Over this past weekend I managed to finish building my chicken coop and the wife and I went and got us some hens. About 20 minutes after putting them in the coop the rains started. Now, 3 days later, they haven’t stopped. I’m tired of it, by dogs are bored shitless and the new chickens are happy I was able to construct a water tight roosting area.

So, the rains are acting as the inspiration for this weeks Top 5….Songs About The Weather. Personally, I chose all songs about rain but you can use whatever weather events you want.

Blind Melon – No Rain: Man, in hindsight you listen to the words and you go, “holy shit! That song was about heroine.” I sort of wish the bee girl would have grown up to do fetish porn.

CCR – Have You Ever Seen The Rain: An essential CCR jam and it was this one or Bad Moon Rising. I chose this one. I’m pretty relieved Fogerty never shot any fetish porn.

Counting Crows – Raining In Baltimore: This is one of my favorite Counting Crows songs and I’ve felt the pain of this song a few times in my life. Once, was while I was tripping and furry porn was playing in a loop on the television.

Eilen Jewell – Rain Roll In: More people should love Eilen’s music and I have no fetish porn joke for this entry. Well, I do, but they’re terribly inappropriate. Like, fat goth girl with a spandex fetish inappropriate.

The Urbane Cowboys – When It Rains: I figured since I mentioned them yesterday then the least I could do would be to include one of their tracks today since it fit. Also, there are 5 people in the Urbane Cowboys. They’re from the adult industry capital, Tampa, Florida. So, I’d say it’s pretty much a fact one or two of them have shot a fetish porn. Marinate on that shit….or shit on her chest. Your choice.

Honorable mention:

Milli Vanilli – Blame It On The Rain: Oh yeah! This would be the lead track in my fetish porn soundtrack if it weren’t for the audio from the double rainbow video. Seriously, watch the video and imagine that audio running over the top of some porn video. LOLZtastic.