Anyone who pays any attention to music in Florida has heard about The Takers at some point in the past year, and since Suburban Home picked them up the hype machine has been doing nothing but gaining momentum. By the time Virgil reached out to me with a copy of their debut album, Taker Easy, I was already wondering if they would be able to match the advance billing. Now, after spending some 2 months with the cd and managing to catch them live at the Citrus Circuit Tour, I can readily proclaim that yes, they are worthy of the hype.  Now hopefully with the cd finally coming out the rest of the country will get behind this little band from Gainesville.

The Takers are a ragtag collection of bike mechanics, cooks, restaurant managers, cashiers and recycled ink salesmen out of Tim Tebow-land (Gainesville). They came together as a band almost by accident when Devon Vlasin (singer) found himself in need of a backing band to open for an upcoming Willie Heath Neal show. A few phone calls and free beer bribes netted a temporary band that decided to keep at it after the show. After some member revisions and additions, the band finally settled in with Devon Vlasin bring joined by Chad Smith and Ronnie Holmes on electric guitars, Jerome Goodman on bass, Mike Collins on pedal steel and Jon Reinertsen playing drums.

Having caught his ear, Coody from Suburban Home’s Ninja Gun started talking them up to Virgil Dickerson who took more than a passing interest (psst: Virgil, check out Truckstop Coffee from Lake Worth). After some phone calls, the label and the band agreed that Suburban Home would put out the “Curse of A Drunk” single and that they should all meet during Virgil’s trip to 08’s Fest to discuss a future relationship. The rest, as they say, is history, and we’re now blessed with Taker Easy.

Taker Easy is, at the risk of sounding trite, exactly what I think of when I think about “Florida Country”, which is to say they’re as much rock and roll as they are shit kickers and twang. Suburban is selling the album as their “outlaw country” band, a modern version of Waylon Jennings, if you will. I’d say they have a little more rock and roll in them than that description suggests, but otherwise I have no qualms with it. I could go into long, descriptive, RIYL tangents, but why should I? Suburban Home has been gracious enough to allow us to stream the entire album here on ninebullets, so why not just check it out for yourself.  Personally I think, like me, that you’ll find Taker Easy to not only be Essential Listening, but also that it’ll probably end up being a Top 10 of the year. And as a Floridian, I am proud that these fellas are from my state.

The Takers – Curse of a Drunk
The Takers – Taker Easy

The Takers on myspace, Buy Taker Easy



The other night I was sifting through my dvd collection (I am preparing to sell it all) when I found a cd that must have fallen off the “to listen to” stack and gotten kicked under the bench seat where my dvd’s are stored.

That cd was Puritan Rodeo’s 2008 effort The Magic Suit Ball.

Feeling bad that the cd had been lost for so long (it’s street date was May of ’08), I immediately put it in my car cd player and you know what….it’s pretty fucking good. It’s like a mashup of, say, Pinebox Serenade and Gil Landry with a touch of The Steeldrivers. It’s a nice tight and well-paced cd that I wish I’d written about a year ago. I wasn’t even gonna write about it now, but a quick search of The Hype Machine proved that nobody had written about these kids from North Carolina at all.

Shame on us all.

So here you go. Check out the album. I think you’ll like it.

According to a myspace blog posting from May of THIS year, it appears the band is back in the studio working on what will be their third album. I hereby vow to write about it on the same year of its release.

Puritan Rodeo – Fool’s Gold
Puritan Rodeo – Put Down The Money
Puritan Rodeo – Waiting

Puritan Rodeo’s Official Site, Puritan Rodeo on myspace, Buy The Magic Suit Ball


Editors note: The folks that run the Hype Machine have listened to all of the apocalyptic cries of “no fair” over on the discussion board and have implemented changes that seems to have stemmed the wave of dissent thus making this post largely irrelevant. But since I feel that the spirit of this post is in the right place I am putting it up anyhow.

On another note, there will be no post on tomorrow. Work is putting me on the road from before the sun rises until well after it has gone down so I’ll see y’all on Friday.

The Hype Machine is an mp3 blog aggregator. The biggest in fact. For those that don’t know; it basically works like this: I make a post on ninebullets. Ninebullets pings Hype to tell it I made a new post. Then Hype visits the site and then lists the post on it’s pages. As new posts get cataloged your post moves down and eventually off the front page much like posting here on ninebullets works. Ultimately it is a goal for any serious blogger to get their site listed on The Hype Machine (we’re here) in an effort to get some of that traffic to come their way.

Getting listed on hype certainly increases your traffic. Now, how much of that traffic ever actually turns into readers versus the “dine and dash” grab the mp3 and forget the site’s name style of traffic is debatable but I am of the belief that hype sends me very little traffic that actually ever returns (did anyone reading this discover ninebullets via the Hype Machine?).

Anyhow, now hype has decided to start listing only the top 100 blogs on their front page and this has caused great upheaval in the blogger world. There have been great discussions and numerous blog posts regarding the situation already. Ninebullets is still being indexed, just not shown on the front page. So, if someone searches for a song (the way most of my traffic from hype arrives) my site shows in the results. Couple that with my theory on what sort of traffic I get from hype has resulted in me being pretty indifferent to the change. Other’s care quite a bit , some have even asked their readers to help them job the system. The latter got me to thinking about ways to increase readership to my own site. So I’ve decided to ask you guys for a favor:

Today or tomorrow, try and think of someone you might know that you think would enjoy what we’re doing here on ninebullets and send them an email introducing the site. Perhaps post a myspace bulletin or make a tweet (follow me ) about ninebullets. I think I’d have a better chance earning a frequent reader that way than from some guy looking for a free mp3 and honestly, I’d trade a month’s worth of hype machine traffic for one new regular reader.

Next, take a moment to visit the blogs on my sidebar. Like me, most of those folks are trying like hell to be heard in sea of voices and are nowhere near the hallowed hype Top 100. I guarantee you’ll find a couple that you’ll return to on a regular basis.

And finally, if there is a site you frequent that you feel deserves more attention than it’s getting. Leave a link to it in the comments. Doing ninebullets really cuts into my ability to just surf through theblogosphere looking for new gems and I’d love to have y’all shine the light on some sites I need to reading.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading,
Autopsy IV