The whole “XXX Music” movement has gotten very little run here on ninebullets for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest being the name but I had a little bit of an epiphany while talking on ninebullets radio a few weeks back. To paraphrase I basically said that, “disagreements aside, the simple fact is that we’re on the same side and fighting the same war…” With that said:

Give Me My XXX is a grassroots movement intended to give “outer-edge” artists a common umbrella to call home and it tries to be a place for fans of a band to try and find other “like sounded” bands. They’ve also been releasing some compilations under the “Southern Independent” moniker and offering them up for free download on Today, they released Vol. 2 which features a collection of bands that have already appeared here on as well as a handful that are already on tap to be showing up here in the near future. So, of you’re into the idea of checking out some new music along with some familiar artists with no fiscal risk check out the Southern Independent Vol. 2 Compilation available for free download here.

Track Listing:

01. Powder Mill – Devil in New Orleans
02. Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre – Quittin’ Time
03. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Codeine
04. The Imperial Rooster – I Like The Way
05. Joey Allcorn – Whatever Kills Me First
06. Jonny Corndawg – Chevy Beretta
07. John Carter Cash – Santa Monica
08. Black Oak Arkansas – Sweet Delta Water
09. Honky Tonk Hustlas – Down and Out
10. Roger Alan Wade – Canteen Full of Dreams
11. Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – I Ain’t Drunk
12. North Mississippi Allstars – Hear The Hills
13. Jerry Mc Gill – Hootchie Kootchie Man


Ninebullets Radio is a radio extension of the blog that airs every Thursday night in Tampa, Florida on WMNF 88.5 FM at 10pm Eastern. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Below is the playlist for May 26, 2011.

01. Matt Woods – Beating Down My Door
02. Medford’s Black Record Collection – Small Town
03. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong
04. The Sumner Brothers – Going Out West
05. The Mojo Gurus – I Can’t Stand To Hear That Song Again
06. Kenneth Brian Band – Prayer For Love
07. Whitey Morgan & The 78’s – Where Do You Want It?
08. Waylon Jennings – Don’t You Think This Outlaws Bit Gotten Out Of Hand
09. Merle Haggard – I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink
10. Joey Allcorn – This Ain’t Montgomery
11. Greenland Is Melting – The Last Song
12. Kentucky Parlor Pickers – Shake Your Molasses
13. Kingsley Flood – I Don’t Wanna Go Home
14. The Waifs – Moses & The Lamb

P.S.: Ninebullets Radio now has it’s own Facebook Page. It’ll be the central depot for playlists, show related banter and ticket/giveaway announcements. So, if you’re into that please wander over and “like” us and tell a friend or two about it.

P.P.S.: If you like this show, do me a favor and post about it on your Facebook/Twitter/Blog. It’ll do a lot to help these bands reach new ears…and in the end, that’s what this is all about. It’ll also help bring the existence of the radio show to more people’s attention & the more people there are listening/paying attention to the show the more likely it is to stay on the air.


We’re back with another podcast. This month features a couple of tracks from the upcoming Evan Phillips benefit album, as well as a track from the upcoming Joey Allcorn album All Alone Again.

Evan Phillips is the front man for one of my favorite new rock and roll bands, The Whipsaws, as well as a member of the trio E.S.P., with Tim Easton and Leeroy Stagger. Seven years ago he suffered an injury while climbing a mountain in California and had surgery to try and repair it, but the surgery was ineffective.  He’s been trying to live with it, but last year it got much worse and The Whipsaws were forced to cancel the remainder of their tour so Evan could get it fixed properly. Unfortunately, there is no insurance plan for touring musicians, so Evan was left with a mountain of bills. The benefit album was put together to help Evan out, while also getting some awesome music out to us (seems more fair than the Paste deal). Featured on the album are 11 bands including Tim Easton, Leeroy Stagger, Ryebender and Wrinkle Neck Mules performing their takes on Evan’s songs. It comes out June 15 so keep an eye on the myspace profile and buy one or two when they become available.

I also decided to do a segment featuring some local area bands, Will Quinlan & The Diviners, Truckstop Coffee and Roppongi’s Ace. All three are part of the upper-crust of the Tampa/Central Florida music scene and they all have albums for sale. I hope y’all like this segment and check out their music in greater detail, I am gonna do this again next month with three more bands from my local scene. I also plan on writing up Roppongi’s Ace’s completely awesome album, Into The Night, next week so be on the lookout.

You may also notice that I’ve added the timestamp to each song in the track listing. That was a suggestion from a reader that I thought was brilliant. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this podcast better, please email me. I’m not too proud, and lord knows I am learning this podcast thing on the fly. And if you’re a band that would like their music featured on the podcast, again, email me.

Okay, that’s enough talking, let’s get to the track list and the music:

  1. Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets (00:00:00)
  2. The Devil Makes Three – Working Man’s Blues (04:02:50)
  3. They Might Be Giants – Number Three (07:39:00)
  4. Autopsy IV Talking (09:01:00)
  5. Rye Bender – Highway 395 (10:21:00)
  6. Aaron Lee Tasjan – Fighting For The Man (14:03:00)
  7. Autopsy IV Talking (18:00:75)
  8. The Whipsaws – Jessi Jane (18:54:50)
  9. Michael Dean Damron – Waiting Around To Die (21:58:50)
  10. Autopsy IV Talking (24:38:25)
  11. Joey Allcorn – Lonesome, Lovesick Man (25:27:25)
  12. Drive-By Trucker’s – Great Car Dealer War (29:02:25)
  13. Autopsy IV Talking (34:37:00)
  14. Truckstop Coffee – Blackbird (35:41:25)
  15. Will Quinlan & The Diviners – The Theiving Life (39:35:25)
  16. Roppongi’s Ace – Lord (44:19:25)
  17. Autopsy IV talking (47:15:00)
  18. Bob Log III – It’s The Law (48:26:25)
  19. The Pack A.D. – Wolves and Werewolves (50:45:25)
  20. Autopsy IV Talking (55:30:00)
  21. Little Foot Long Foot – June Bug (55:58:00)

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NOTE: This is it! I am headed to the beach for a couple of days and I’m leaving the laptop behind. No internets, no emails, no tweets (okay, probably some from the iPhone) and no updates. Just whiskey, homebrew, a beach, a grill and some ribs begging for 10 hours of low heat. I’ll be back to posting on June 3rd.