One of my favorite things about running this blog is all the neat stuff other people teach me. Be it through the comments or via email folks quite regularly drop interesting bits of trivia on me. Such is the case with the track Sloe Gin.Earlier this week I posted about Joe Bonamassa’s new cd, Sloe Gin and included the title track. Well, yesterday a reader left the following comment:

This particular gin is a cover of a tune by no less than Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show and camp bit parts in hollywood b movie fame). He did a couple of albums in LA in the 70’s with people like Carlos Alomar and Bob Ezrin which are in some parts good, and in others so bad they are good. Sloe gin is the stand out track from his LP ‘Read My Lips’. The original is not that different to Joe’s cover (which i was amazed and ecstatic to find – must be Tim’s first cover). The original is worth tracking down if only for hearing that Tim, unlike Jim is ..’so fucking lonely’.

This was juicy trivia to be sure. I never knew Mr. Curry did any singing beyond “Sweet Transvestite”. I had to hear it. Now, you can too and we all owe Gbarry a big Thank You.

Tim Curry – Sloe Gin
Joe Bonamassa – Sloe Gin

I couldn’t resist: Sweet Transvestite


I. Fucking. Love. Gin. More than any man probably should. I mean, I love me some Jim Beam whiskey and I am rather fond of Avalanche and Spaten Optimator beers, but on a hot summer day, water isn’t even as good as a stiff Gin and Tonic. If it didn’t fuck with my balance so much, I’d fill my Camelbak up with it when I went mountain biking. My mother calls Gin “the alcoholic’s drink”. I suspect she might be right, and because of that and my affection for it I tend to avoid it for the most part. Me and Mr. Beam, we get along really well and he rarely punishes me the next day. One time, the wife and I went on a 6 month gin binge and started trying different brands and shit…we stumbled upon this cucumber-based gin called Hendricks. Lemme tell you, that shit was designed to make alcoholics out of us all and I advise you to avoid it at all costs unless you are wanting a glorious gin drink. If you do, however, find yourself in such a position, find yourself a liquor store that carries it.

Gin really gets to me. I’m drinking away feeling nothing, then suddenly my lips and tongue loseWeight Exercise communication with one another, resulting in mushmouth. Not long after that, my brain loseWeight Exercises communication with the rest of my mushmouth, and I end up a blathering idiot talking shit to some stranger. The real bitch about gin is that if I’m steadily drinking it, by the time I feel it in my head I am 3 sheets past 3 sheets to the wind, and it’s a total crap shoot as to whether ‘mellow drunk Autopsy IV’ or ‘who wants to go outside and fight drunk Autopsy IV’ is about to emerge. And a gin hangover? Fuck that. Very little is worse…but here we are, summer is coming and I’ve started finding myself having an occasional gin and tonic to break up the beam-gingers. It’s a vicious circle that will repeat itself on a yearly basis…summer comes…an occasional gin and tonic will turn to a few gin and tonics will turn to a few weeks of no Beam until I get tired of the headaches or I get in too many fights. At which time I’ll return to the familiar bed of Beam and Ginger.

Joe Bonamassa’s newest effort, Sloe Gin, does not beat me up like Dry Gin. It’s a heavy blues-meets-acoustic layering that was inspired by Rod Stewart’s first cd. While I imagine that listening to a Rod Stewart album seems like the type of shitty decision you make while your forehead is in the clutch of a gin drunk, I try not to question an artist’s inspiration. Especially not one as accomplished as Joe Bonamassa.

Joe Bonamassa – Sloe Gin
Joe Bonamassa – Dirt In My Pocket
Joe Bonamassa – Ball Peen Hammer

Joe Bonamassa’s Official Site, Joe Bonamassa on myspace, Buy Sloe Gin, Buy Dry Gin