot’s Official Site, Melody Gardot on myspace, Buy My One And Only Thrill