Ms. Beverly Capshaw sat in for me last night as I continue my vacation/best dude impression. It’s always interesting to see what comes out of the shows that have guest hosts. Especially what surfaces that would never get played on my version of the show such as Centro-Matic, Great Lake Swimmers and Will Johnson solo. It’s not that I dislike these bands, I just don’t ever think about them. Beverly, however, did. She also thought about Two Cow Garage, Matt Woods, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound and a whole slew of other awesome shit. So put your ears on the archived stream of the show.

Below is the playlist for March 22, 2012

01. Lindi Ortega – Little Lie
02. Milton Mapes – The Elusive Goldmine
03. Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby
04. Will Johnson – No Fear
05. Ronnie Elliott – The Twist Came From Tampa
06. First Aid Kit – I Found a Way
07. The James Low Western Front – Words
08. JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – I Can See Everything
09. Matt Woods – The House Always Wins
10. Hanni El Khatib – F*ck It, You Win
11. Centro-Matic – If They Talk You Down
12. Tribal Style – Sparrow
13. The Snakehealers – Maybe It’s Mutual
14. Great Lake Swimmers – Ballad Of A Fisherman’s Wife
15. The Pines – Be There In Bells

Bold = Request

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Episode 64: aired 03.22.2012


Originally, the podcast and Ninebullets Radio were supposed to (mostly) feature different songs. Then, I was asked to do an extra hour on the show at the last minute and the two ended up being extremely similar track listings. Sorry about that but look at it like this; in a week the archive of the radio show will be gone forever but the podcast is available (for better or worse) forever.

The Episode 24 podcast will ring out 2011 here on ninebullets. In preparation for this show I literally (yes, I am properly using the word) collected 50+ songs I wanted to play and set out to make a podcast. I say that so you know that this isn’t a “best songs of the year” show, so much as a “some of my favorite songs of the year” show. Some made this podcast but most didn’t…not because they were inferior songs, mind you, they just didn’t fit the flow of the show.

Believe it or not, I do try to maintain even flows throughout these things and avoid too many whiplash tempo changes. Had I made the podcast the day before or the day after I did, it probably would have turned out very, very differently. But I didn’t, and these are the songs that I chose and I’m done apologizing/explaining.

So, here are some of my favorite tracks of 2011 in podcast form. Everyone be safe over the long weekend, nurse your hangovers with the hair of the dog and college bowl games, and we’ll see you come 2012 (the final year of our planet?). . As always, below you’ll find the track listing for the show. Please tell your friends and Facebook/Twitter followers about it, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

Track Listing:

01. Frank Turner – I Still Believe (from England Keep My Bones)
02. The Decemberists – Down By The Water (from The King Is Dead)
03. Old Man Markley – Letterman (from Guts ‘N Teeth)
04. The Porter Draw – Davey (from California Widow)
05. Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate (from Covering Ground)
06. Matt Woods – Beating Down My Door (from The Matt Woods Manifesto)
07. Have Gun Will Travel – To The Victor Go The Spoils (from Mergers & Acquisitions)
08. Lauderdale – Moving On (from Moving On)
09. Kaleigh Baker – The Weight Of It all (from The Weight Of It All)
10. JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – Want More (from Want More)
11. Glossary – A Shoulder To Cry On (from Long Live All Of Us)
12. The Builders & The Butchers – All Away (from Dead Reckoning)
13. Deep Dark Woods – The Places I’ve Left Behind (from The Place I Left Behind)
14. Chuck Allen Floyd – Hard Times (from Schedule A)
15. American Andyne – Bastard Sons Of The New Depression (from So, You Want To Be A Bullfighter)
16. Grayson Capps – Highway 42 (from The Lost Cause Minstrels)

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A great poet or literary genius probably said this, but I’ll be straight with y’all and say I heard it first from The Rolling Stones. Anyway, The Rolling Stones once said that you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you’ll get what you need. Well, a couple of weeks ago JC Brooks & The Uptown fulfilled the latter for me, and they’ve routinely filled the role of the former in the weeks since.

Those that are connected with me via Facebook or Twitter already know this, but for those that don’t, my father is in the process of dying from cancer and a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the office bumming pretty hard when I got an email from Bloodshot Records’ PR department. My initial reaction was to ignore it. I mean, I have a 5 year legacy here on 9b that proves I love a sad song as much as anyone, but at that moment emotions were just too close to the surface and the last thing I needed/wanted was a sad fucking song. On my way to checking the message and clicking “delete”, I read the band’s name; “JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound.” “Hmmmmm”, I thought, “not really a ‘sad songs’ type of band name…” and with that I bypassed the delete button, followed the link to the album and got, as the Stones said I would, what I needed.

What I got was this amazing sound coming at me. If pressed to define it I’d call it New Soul, and if further pressured I’d couple them with Black Joe Lewis, but I don’t wanna define it. I wanna talk about what it does to me.

In a day where I was honestly sitting at my desk trying to plunge the lump in my throat back down into my stomach and none of my known stress/anger reduction musical drugs (Pantera, Slayer, OFF!, Biohazard) were working, I found a soul party record and it made me smile. Then it made me dance. And in the weeks since, it’s made me return…….repeatedly.

So, on a personal level, I wanna thank JC Brooks and his Uptown Sound. They made a really heavy day better. Since then, they made a fucking amazing record that lightens the air while my wife and I talk about the grim truth on the horizon.

Check it out.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – Want More
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – Everything Will Be Fine
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound’s Official Site, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound on Facebook, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound on Spotify, Buy Want More (for five dollars)