Well it’s that time again folks, sorry for missing last week, so get out you thinking caps, or in the case of this list maybe your earplugs and dive right in to this week’s Top 5. This one is the top 5 songs you like to sing at karaoke or if you are not a singer then the top 5 songs you like to hear at karaoke. (Next week we’ll talk about the songs we never want to hear again).

Karaoke - A Top 5

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AUTOPSY IV’S ANSWER: To put it bluntly…I am not a karaoke guy. I can barely stand listening to a cover band in a bar much less a bunch of drunks putting on their best Bon Jovi. Seriously, if I walk in a bar and they’re doing karaoke, I leave. It’s not my thing but a bunch of people dig it so I must be missing something. I’ve performed exactly one song at karaoke and this is it:

Hank Williams Jr. – Family Tradition