Drag the River’s break-up turned nonbreak-up turned…well….I don’t even know what it is these days has spurred the release of another new(ish) cd, Primer.

The 20 tracks were hand selected by Jon and Chad and while there is probably a track or two missing Primer probably looks like the mixtape you would make if you were trying to turn someone on to Drag. So, check out the full album stream below and then go order it.


One of the greatest musical regrets I have is ignoring Drag the River for as long as I did. As I mentioned here one time, per their name I assumed they were just a metal band and ignored them for quite some time. Fortunately, I came around in time to see them as a full band once before they “broke up”. Since then I’ve managed to catch Jon and Chad as a duo 3 times and have became a card-carrying member of the Drag The River fan club. Last month we saw what is technically their second posthumous album with this collection of 7″ tracks and B-sides in Bad At Breaking Up.

Bad At Breaking Up features all of the topical points one would expect from a Drag The River record; whiskey, women, broken hearts and barstool anthems. Sonically, the album seems more sparse and calm than most Drag albums, yet the songs do accurately represent the sound and feel of a modern Drag show.

I would not recommend Bad At breaking Up as an entry point to the DTR catalog, but it’s pretty much a must have for any fan of the band. And if you’re reading this and wondering if you should look into Drag The River, then let me answer that for you; Yes. Absolutely.

Drag The River – Having A Party
Drag The River – Jeff Black Song
Drag The River – Trainwreck

Drag The River’s Official Site, Drag The River on myspace, Buy Bad At Breaking Up