Apr 062012

The traffic was back to normal last night and the show went off without a hitch. It’s chock full of new music from the likes of McDougall, The Grand Tetons, The Parlor Soldiers, Lucero and Arliss Nancy. I also played a fantastic track off the new Counting Crows album that’s a cover of Kasey Anderson’s “Like Teenage Gravity” which is immediately followed by a track off Kasey’s upcoming album. Sound good? I thought so, so put your ears on the archived stream of the show.

Also, next week’s show is the marathon show. Ninebullets Radio has 60 minutes to raise $1600 dollars. We’ve never missed a marathon goal which is something I think is a source of pride for both, the show and it’s listeners. If you enjoy the show or just enjoy the idea that there is a show out there playing these artists then please, drop a donation in Ninebullets Radio’s Tip Jar.

Below is the playlist for April 05, 2012

01. Todd Farrell – Ninebullets Radio Intro
02. Drive-By Truckers – The Righteous Path
03. Grand Tetons – Because I Bloody Well Stammer
04. Arliss Nancy – The Crease
05. Counting Crows – Like Teenage Gravity
06. Kasey Anderson – Some Depression
07. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Righteous, Ragged Songs
08. Steve Von Till – A Grave Is A Grim Horse
09. Hellbound Glory – Better Hope You Die Young
10. The Parlor Soldiers – When The Dust Settles
11. Alabama – The Cheap Seats
12. McDougall – Gates Of Victory
13. The Decemberists – E. Watson
14. Lucero – When I Was Young

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Episode 66: aired 04.05.2012

Dec 312011

Not so much a Top 10 list, as there is plenty of music I haven’t heard this year, but these 10 albums represent the discs that rarely made it out of rotation on my iPod or Spotify account. These are the albums that I turned to when I was happy, when I was caught in a blinding moment of despair, when I needed someone else’s words to articulate the emotions swirling in my head, if only to allow me the chance to breathe in, breathe out, and steady the ship.

Music has that power – to soothe, to agitate, to kickstart into action and give voice and purpose to one’s life. And these here are some pretty powerful artists, in that regard, whose songs helped define the past year of my life.

  1. Girls Guns and Glory: Sweet Nothings - This one has it all, from mournful ballads to shit-kicking rev-ups, and there’s not a damn bit of filler to be found. Best song, “Baby’s Got A Dream,” which instantly vaulted into my favorite songs of all time.
  2. Imelda May: Mayhem - Imelda May is the total package. She’s a latex-wearing, Vargas pinup with an undeniable ear for the heart of rockabilly swing. Best song, “Proud and Humble” or “Psycho.”
  3. The Horrible Crowes: Elsie - It’s no secret, I love The Gaslight Anthem, and this side project was a gift for longtime fans waiting for their follow-up to “American Slang.” Best song, “I Witnessed A Crime.”
  4. Jonathan Keevil: Bellflower (Original Motion PictureSoundtrack) – If you haven’t seen “Bellflower,” you are missing out on the best film to come out since “Fight Club.” It’s an apocalyptic love story with flamethrowers and badass Mad Max-inspired muscle cars that perfectly captures love’s intensity, from the intoxicating thrill of the first kiss to the heart-smacked gut punch of the worst breakup ever. Jonathan Keevil’s haunting soundtrack does for Evan Glodell’s film what Elliott Smith did for “Good Will Hunting.” It is simply remarkable. Best song, “Blind, Deaf Too,” “Enough” or “Babyfin.”
  5. Lydia Loveless: Indestructible Machine – Much has been made of Loveless’s destructive bent, her penchant for honestly exploring her issues with drugs and drink, and the fact that she’s barely legal and likely a candidate for the doomed 27-year-old musician’s curse. But there is no denying how amazingly talented she is, or that Loveless is as close as we’ll likely come to a 21st-century Patsy Cline. Best song, “Learn to Say No.”
  6. American Anodyne: So You Want to Be A Bullfighter - Good old outlaw country that would make Waylon proud. American Anodyne announced themselves as a force to be reckoned with on their debut, perfectly balancing a handful of rousing juke joint rockers with the social commentary of a modern-day Woody Guthrie. Best song, “Call My Brother” or “El Dorado, Dark Blue.”
  7. Kasey Anderson and the Honkies: Heart of a Dog – Singer-songwriter Kasey Anderson hooked up with the Honkies and delivered a wonderful slice of countrified rock, the perfect album for driving fast down an empty interstate, destination unknown. Best song, “Kasey Anderson’s Dream.”
  8. Jessica Lea Mayfield: Tell Me - Another younger-than-her-years songstress, Jessica Lea Mayfield can break your heart with her big, beautiful eyes or just cut it out with her incredibly sharp ruminations on the damage love can do. Best song, “I’ll Be the One You Want Someday.”
  9. The Breedings: Laughing at Luck – This brother/sister act out of Nashville, TN are the real deal, and I think they are poised to break big in 2012. Erin and Willie Breeding compliment each other perfectly on their debut, but it’s Erin’s voice that will grab you tight and not let go. Best song, “When It All Comes Down.”
  10. Jo Wymer: Living with Scars - I love Jo Wymer. This New Jersey-based mother/wife/teacher lives and rocks by a simple motto: Play it loud. And on her self-financed, independently released debut, she does just that, reaching for a brass ring that few artists are lucky to ever touch in their entire career and refusing to let go. I compared her to Pat Benatar in my review, but honestly, she’s better. Few albums in 2011 made me smile as much in 2011, and I can honestly say I never once was tempted to turn the volume down. Best song, “Dirty Secrets.”
Dec 152011

Two of my favorite albums last year came from Kasey Anderson. His album Nowhere Nights was one of the three or four albums discovered in the same time-period that were the main reasons I started writing about music again. And his follow-up Heart Of A Dog with his new band The Honkies was almost as good.

Since then, Kasey and the Honkies have toured far and wide, slowly merging into a real band, instead of a front man and his backing band. You can easily hear that by checking out some of the youtube videos that’s surfaced the last year, or his two live EPs Live Honkies and Live at KEXP.

Presently, Kasey Anderson & The Honkies are getting ready to record new songs for their upcoming album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

These days, where you won’t get a record deal unless you’re young, female and can prove you can’t sing (or think for yourself), most artists have to take responsibility and just DIY.

Bands like American Aquarium, Sons Of Bill and even Rhett Miller are using some sort of pledge-service, like Kickstarter or Pledgemusic.

Being who he is, and wanting to do things his way – Kasey Anderson has come up with his own twist. He’s kickstarting his new album, without using Kickstarter – but rather his Bandcamp.

The problem with Kickstarter is the point where the pledges fall short of the spoken goal, and no money changes hands – even if there are eager fans willing to part with their money to see new product from their artists.

Kasey is making the album no matter what, but what you can do is pre-order it, and in that manner you’re paying a sum of money earmarked the recording of the album. He’s even thrown in a few treats for anyone who’s willing to dish out a few extra bucks.

Like we know from Kickstarter, it all starts with the lowest sum and a digital album – but from there you can pre-order and get anything from exclusive t-shirts, a notebook with lyrics and comments or even his Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet. Kasey’s also throwing a private house-concert into the mix. He’s forgotten to throw in a disclaimer on how far he’s willing to travel to do that show, so I’m actually considering buying that for myself for Christmas. It’s not THAT far to Norway, is it?

If you want to do both Kasey and yourself a favor, hop over to his website and pre-order/pledge for his new album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Abaddon Blues

Mar 072011





As anyone who got within earshot of me can attest, by the end of SxSW last year I had had it. Austin had defeated me. I was tired of being drunk, tired of walking and just plain tired. In a word, I was done.

Well. Flash forward almost a year and I’m preparing to go do back an do the battle of attrition once again and we’re bringing the party back! This year not only is the ninebullets.net party actually located downtown, it’s also gonna be two days and featuring plenty on ninebullets.net regulars. You’ll find all the info for both days below as wall as a sampler of the artists appearing at the shows. If you’re planning on attending please make sure to RSVP on the Facebook event pages (Friday, Saturday) and feel free to add to the invite lists for both days.



Friday, March 18
Double Down Lounge
515 Pedernales Street
Austin, TX 78702

12pm – The Only Sons
1pm – Chip Robinson
2pm – Glossary
3pm – Kasey Anderson and The Honkies
4pm – Caitlin Rose
5pm – American Aquarium
6pm – Or, The Whale



Saturday, March 19
Revolution Bar
2421 Webberville Road
Austin, TX 78702-3551

12pm – Kasey Anderson and The Honkies
1pm – Two Cow Garage
2pm – Austin Lucas
3pm – Glossary
4pm – The Only Sons
5pm – Have Gun Will Travel
6pm – Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires

I hope to see some of y’all out at one of these shows. If you make it, I’ll be the drunk guy in a ninebullets.net tshirt…come say “hi”.

Here is a sampler of the bands playing for you to enjoy:

Feb 042011

Once upon a time, Kasey wrote for ninebullets. During that time I wrote a piece about his album Nowhere Nights and I tried to make it a comical piece. Truth is, I wasn’t sure how to review that album and not come off as shilling for the guy who writes for the web site, and as a result I did the album a discredit. Well that’s no longer an issue. Kasey stopped writing for 9B a year or so ago for reasons still unknown to me. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m far from bitter. Truth is, the dude’s writing gave me an inferiority complex sometimes. So, it is without that hanging over my head that I mention Kasey’s new album, Heart of a Dog, to you guys.

When we last saw Kasey it was on the heels of his album Nowhere Nights, a stripped down and melancholy affair that served as a musical goodbye letter to Kasey’s hometown of Bellingham, Washington. Heart of a Dog finds Kasey in a more jovial party mood and with a bona fide rock and roll band in the form of The Honkies, who make their presence immediately felt on the opening track, “The Wrong Light.” Kasey and Co’s goal wasn’t to make a perfect record, so much as it was to make an organic rock and roll record, but I’ll let Kasey explain it, “I wanted to make a rock ‘n’ roll record with my friends. I wanted to write ten good songs, put everyone in a room, and roll tape. So that’s what we did. We played a song until we got a take we liked, then we moved on to the next; didn’t usually take too long.” This is interesting for me, coming off of listening to Keith Richards’ autobiography, ‘cause that’s basically how he explains recording a rock and roll record. You can have all the technological whizbangs you want but if you ain’t got that sound, that feeling, you ain’t gonna have a good rock and roll record. Heart of a Dog does capture that sound and (save for a few missteps) fun.

Heart of a Dog is recommended for those out there who like their lyrics smart and their rock mixed with plenty of blues, topped with some throwback. Essential Listening listening in a year that’s shaping up to be a musical goldmine.

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – The Wrong Light
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Save It For Later
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Mercy

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies’ Official Site, Kasey Anderson & The Honkies on Facebook, Buy Heart Of A Dog