The Honeycutters – Me Oh My – 2015


It’s only a song / so, for heaven’s sake, won’t you sing along

Here are some questions to help you figure out whether you’re in a Honeycutters song or not:

  • Are you taking the easy way out?
  • Has it turned out not to be so easy?
  • Can you take care of yourself?
  • Are you one defeat away from collapse?
  • Do people know too much of your business?
  • Are there any secrets left between you and your partner?
  • Would you be doing better if you could?
  • Is “not doing better” one of those easy ways out?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, or if you could tell that you were lying to yourself, then your kind has been chronicled by Amanda Platt, singer/songwriter of Asheville’s Honeycutters. Her songs catch her characters at these crucial moments–deciding what they can and can’t live with, who they are and aren’t able to love, what lies can stick around until tomorrow, and maybe, finally, that moment when you can envision a future for the first time in a long time.

Platt is a great lyricist–her stories are clear and uplifting and real and devestating. I haven’t found much of a difference living in a Honeycutters song vs. living in real life. So I’ll let their songs speak for their selves. If there’s still any question to whether you’ll dig this, you can ask yourself one more, in Platt’s words:

  • “You gotta make your own mistake / it’s up to you what kind you make / You gonna put your heart on a shelf or let it break?”

All you Lucero-loving softies will love it. It’s Essential Listening and an early contender for 2015’s best country/folk-type thing.

Me Oh My

Wedding Song

I’ll Be Loving You

Buy it all the ways from Organic Records. Get their previous 2 amazing albums on digital from the bandcamp. Visit their website to catch them on a big east coast tour. Follow the Facebook.